Quick update

Hi guys,
Life has been crazy. Between work, enjoying time with my fast growing little girl (not so little-20 months and almost 28 pounds!) and trying to kill it at the gym….I barely have time to log on! But I have been following everyone and loving all the progress I’ve been seeing! Here are my current numbers and stats

Height-5’2. Weight -120-123 ( all weight is in lbs)

Back squat-205 (trying to get better about hitting depth at heavier weights. 185 is usually very solid)

Front squat-175 ( stuck at this number. I hurt my back rowing one day and then we tested the following week and it wasn’t going to happen. Thinking about running burgeners squat program for my squat program)

Strict press-90 (with a semi bum shoulder)

Bench press-120 (weak lift for me)

Deadlift-240×2 (haven’t actually tested in awhile but we are doing a deadlift cycle and I’ve based all the percentages off of a 265-275 deadlift)

Push press-135 (haven’t retested in awhile-this felt solid)

Push jerk-145 (shoulder is wonky so I’ve just been working jerk balances and tall jerks to get better at getting under the bar)

Clean-160 (this number won’t change until my squat goes up)

Snatch-105 (I pulled 110 to my chest but it was after a WOD so I wasn’t dropping under it)

Strict handstand push ups-max set is 5. Not much I can do until my shoulder calms for

Max kipping pull ups-30

Max butterfly-20 (again, shoulder is making it hard)

Muscle ups-bar ones are fine (usually can get 3-4 in a set in a WOd unless my shoulder hurts) but haven’t nails another ring. Part is my shoulder, part is that I’m just not getting my hip up

500 m Row time-1:45

400m run time-1:09

I think that’s it? A lot of my upper body has stalled due to swollen shoulder and tight back. I am getting it worked on today’s then if that doesn’t help, taking a couple weeks off of heavy overhead and muscle ups/HSpu and reassessing

So that’s where I am at!

Where have I been

so…life has been so crazy. I’ve been working again, raising pretty much the most amazing little girl that ever existed and hitting the gym hard. Since the gym is basically all I ever talk about..here are a couple things I’ve been up too


  • Back squat-200#!! finally…the rep was kind of janky and barely past parallel but i’ll take it
  • Front squat-175#. I tried for 185# and failed
  • Clean-145#x2 during a E2MOM…excited to test this again next week and hoping for 150-155!
  • Power clean-145…and able to do multiple reps at 135#, which means workouts that were previously too hard to RX I can now do
  • Strict handstand pushups-yes. sets of 3-5 but doable
  • Bar muscle ups-aww yeah. When I’m fresh and loose I can link them; when I’m tight or tired I’m usually hit or miss haha
  • Ring muscle ups-GOT MY FIRST 2 TODAY!!! 
  • Max height box jump-36.5″ and may have been able to get 38″
  • Competitions-So i’ve done two comps since may. The first was an intermediate division, and my partner and i placed first-it was fairly easy, and fun. The second was today and sosos difficult. It was the WOD Gear competition….with teams featuring SAM BRIGGS, Rebecca Voight, Katie Hogan, Ryan Fischer, multiple regional teams, etc.  It was …awful. humbling. exhilarating. PR worthy.  The first workout was swimming…i don’t swim. well, i didn’t. i will now, at least 1x a week. I’m going to go back through a program my coach is following and start swimming on saturdays and doing intervals until I’m better.  Anyways..the swim was humbling. but i made it through then it was onto a log run where my conditioning and mental game made it fairly easy.  we finished the first workout….the second was a disaster for a teammate and hopefully humbling for her…and the third was where i landed my first 2 ring muscle ups!!  So……gambit of emotions and very very good for me to see what exactly that level of competition is. hopefully next year I’m where i need to be and can actually look to be competitive in it!!

so thats that! ive made leaps and bounds with this new programming and I love it.  hoping to keep momentum….i have one more comp this year then going to work on skills and strength until next season! a comp def in jan, maybe one in may/june, this one and maybe an individual comp! 

From success to failure

…and, here I come from the heels of a happy, joyful PR filled post, to  much sadder one.  Guys, today I couldn’t do something. not only could I not do it, but it is something I SHOULD be able to do, no questions asked.


Well, I can’t.


The Bar muscle up. But not just the Bar Muscle up, a BANDED bar muscle up. I can’t do it! Despite being able to do 10 strict pull ups, link 8-10 chest to bar, link over 20 regular kipping pull ups-O couldn’t even do the bar muscle up WITH A BAND.  And I tried. I tried at the gym, then went to the park and tried again. I have bruises on my sternum, on my stomach, and arms. Still, no go.  I feel a little defeated, disappointed in myself, worried other people will think less of me…all things that Crossfit is NOT.


I will get it. There is no doubt in my mind I will get the Bar muscle up. I’m not sure if that is false confidence, cockiness, or just determination that I won’t let i defeat me but I WILL get that BMU.  

Just, how do I approach? I’m thinking of doing Carl Paoli’s progressions. Starting with just pulling as high as I can, until I can consistently get hip to bar pull ups. Then work on pulling over-I notice with the bands its harder for me to get that pull because my feet stay in front of me.  I also need tow kr on my false grip and holding on TIGHTER with the bar. the few times I got really close, my hands would slip.  But, I’m thinking that. I’ve never kipped well with bands, and they change the angle so much for me that I end up losing it. The most i’d ever kipped for pull ups on a band was 3-4, then when I got off the band I did 5 easily.    

Anyways. Also frustrating today because I over scaled a workout. it called for 95#, and instead of doing 85# or RX, I did 75#, finished to fast and knew I easily could have gone up 10# and sacrificed a minute, or even gone RX. there was Shoulder to over head with the weight, and afterwards one of the guys said “did you enjoy basically pressing that weight 20 reps? why did you go so light?”

I don’t know. I think the BMU got in my head, I think I’m tired and sore and PMSing…but thats life. Thats part of Crossfit. I think a rest coming up will be good for me.

tomorrow i’m doing the all women’s class since my hubby is out of town  and they have baby sitting, and i might come back on Friday to redo the WOD yesterday (it was a rowing interval workout, but we didn’t do it right so my score is off so i want to re do since it’s test week) and work on some BMU. 

Oh! and the gymnastics place next to us is offering adult classes on wednesday night-i think I am going to check it out! Hopefully it helps with the muscle ups, the kip in general, and hannndd stannddss 🙂

Have a good one everyone!

WordPress hates me

Just so you all know..I’ve written 5 different posts, and each time, WordPress shut down on me.  So, i gave up for a couple weeks but now i’m here to try again!

In the past month I have

  • Gotten a 130# Clean and jerk PR
  • Gotten 135# for a Power clean 1RM
  • Got 160# for my Front squat
  • Got 180# for my Back Squat
  • Did Barbara in 22 min 8 seconds

So..PR city here! 

We are doing a test week based off of the crossfit invictus blog…so I will update you guys on Friday with my stats! Also..Stagecoach this weekend…woo!

Week in review

Hello Blogsphere

I had another pain in my shoulder, which gives me the sads at Crossfit. So, I get grumpy and not want talk about it. I just..pout. Pout pout.  Plus, I was at the office 3 days last week, and the other two were spent making it up to one sad little girl who misses her mommy.  I know she’s fine and I know it’s not a big deal, but I definitely feel guilty that I’ve been putting in an inordinate time at work lately. I have to go in this weekend too, and 3 more days this week (Wed-Friday), and maybe a couple more days the following week to wrap up a big project.  I think part of my guilt is I actually enjoy being at the office and getting work done, and feeling like I’m contributing to something.  Then I start to wonder if I SHOULD take the next job they offer me (they’ve made it pretty clear I’m free to grab whatever job comes available. I already turned down a pretty good paying one they offered me, but they are growing and jobs are opening up constantly), but I go home and my daughter is so happy to see me….I just can’t do it.

Anyways. Onto Crossfit!



Push press, 5×5

I got up to 100# for the push press. Ran out of time, but I definitely think I could have gotten 105# for 5 reps-only 5# less than my 1RM



Cleans @ 95#

Chest to Bar pull ups

Time: 8:27, RX. Best Chest to bar pull ups yet! Got sets of 7-5 each round to start.  I’m getting gloves soon so I can practice after class and not worry about ripping my hands so much…I think the trick to the bar work for me is how my hands feel. But i need to get on that bar more!

Squat Cycle

10×3 @ 130#

These felt pretty good


Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

5 strict press


10 push ups

Started with 70#, then dropped to 65#. Shoulder was hurting like hell from 14.5, then 13.4 the next day, then clean and jerks saturday, then Push press the day before.  

FGB Style- 3 rounds, 1 minute each station







score: 187. Toes to bar were AWFUL today, could not kip to save my life.   

Post WOD

snatch pull, 5×3 @ 100%

Just to do something. I had snatches planned but just need to rest the shoulder for the week on extra stuff…fucking again.


3 mile run

Back squat, 6×1 @ 165#

3 second pause Back squat, 5×2 @ 140#

3 rounds, NFT

50 double unders

10 overhead squats with kettlebell

20 weighted sit ups

Did all this at home, didn’t go to the gym since it was snatches that day


Prowler push, 3×50 m

did 95-115-115#. could have done more

4×400 m sprints

1:23, 1:28, 1:30, 1:31

Felt slow as molasses

Hang snatch, 5×1 Below the knee

snatch pull, 3×5 @ 85#

went light on the hang snatch, I really hate that drill below the knee


4 RFT 

20 cal row

10 thrusters @ 95#

rest 3:00 between rounds

I don’t remember my time, but I just did 5 Thrusters @ 95#.  I had the strength to do all 10 but again..shoulder going over head. however every time these come up i’ve had to modify, so the coach and I agreed that I really need to DO the heavier weight. It’s not weight that bothers it so much as high repetition so going less reps/heavier weight worked

3 position power clean until failure

got to 115#

from that weight, 2 position  power clean (hang/floor) until failure

got to 125#

Ran out of time, was going to go to singles.  Tried 135# really quick but just didn’t have it in me.


2 rounds

30 second L sit

45 hollow rocks

15 strict knees to elbows

15 (per side) KB windmills

we call those “stagecoach abs”

3 position power clean

75# x 2

80 x 2

Power clean + 2 cleans

80# x 2

85# x 2

clean pulls


front squat




Modified from the Oly program i’m starting monday, with all overhead stuff removed.

3 mile run

Gottat jet-I hear a cute little girl upstairs!

PR city

Well, not really. Maybe more like PR pit stop.  I’ve been able to hit Open Gym for some Oly work the past two Saturdays, and I can REALLY tell the difference when I hit the weights fresh instead of hitting them right after a WOD.  So, it means some PR’s. One thing I remember reading in one of the many Olympic lifting/Crossfit publications I read, was that sometimes it’s important to hit a PR often in training. But not just your 1RM on a certain lift. You can PR your 1RM Clean, your hang Clean, your Power Clean, your 2RM high hang power Clean, etc.  You get my drift! Anyways, that’s kind of what happened Saturday. I was feeling good doing the complex/practice, so I figured I might as well go for a PR.



Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

5 Chest to bar pull ups

rest :30 seconds

5 burpees

Was supposed to be regular pull ups but the other option was Bar Muscle ups-so I chose the middle ground


13.4 (I think?)

AMRAP 7 minutes, ascending 3 reps after each round is complete

3 Clean and Jerks @ 95#

3 toes to bar

My score: Really don’t remember. some where in the round of 12. Took this nice and easy, at 70%, so maybe could have gotten into the round of 15 if I pushed harder. Worked on cycling the clean and jerks (did mostly push press and some push jerks) in sets of 3; all toes to bar were unbroken and actually felt really strong.

Saturday Weightlifting

7×1 3 pause clean (from the high hang) + 2 split jerks.

I got up to 115#. I decided to try and hit a new PR on a hang clean (and jerk). So now, my new 1RM for my hang clean and jerk is 125#-5# higher than my REGULAR clean and jerk. hows that for some progress! ;). Over body weight now…and the 125# hang clean felt pretty good (my jerk was ugly as sin but that’s another issue…)

6×2 Front squats @ 145#

Hit these with a 3:00 rest because this was my 1RM 11 weeks ago…so less than 3 months and i’m hitting my old 1RM for multiple doubles. I wore a belt, but thats ok.

3 Rounds 

10 barbell step ups @ 65#

5 good mornings @ 65#

light weight for good mornings; step ups are always hard with barbell


3 mile recovery run



Push press, 5×5, ascending in weight

80-85-90-95-100#. I should have tried to go to 105#. well, maybe not. Shoulder is bugging again



Cleans @ 95#

Chest to bar pull ups

Time: 8:29, RX. Chest to bar felt pretty good-got sets of 6-8 each round, with a few singles in the 12 and 9.  Cleans were 5/5/5, 4/4/3/1 (quick drop then picked back up, then 3/3/3.  Worked on dropping quickly under the bar, which is why i think i was so fast; I didn’t power clean then squat.


Front squat, 10×3 @ 130#

I was tired and hungry and shoulder is bugging. blah. but got them done!

So my week schedule looks

Monday: WOD/Squat

Tuesday: WOD/Snatch work

Wednesday: WOD/Clean and Jerk work

Thursday: WOD/Squat

Friday: WOD/Oly work


I also need to figure out when to do some gymnastics work (need to do some more C2B and some Ring dip work, along with some work on the strict muscle ups, just a couple more times this week).


So thats my week!   I have some work in the office a couple times this week,  but it falls on days i’ll just be working out longer in the mornings so I won’t be skipping a squat session.  I actually enjoy going into work-its nice for me to be able to completely focus on my work for a long stretch of time instead of “just when she naps”.  

What was your latest PR??

What I learned about myself during the Crossfit Open

Ok, first off, I’m going to apologize for this post in advance. I’m sure you will be seeing 5 million of these in the upcoming weeks, and I know mine will be nothing special. This is more for me to unload my thoughts, and get my feelings down on “paper” before I forget them (which I will).

This is my first Crossfit Open. I signed up with Crossfit in May 2012,  2 months after the 2012 Open.  I then got pregnant ,and had my baby during the 2013 Open. So, here I am, 2 years of Crossfit under my belt (well, maybe a year and a half if you count all the “modifying” I had to do my first year, haha!).  I didn’t realize until its as over, how great of a benchmark the Open was. I wasn’t sure where to place myself, and really to see what needed working on, or even really what my strengths were anymore. So I’m going to go through each Open Workout, and relate my thoughts and how it applies to my Crossfit journey


10 min AMRAP

30 DU

15 Power snatches (or ground to over heads) at 55# for women

My Score: 268, top 15% in scores in the region

How I feel about it:  Honestly? Mixed feelings.  I think this was one of my stronger performances, and probably a decent gauge of where i’m at.  I think if I had a redone it I would have gotten into 6 rounds and bumped up a few place. This was one if I was more competitive in the open I would have redone, and learned to stragetize. I did it outside, so my rope caught 3 times (I never trip up on Doubles under 50 reps).  I didn’t see the clock so I didn’t push the last reps.

BUT….I will say this is actually stronger than I thought it would be when it was finished. I think all the extra Oly work I did translated well into this, because while I’m not particularly strong, my snatch mechanics are more efficient so even though i broke up the work more than I planned the sets I did were fast and smooth. I think this was a show of how i’ve grown in this field of the sport-my last time doing this 6 months ago, I only got 3 rounds + 15 double unders. This time I was only 2 reps away from 6.


From 0-3:00 complete 2 rounds of the following

10 Overhead Squats

10 Chest to bar pull ups

From 3:00-6:00 complete 2 rounds of the following

12 Overhead squats

12 chest to bar pull ups

and so on and so on

My Score: 77, top 25% in the region (like 23% or something)

My Feelings: this was my worst performance, hand down. not because of my placement, simply because I didn’t perform this WOD well, and I didn’t even attempt to re do. Those are two weak movements for me, but even at my weakest, I still should have moved past the round of 12.  I broke on the OHS way too early, and I didn’t pace well on the C2B. I’m disappointed I didn’t attempt to redo this workout, because there isn’t any reason I shouldn’t have gotten another 30 reps.

BUT-It showed me weaknesses beyond what I imagined. I knew C2B were somewhat weak for me but I didn’t realize how taxed I would be doing them.  We never do them in WODS, so from now on when pull ups come up, I’m just going to do half the reps as chest to bar.  I need to work on them and get on them.  It’s that pull to the bar that gets me!


10 Deadlifts, 95#

15 Box jumps

15 Deadlifts 135#

15 box jumps

20 Deadlifts  155#

15 Box jumps

25 Deadlifts 185#

15 Box jumps

30 deadlifts 205#

15 box jumps

35 deadlifts 225#

15 box jumps

My score: 108, top 35% in the region

My feelings: This was my second worst performance, even though I fell in a lower percentage. Mostly because it was more just a personal thing;  there is no two ways around it-Deadlifts scare me.  I had the potential to get to the 205# deadlifts. My speed/form up until 185# was great. This is a weakness mentally-I am actually very strong with deadlifts but I refuse to speed them up in a workout like this and risk hurting myself.  14.2 I was just defeated mentally and didn’t re do even though there was no reason I shouldn’t have. I won’t re do 14.3 if I can avoid it, I just think it’s a terrible idea.

But I realized that i’m ok sticking to my convictions, and I actually probably DO have a higher 1RM then 225#.  those 18 reps at 185# didn’t feel bad AT ALL, even fatigued.  My back/legs felt great afterwards.  So, that’s good. I think if I just practiced more deadlifts I will probably get more comfortable doing them but for now, my performance is what it is.


14 minute AMRAP

60 calorie row

50 TTB

40 wall balls, 14#, 9′ target

30 Power cleans @ 95#

20 Muscle ups

My score: 180, tiebreak of 13:57, top 20% of scores

My feelings: I did much better than I expected. I’m 5’2″ and barely 120 lbs- rowing is not a strong movement for me, nor are wall balls, and neither are TTB. In fact, the strongest movement for me would be the Power cleans.  Anyways, I didn’t plan to get past the power cleans, and I paced too much on the wall balls and broke them up too much.

But-The power cleans, again, showed the work I’ve been doing with Oly lifting. I did very fast, efficient singles and was able to get those 30 reps in.  The TTB I knew would be a weakness, and I should have broke them up into sets of 5-7 to begin with.  This was probably my second strongest performance, simply based on the fact that I made it so much farther than I expected


For time


Thrusters @ 65#

Bar facing burpees

My time: 14:26, not sure where I will end up but right now I am at the top 10% but i’m sure I will fall down to the top 15-20%

Overall-I will probably end up at the top 20-25% of the region for my scores. This is approximately where I thought I would rank in my region.  This gives me something to shoot for too-next year I’d like to be in the top 15%.  I think this showed that my strengths lie in low weight/high rep Oly work, longer workouts, and anything that requires a pace. My weaknesses are anything heavy on the shoulders or require a large amount of shoulder stability, and high rep/heavy deadlifts. I think next year I will feel more competitive and be willing to re do WODS multiple times..but this year I was just happy to complete it!    I have more in my arsenal to work on, both physically and mentally, and hopefully next year I’ve fine tuned what I need to to feel more competitive with the Open.

However, I will say i think next year will be harder for me. This was definitely a “gymnasty” and endurance/cardio based Open. Higher reps  on the gymnastics movements, and with the exception of the dealifts, the barbell movements required low weight. It will be interesting to see how this translates to the Game workouts-will we be seeing the weights stay the same, and the technical gymnastic movements increase?   I’m not sure. But next year I expect to see heavier weights, lower reps, and less time moving my body through space ;).

Good job everyone who competed!  I’ve loved reading everyone’s experiences, and seeing everyone’s PRs during the Open!


14:26 time for 14.5. That was death and my shoulder is not thanking me for my troubles.

Officially completed my first Crossfit open! More thoughts in later entries


Sorry for the 2 day delay; my work actually needed me AT work to do some stuff so I’ve been there while my husbands been here (at home). Top that with standard TOM tiredness and headaches, and staring at a computer more just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Tuesday WOD


5x 1 snatch balance +3 OHS AHAP

I got up to 75#. 80-85# Might have been doable



Power snatch (95/135)

Box jump (24/30)

200 m run

I only did 70# but I could have definitely bumped it up to 75# and maybe finished a little slower. I think i finished in 9? its more about regripping heavier snatches and cleans than anything for me

post WOD strength

Burgerner back squats 10×3 @ 140#

these felt pretty solid. 

Wednesdays WOD


Every 3 minutes for 5 minutes

5 Good mornings 

rest :30

10 DB single arm row

I did 85# for the good mornings and 35# pound dumbbells but definitely could have gone up to 45# for at least the last 2 rounds


1000 M Row buy in


3 rounds

30 DU

20 KBS (1/1.5 pood)


Don’t remember time- i was the first one done by quite some time.  i should have done mens RX and grabbed the 1.5 pood since besides the row, those are all in my wheel house.  30 DU unbroken, KBS un broken, and HSPU in 2 sets (6/4, 6/4 and 5/5). arms felt fried!

no Oly work. it was raining out side and i usually have to take all my equipment out there. This week is weird between working and then my MIL coming in today. So the rest of the week will be

Thursday-Open WOD/Gymnastics work afterwards (EMOM 10 3 bear gymnastics complex, 3×5 strict MU from ground using legs, 5 ring dips with pause and 5 each arm ring push ups with arm extension at bottom) 

Friday-WOD/Snatch Oly work

Saturday-Burgerner Front squat and Clean and Jerk Oly Work

Sunday-3 mile recovery run

hitting my old 1RM for front squats for a 6×2 this weekend…woo! getting heavyyy 🙂

Walk through the fire

I have something embarrassing to admit…I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like, completely the reason I wanted to learn to kickbox/ box.  I guess there are worse “role models”, right?? Small, kick ass, snarky little woman who saves the world > B. Spears or any of those other women.   Anyways, if anyone else is a Buffy Fan, then you know where that line is from. They are playing the musical episode and I am definitely enjoying that as background music.    Also, LOVE SMG. If you guys are on twitter or IG, (and are a fan) I would follow her-she does a lot of those AMA on reddit and is very active (and funny!) Anyways.

Here is todays


Strength Bench Press 4×10, rest :2

I worked up to 10 reps at 80#. not sure if I could have gotten 85#-definitely worked for those last reps!

WOD FGB Style; 3 rotations , 1 min each stage

Ring dips

kettle bell swings (53#)


Toes to bar

Row (calories)

rest Score: 188, RX.

 Toes to bar was the worst for me, tried to focus on using my kip instead of just muscling the reps but couldn’t get it. Oh well. Tuesday + Thursday are gymnastics work day at the gym for me, so I’ll work on my kip then, along with some C2B

Oly Work:

5×3 Hi hang snatch @ 55-55-60

3×2+1 High Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk @ 95#

cleans felt super easy. Could have done 100#. Jerks are HEINOUS! Snatches felt ok, definitely easier for me in Oly shoes.

What are some shows you watched/used to watch that you are kind of embarrassed about (or not!)?