Walk through the fire

I have something embarrassing to admit…I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like, completely the reason I wanted to learn to kickbox/ box.  I guess there are worse “role models”, right?? Small, kick ass, snarky little woman who saves the world > B. Spears or any of those other women.   Anyways, if anyone else is a Buffy Fan, then you know where that line is from. They are playing the musical episode and I am definitely enjoying that as background music.    Also, LOVE SMG. If you guys are on twitter or IG, (and are a fan) I would follow her-she does a lot of those AMA on reddit and is very active (and funny!) Anyways.

Here is todays


Strength Bench Press 4×10, rest :2

I worked up to 10 reps at 80#. not sure if I could have gotten 85#-definitely worked for those last reps!

WOD FGB Style; 3 rotations , 1 min each stage

Ring dips

kettle bell swings (53#)


Toes to bar

Row (calories)

rest Score: 188, RX.

 Toes to bar was the worst for me, tried to focus on using my kip instead of just muscling the reps but couldn’t get it. Oh well. Tuesday + Thursday are gymnastics work day at the gym for me, so I’ll work on my kip then, along with some C2B

Oly Work:

5×3 Hi hang snatch @ 55-55-60

3×2+1 High Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk @ 95#

cleans felt super easy. Could have done 100#. Jerks are HEINOUS! Snatches felt ok, definitely easier for me in Oly shoes.

What are some shows you watched/used to watch that you are kind of embarrassed about (or not!)?

2 thoughts on “Walk through the fire

  1. xine23

    BUFFY ROCKS!!! I have loved BTVS since it was on-air and I infect everyone around me into loving it too. You jut went up a full NOTCH!!!!!

    I also love that SMG has been talking about Buffy a lot. It makes the fangirl in my heart sing 😀 I am kind of hoping that there will be a Kicksterter campaign ala Veronica Mars for a Buffy movie. Dare to dream, right?


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