2014 Goals

(bolded is the ones i’m working on for the current month)

  • Consistently do 10 Chest to Bar pull ups in a row
  • Compete in first Crossfit competition Completed!
  • Comete in first individual Crossfit Competition
  • Get Bar muscle up
  • Get ring muscle up
  • Get 150# on Front squat Completed!
  • Get 175# Front squat
  • Get 200# on back squat
  • Get 95# snatch
  • Get 150# power clean
  • Get 140# Clean and Jerk
  • Get 250# deadlift
  • Get sub 5 Fran
  • Get sub 20 Angie
  • Begin doing butterfly pull ups in workouts
  • Get strict hand stand pushups
  • Handstand walk

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