1.27.14 Training and Food plan


Burgner Back squat, day 1 week 2

10×3 @ 130#

rest :60 sec between sets

Had to do these fast. messed up last week-was only supposed to do 125#. Did 130# again today. Felt better .Focused on form.


5 Front Squats @ 65% of 1 RM (not RX)

10 burpees

15 abmat sit ups

Score-6 rd+ 28 reps, not RX.  95# would have been RX but I did 85#. My legs were SHOT from Burgner (everyone else worked up to a 1RM of their front squat) plus I had Oly afterwards so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too shot for it.


5×1 clean deadlift+ 1 clean (2″ from floor) +1 hang clean +1 jerk @95#.

Did the first set at 85#.  These felt ok. Lost the hang clean on the last round so had to re do. Focused on keeping bar in closer when I did the clean from the floor.

3 rounds

1a)5 clean pulls-pause 2″ from floor @  145#

1b) 5 push press @ 95#

Only got 2 rounds in. Had to leave

Food plan for the day

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks/Supplements
2 Egg whites 4 oz chicken 1.5 serving bacon 1 serving Progenex Recovery (post workout)
2 egg 1 cup lettuce 6 oz turkey 1/2 Serving Vitargo (pre workout)
1 serving Bacon 1 small sweet potato (75 grams) 1 cup brussel sprouts 1 Piece (100 cal) Dark Chocolate
1 Cup coffee 1 TBSP dressing 1/2 TBSP Butter Lara bar OR 1 banana and almond butter
1 serving dairy creamer 1/4 cup mushrooms 2 tbsp coconut milk 1 serving fish oil
  1 TSP butter   1 serving carrots
  cinnamon   1/2 TBSP dressing
  1/2 Cucumber   5 Hardboiled Egg Whites



1/2 TBSP oil based dressing


More reflections

Thank you guys for commenting on yesterdays post with encouragement- I definitely needed it :). i’m still feeling negatively about it (I think it’s “that time” coming up, so I’m feeling negative anyways) and really down on myself.  I’m really struggling right now with motivation, and feeling like I’m just not progressing at all.  My oly lifts never feel like they are getting any easier-I guess at the end of the 8 weeks (I think I have another 5 to go) i’ll assess with the coach if i should even bother with these extra oly practices. I WANT to get better but i just feel like I’m not.

i’m also struggling with some sensitivity issues. I’m incredibly sensitive-my feelings get hurt really easy and I’m not the best at “talking shit”.  There’s a coach at my gym (the one who gave me the Oly programming) who is really “rough” and tends to tease or talk shit to the point where I just don’t know how to deal. I always get the sense he doesn’t really like me, and that i bug him (I have a REALLY soft voice; it’s really hard to hear me. I know this, and I try to speak up but i had a speech issue growing up that makes it hard for me to enunciate. Add on top of that my ADHD that makes me speak incredibly fast, and I’m often so busy trying to speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY that I also forget to speak UP. this really bothers him and he’s always yelling at me to speak up).

Anyways there was an instance today where I was trying to ask him something and he just gets so irritated when he doesn’t understand what i’m asking that he makes me feel stupid for asking him.  And it makes me never want to ask him a question, but then when he sees me do something wrong, he gets irritated with me.  We’re supposed to do a one and one session with our mentor for the challenge (that’s him) and i don’t’ even want to schedule it. I’m actually trying to avoid contact with him because I’m afraid i’m just going to cry (this how sensitive i am. i literally go home and cry sometimes after this stuff because I feel so stupid)/. i’m not saying he’s doing anything wrong, or that he’s a bad guy (i mean he gave me extra programming that i KNOW he worked on), i just feel like i’m too sensitive to really know how to deal with that personality well. So it’s a struggle for me.

Sorry to word vomit-that’s just something I’ve been struggling with all last week and this week and I’ve kind of hit a point where i’m just going to let him correct me and not even converse with him unless he needs to tell me something. Because I obviously can’t handle it, and I get tired of feeling so stupid about all of these things.

Breakdown of the competition-Pros and Cons

Hi everyone-

So, I did it. My first Crossfit competition. It was a team effort, 2 guys, and 2 girls. We didn’t place-I think we ranked somewhere in the upper half of 70+ teams.  I’m torn on my experience, so let me break down the day and i’ll explain why


Check in was at 9.  i wasn’t really nervous at all- the workouts were easy, I KNEW we wouldn’t win but I figured we’d do ALRIGHT.  I rode up with a friend who is on a team from the gym (we had 6 teams competing!) that really had a chance for taking first, so she was a little more nervous then me LOL.   It was fun to ride up with her, everyone was already there by the time we got there by it was easy to check in. We got there around 8:45, athlete check-in was at 9 and the first heat of the event was 10:15. We hung out, talked a little, and went inside (we were competing at the LA Fit Expo, so there were 23948350 other things going on).   Our heat started at 10:30, so we had 45 minutes from the time the doors opened to when we started.

At 10, the explanation of the first WOD started.   The first WOD went like this (called the ABCS)

Part A

Each team member must complete the following complex. The order in which the complex is done must be Female/male/female/male. The barbell may not touch the ground at any point during this portion.  Each member must complete all round before the next team mate may go.

3 rounds of 

4 hang power cleans * you MUST complete the final HPC. You CANNOT make it a hang squat clean to transition into the first front suqat

4 front squats  *you may do a Thruster for the final front squat to transition into the first shoulder to over head

4 shoulder to over head

weights are 95/65 for scaled. A 5 burpee penalty is scored if the barbell touches the ground before the final teammate has completed the complex. 

Part B

single arm farmers carry relay 20 yards and back

Each team starts with a farmers handle barbell loaded to 140# (1 25# and 1 45# plate on each side). Your team is responsible for stripping the weight off (mens weight was 140# and women’s was 50#) to transition between female/male athletes.  Each teammate must complete a single armed farmers carry to the 20 yard line and back.  You may switch hands at any point. you may set the object done. you may NOT at any point be traveling with the object in both hands. Your feet and the object must cross the 20 yard line before returning. The object must start and end behind the line designated for your team.  

while the athlete is farmer carrying, the other team embers must complete 25 double unders each in succession. only one person may work at a time. The team switches athletes for the farmers carry once all all double unders have been completed

Part C

Wheelbarrow carry to 20 yard line and back.

Female 1 will wheelbarrow male 2 to the 20 yard line. once partner Bs feet have passed the 20 yard line, you switch.

So, that’s what was on the website. The “pit master” was explaining the workouts to us.  First-you couldn’t hear the guy. At all.  You couldn’t hear what he was saying due to his voice being soft, and due to the music being blasted at other parts of the expo.  They demoed the complex for us, demoed the double unders, and that was it. No demo of the farmers carry or the wheelbarrow.  Some people asked questions-you couldn’t hear them or the answers. We were even right by the tech people and we let them know we couldn’t hear and they just lifted their shoulders. Well, alright. I had studied the website, the rules, and I was pretty clear on the instructions.

We went over some strategy.  We were going to have our 2 stronger people go first on the complex. We figured they would be faster, and could give us a little edge.  Then we would have both men start the farmers carry before transitioning to the women so we weren’t taking plates on and off.  Then I would start the wheelbarrow with my male partner, and we figured it was easiest to take them REALLY high on the thighs and run with them there and back.  I tried it, it worked, so we went with that.

event #1 recap

So, we watched the first heat go. We had one team in heat one, so it was good to watch them, but since they didn’t finish ni the 10 min time cap, we couldn’t see. We had a one minute transition in heats, so not enough time to really ask our judge anything. I tried-but she said we were already given all the information. Well, alright.

3,2 ,1…go!

Our first female goes-gets no repped on a couple hang power cleans (not reaching full extension after catching the bar). She pauses for a second to clarify why she is getting no repped since we can’t hear our judge. She slows down a little.  Our male goes first. Does well. While he’s going I’m trying to take the bar from my partner but she is’t paying attention, so we lose some time in that transition . I made sure I really focused on those HPC, and was getting good reps. I’m watching my judge, but she’s not counting out loud for me, so I stop paying attention. I get no repped on a front squat for no reaching full extension at the top-when i do, she doesn’t count the rep. Doesn’t no rep me, just doesn’t even count the repetition. Well, ok. Go to shoulder to overheads, those go well. Get no repped AGAIN on another front squat, so obviously something I need to work on during met cons. Again, doesn’t count my next successful one. no no rep, just doesn’t even count it.

Finish a little slower than I should have.  Final male goes-he gets no repped on depth  a couple times.

We start our farmers carry. those go OK-the weight is so light for women that it didn’t even make sense. The double unders take awhile-not my other teammates strong points. I broke once, due to my high pony tail. Whatever.  I was the final person to farmers carry- my female partner started her double unders. When i came back, it turns out they changed judges on us. So the next judge didn’t see her double unders and made her do another set of 25. We lost some time there.

I set up for my wheelbarrow carry, thinking she’s done.  The judges see us set up. Tell us to wait for her to finish. She’s done, I set up. I get ALL THE WAY TO 20 YARDS WHEN THEY CALL US BACK. HUH??

Yeah, turns out there was ANOTHER RULE that no one knew of/heard of. Apparently you could only hold below the knees. OUR JUDGES DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THIS. I’m not sure if it was covered or not-we couldn’t hear the demo, it wasn’t on the website, and they didn’t demo the actual workout. We lost time there. I grabbed his ankles, hauled ass. I made sure we both cleared that line because I had an inkling they changed THAT standard (I ended up being correct).  We start, he’s grabbed my legs a little too high so we have to re start. Lost some time there.  Our teammates go.

We finished at 9:40,  right under the time cap.  We were all pissed- even one of our coaches jumped into the area and yelled at the pit boss because of our fiasco with judging.   We lost about a minute due to my teammate having to complete an extra set of double unders, and the fact that we had to redo the the entire wheelbarrow walk.   I’ll take the no rep-thats why we have judges.  And it was myself and my partners fault for starting my portion of the walk with his hands to high since we were already warned.  But those other parts were judging issues. The entire time we had two judges yelling about what was a rep, what wasn’t a rep. On one of the front squats I got no repped on, I had a male judge WHO WAS AT HIP LEVEL saying YES,  it was a rep. And our female judge said NO, it wasn’t-I can’t see if she’s extending.  Same thing with our male athlete who got no repped for depth.

So that wasn’t fun at the end. I liked the workout, and we pushed through and it was a blast to do, but all the issues with judging, and the wheelbarrow issue…that turned something not fun into something frustratiog.


Our floater event was next, about 1 1/2-2 hours later. We watched later heats (we literally had one team who the judges kept making them re do it because THEY DIDN’T KNOW THE STANDARD. The head judge ended up taking 10 seconds off their finishing time to make up for the judging issues) and hung out until the floater.

The floater was 4 sets of skills; each had a time cap. 3  skills required 1 male and 1 female; one skill required all of us.

The first skill was a 1 RM Ground to shoulder, shoulder to overhead, AKA Clean and Jerk, 1 male and 1 female.  Male 1 goes first. He has 2 minutes to establish a 1 RM Clean and Jerk. After his 2 minutes is up, female 1 has 2 minutes to establish a 1 RM clean and jerk. The score is their combined weights. there were 2 bars set up with their starting weights, but we couldn’t assist in adding weights once their time started.

Our male matched his 1RM and our female PRd! So excited for her-she’s been stuck at her body weight Clean and jerk for ages.  She had more in her too!

The second skill was the Air assault bike-max distance. 1 male and 1 female.   Male 1 goes first. He has 1 minute to attain max distance on the air assault bike. There is a 15 second transition for female 2 to mount the mike. she has 1 minute to attain max distance on the air assault bike.  Their score is their combined distances.

This was a mess. Our male team mate got on the bike. His judge started to change the settings on the bike. While her hand is there, messing with it, the head judge yells GO!  All the other males in this floater heat begin-her hand is still on the timer, messing with it.  After 10 seconds, she stops and says Well, go! our team mate just looked at her shocked, and refused. She began to argue, saying that it was HIS responsibility to start when the head judge says go, and he should have removed her hand if she was still there.  Now, he had already had an issue with her because she wrote down the wrong weight for his clean and jerk. He failed his first attempt, so she only wrote down his first successful attempt, even though he completed the lift right after he failed.  After arguing with her, the head judge AND SHOWING A PICTURE OF HIM SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING THE LIFT,  they changed it.

So he didn’t go. Our female jumped n, and while she was doing it he explained what happened to the pit master and he let him re do it after the rest of our floater was done. But, they screwed up this section for a lot of people .Some people they only counted calories.. One group they completely forgot to record the females time. That team ended up having to tie for first place, and lost the tie breaker (it was based off ONE event and the other team scored higher). If they had counted the females distance they would have won!

The third skill was a 5yrd-10 yrd-15 yd shuttle relay race.  All teammates must go.  The order must be male/female/male/female. Each team member must start behind the blue line. Cones were designated markers-you must turn AROUND the cone before returning to the starting position.  Your feet must pass the designated line before tagging the hand of the next team mate

This is what it was. It was one slippery concrete, and it wasn’t the normal speed test (due to having to go around the cone).  There’s only so fast you could go.  A team “mile” would have been a better test in my opinion

The final skill was a 1 minute max effort deficit pushup. 1 male, and 1 female.  The first male starts. He has 1 minute to establish a max rep deficit push  on 45# up in 1 minute. Chest must touch the ground. The rep is counted when he returns to a plank position-chest and hips must rise together. After his minute the female automatically starts. She has 1 minute to establish a max rep deficit push up  on 25# in 1 minute. Same standards apply. 

I did OK here. Again the inconsistency in judging showed. I wasn’t allow to stand on the mat, while other female members could kneel by their plates and automatically begin once the timing started. I had to wait until he ended, then go to my plates. I started my pushups-when I hit my THIRD ONE, I hear one!  HE DIDN’T EVEN COUNT MY FIRST TWO. Whatever . at the end, I got 1 no rep, which I completely deserved-I wormed the heck out of it. I ended up with a recorded score of 32. i would have liked to have done better. I asked the judge counting if he no repped me on my first two-he said no, he just didn’t see them.  WELL ALRIGHT THEN. No point in fighting-at this point we already had to argue twice with our judges and that was the end. Our push ups were respectable-the team that got the top amount, the female only got 5  3 (if you count my uncounted ones!) more than I did.

Second WOD

So..Burpees ETC.  Our heat went at 1:45.  Now, we for the first time that day got to see our pull up bars.

They were 9 feet high. I mean…are you kidding me? I cannot jump up to a 9 foot bar.  I am 5’2″.

So… that was fun.  THe workout was

90 burpee pull ups

60 burpee box jumps

90 burpee deadlifts

120 wall balls

90 burpee pull ups

Basically, after each burpee on the burpee pull ups, I needed to be lifted UP to the bar.  So, I only did 5 at a time because that took forever.  And that was over half of the time we spent in the 11 minute time cap. We did the box jumps one at a time, follow the leader style-not the fastest or most efficient but its what my group wanted to do. We got to the burpee deadlifts, where I busted out 10. However, someone got a video of the last 5-the last 4 were ugly ugly reps, rounded back (my back feels fine) so that’s definitely something I need to work on.  Good to see and know! We got to 24 burpee deadlifts-not good but there’s not much we could have done on that one given the height of the bars.

Final thoughts

I enjoyed spending the day with my gym friends. I enjoyed being around Crossfit, and i feel like this will only make me better as an athlete. I realized I need to spend more time on my core (I was breaking on the pushups and with the rounded back), and be more aware of my hips opening on Front squats.

I still want to try more competitions. I’m disappointed in the judging errors and having to argue with judges-I don’t want to. I’ll never argue a “no-rep”; that isn’t an issue. I want to trust the judges know what they are doing, but when they aren’t paying attention or recording the correct times or don’t know the rules, it really makes it less fun for you.  I’m disappointed in my performance for my first competition and the overall experiencing of competing was dampened by those obstacles. So, i’m hoping to find a different competition, maybe a partner or individual, and give my try with that.   I don’t think this many judging errors are normal but being one of the first heats, i feel like we should have foreseen this.

So-that’s that! My first comp in the books, hopefully more to come. Going to work on core strength (I’ll probably ask one of the coaches to write me something up i can do on TUesdays and Thursdays, with the GHD and some isometric works) and my form on front squats and dead lifts


Training 1.22.14 and 1.23.14 (Food post tomorrow)

Really no training to record. Went in to foam roll today, and do the Thacker Warmup, with this complex

5×1 Snatch Deadlift +1 low snatch (2″ from ground) + 1 hang snatch @ 85% (which is 68#. I did 2 rounds at 65# and 3 rounds at 70#)

I’ve basically skipped the accessory work the past two days just to be on the safe side. 

I was going to do a dry run of the final workout released for the comp but my shoulder is super sore, and it feels like my neck is stiff, so I decided to lay off  (the workout has 3 parts and the first part has shoulder to overheads). I went and saw the Chiropracter, who with some heavy pushing, got my shoulder back in and it feels better, but I’m super tight up in my neck/traps. Whatever he did started pulling on some muscles, and I’ve been sitting with a heat pack all day. Makes ya real confident for a comp, huh??

Tomorrow I’ll do some yoga and mobility and walk to get my blood moving-and of course, carb up and drink a crap ton of water! i’m getting my hair done tomorrow, which should feel wonderful.

Thoughts going in pre competition

for those of you who are new, or just skimming, this Saturday i’m doing my first Crossfit competition. It’s put on be a company called Legendary Competitor. It is a 4 person team competition with 2 scheduled workouts and a “floater”; there are 2 divisions (RX’d and Scaled-I am in the Scaled division). I watched it last year and thought it looked like SO MUCH FUN. Even now, a day away, i am not nervous.  One reason might be there is no pressure-our team, while good, is not competitive with other teams (there are plenty of people competiting in the scaled division who are more than capable of completing the RX’d version of the competition).  So, we’re really just going out there to have fun and do the best job we can.  Another reason is that i’m with a team-it is a team effort, and that makes it a lot less intimidating.  I didn’t even practice the final workout when it was released-what is the point? We are going to do it the best way we can. i get there are certain tactics and techniques you can employ but at the end of the day you are going to do as well as you can.  I’m not nervous about my abilities to do this; I’m excited about being a part of something bigger than my gym and spending the day with my fellow athletes and friends.




Training and food log 1.22.14


15 Min Gymnastic work-your choice

I worked on

Chest to bar (got sets of 5 un assisted, as smooth as i’m able to right now, despite the coach picking on me. i’m getting there! and they weren’t the “back breaking” C2B I’ve been trying to avoid)

Banded bar muscle ups (once i figure out the transition I’ve got it with a band. I’m beyond high enough (the bar is in my solar plexus) i’m just not doing the “crunch” to get my shoulders over

Ring pull ups/swings/first pull of muscle up



20 min AMRAP


10 Pistols, alternating (RX)

15 Pull ups (RX)

My score: 8 rounds + 1 HSPU. Woo! I think had my hands not felt like tearing and my shoulder wasn’t on fire, I might have had another round in me. Three cheers for FINALLY getting Pistols (in Oly shoes, but still)



3×3 power snatch + 3 OHS @ 65#

These felt OK.  I had a pair of eyes on me, to cue me for my set up position. When I nailed that, the lift felt cleaner.

3×1 Power clean + 1 Front squat + 2 Push Jerk @ 90#

Should have gone to105# since i dropped the push jerks. just didn’t feel like pushing the shoulder more than i already was-it really didn’t feel good

10×3 Burgner Front squats @ 110#

These felt really good. maybe 1-2 reps where i didn’t stay tight and came forward a lot but on the whole, I felt like my form was decent, especially for being so tired.


Food Log

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks/Supplements  
2 Egg whites 1 Chicken Flame boiler bowl with white rice and veggies (from 2nd bowl of all veggies and chicken) 6 oz shrimp 2 Post WOD Recovery shake  
2 eggs 2TBSP oil based dressing 1 cup pasta sauce 1 Lara Bar  
1/2 banana   2 cup zucchini 1 piece dark chocolate  
1 serving almond butter   1 TBSP coconut oil Cinnamon  
1 Cup Coffee     1 scoop protein pre workout  
1 Serving dairy creamer     1 banana  
1 Serving bacon     1 serving carrots  
1/2 tbsp Oil based dressing        

Training 1.21.14 and Food Log

Pre WOD/Strength

Every 3minutes for 12 minutes

10 Deadlift (pick load. I picked 135#-conservative for Comp)

rest :60 sec

10 Burpees


30-20-10-*bar set at 65/95

Push Press

Front Rack Lunges

Time-6:14, RX. Stupid of me to do this. my shoulder did not feel good. I need to focusing on really getting that core tight during push presses (and..everything) because i tend to hyper extend when tired.

Post WOD/EXtra activity

Some pull ups right after to work on them when I’m tired

Chest to bar pull ups and Handstand hold progressions at park 

Walk after dinner with husband


Food Log

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks/Supplements
2 Egg whites 4 oz Pork 4 oz Pork 1 Post WOD Recovery shake
2 eggs 2 cups cauliflower 2 cups cauliflower 1 Lara Bar
1/2 banana 1/2 cup broccoli 1/2 cup broccoli 3 Piece (100 cal) Dark Chocolate
1 serving almond butter 1 small sweet potato (75 grams) 1.5 TBSP oil based dressing 1/2 Banana
1 Cup Coffee 1 TBSP Oil based dressing 1 TSP Coconut oil 1 1/2 TBSP Almond Butter
1 Serving dairy creamer 1 TSP Butter   1 Pre Dunk Protein shake
  1 TSP coconut oil  



Dunk tank results

So part of this Performance challenge I’m doing is to measure our lean body mass. Ofcourse, the way to do this is to figure out our body fat percentage, and how much LBM we have. So…we get hydrostatically weighed/tested to find out our numbers. I figured i’d be slightly lower then last time, due to more muscle definition and less weight. Well..the numbers weren’t what I expected.  Here is the progression

5/13/2013 (2 months post partum)-Weight-132. Body Fat-16.3%.  Lean Mass-110.5 lbs

6/13/2013 (3cmonths post partum; one month of harder programming and eating fairly Paleo)-Weight-132. Body Fat-14.7%.  Lean Mass-112.6 lbs

1/21/2014 (almost 11 months post partum-increase in caloric intake, 80% Paleo, increase in weight training)-Weight-118. Body Fat-11.6%.  Lean Mass-104.4 lbs.

I just..dont know. It’s so weird for me to see those numbers and not really understand them. That’s a low body fat percentage, and i’m sad i’ve lost so much lean mass. How? I’m not sure.  maybe I’m not eating as much as I think I am. I have been looking at what other Crossfit athletes eat, and trying to style my eating around that.  I cut back on extra running/walking (i used to run for fun a few times a week-now I only run during WODS). I’ve increased my extra Oly work, but it isn’t heavy. on days I squat/do extra real strength training, I take in an extra 300 calories between protein shake and snacks.  I’m hoping to see that lean mass go up and I would even be ok with that Fat percentage going up-I felt GREAT at 14-15%. That’s healthy, athlete level of fat.  I’m not sure if I’m just naturally lean, if this is something caused by having a baby, or if something else is going on. Or if i’m training harder than I realize.  I guess my goal is to eat as much as I can of CLEAN calories, and hope to see some sort of increase in strength.


i know, i know..”what a problem to have”. It’s just so odd to see that drop and almost scary to see the weight drop. I went to the doctors…last month? and I was 125.  7 pounds in a month?? I have a feeling the scale at the doctors or dunk tank was wrong. 



1.20.14 training and Food log

Strength/ Skill

Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes

10 Goblet Squats-pick load (35# and 44#)

rest :30

10 American KBS (35# and 44#)

I started with 35# because I have literally never done a Goblet Squat-too easy. I went up to 44# but I could have gone up 1.5 pood. I finished the Squats in 14-16 seconds, then the swings in 20-25 seconds.


Team WOD -Team of 3. Everyone starts at a different station; you switch stations once the last person finishes theirs

4 rounds

10 Toes to bar

20 pushups

200 m run

Time-11:35. First set of push ups took 20 seconds at 20 unbroken, so that’s a good sign. Good form, chest to deck, no worming so I’m excited.  I hate toes to bar. So glad they aren’t in the competition

Olympic lifting

5×1 3 position clean (floor, hang, hip) @ 100#. Only messed up on round 4, and that was more to laziness and not getting full extension. A few felt good, the rest felt like I was catching in power again.

4 rounds

1a) 3 push press+ 1 push jerk +1 split jerk

1b) 4 pendlay rows (2 second pause at top)

weight was all over the place. started with 95#, but had nothing in the tank (I slightly blame those squats yesterday) so dropped to 85#. Went to 90# for last round. Those rows were hard!

Food Log

I have to track for this challenge at the gym (not a Paleo challenge, but a “Performance” Challenge) so I figured I would put it up here


3 Egg whites
1 Egg
1 Cup Cauliflower
1 Serving Bacon
1 TBSP Oil based dressing
1 Cup Coffee
1 Serving dairy creamer


2 Hardboiled Egg Whites
1 Hard Boiled Egg
2 Cups spinach
1 small sweet potato (75 grams)
1 TBSP Oil based dressing
1 TSP Butter

Dinner (At least what I have planned)

4-6 oz Steak
1 Small sweet potato
2 Bunch Asparagus
1/2 TBSP Oil
1 TSP Butter
Salt and Pepper


1 Post WOD Recovery shake
1 Lara Bar
1 Piece (100 cal) Dark Chocolate
1 Banana
1/2 TBSP Almond Butter
1 Serving Carrots
1/2 TBSP Oil based Dressing

So..yeah. Not sure on calories, somewhere around 2000?  As long as i’m full, I’m golden. I need more veggies/fruits…

Training 1.18.14 + 1.19.14


We practiced one of the workouts that was released for the competition, called “Burpee, etc”

For Time

11 min Time cap-only one partner may work at a time-reps may be divided up as necessary-every person must do at least one rep of each movement-only one athlete touching the bar at a time

“Burpee, Etc”-scaled division

90 burpee pull ups (chest to bar for men)

60 burpee box jump overs (24″/20″

90 burpee deadlifts (185/135)

120 wall balls (20/14 lbs; same target height of 10′”)

90 burpee pull ups


Our score: 90 burpee pull ups+60 box jump overs +41 burpee deadlifts. NOT GOOD.  I think our weakness lies in each members need to feel like they contribute equally-which is great, but there are 3 workouts. One floater ,2 assigned workouts. Which means, EVERYONE will excel at SOMETHING. For a workout with burpees and body weight, thats what I’m going to excel at. So, I think next time,we need to divide based on strength. i think, ideal, it would look like this

Burpee pull ups- female:male ration is 5:7, unless the pull up bar is shorter than i think we’ll speed through this at a 7(females do 7 reps):10 (males do 10 reps) pace.

burpee box jumps-me/other male:female/male ratio is 10:5 (the other male and I are SUPER fast at this)

Burpee deadlifts-me/other male: female/male ration is 10:12 (they are a lot stronger)

wall balls-the men and I can do 30 a piece in one shot, even super tired, so I think we would all do as many as possible, maybe have my female counterpart start and finish with 10-15 (this is a weakness of hers)

burpee pull ups-as much as we can, we’ll be wasted tired by then.

The floater is a skills challenge, with 4 separate skills. i’ll be doing the push up portion(1 min ME deficit push ups), while my female counterpart will do the 1RM Clean and Jerk (she’s far far stronger than I am) and we’re still undecided on who will do the 1 min ME on the Assault bike. All 4 of us have to do the shuttle drill (5yd-10yd-15 yd shuttle run) as a relay.  Hopefully we get at least to wall balls by the day of the

Other for the day

5 40 yard dashes with husband

3 mile walk

5 million handstand attempts (i think my best hold was like 10 seconds)

Sunday, 1.19.14

5 mile hike

Burgner back squats, day 1.

10×3 reps @ 75% (128, round up to 130#)

These were fine. Focused a lot on engaging core, chest up, knees out. Can feel with Oly shoes when I go on my toes, so working on that. These felt fine, even tired later in the day. I can tell when I don’t really get tight, the huge difference it makes.


And that’s, that!

1.17.14 training-thoughts on going “prescribed”

(yesterday was an active rest day. I ran a couple miles, and my daughter and I played in the park where i practiced chest to bar pull ups on a pull up bar they have set up, and hand stand holds. )




Clean (full clean) (95/135) (85-not RX’d)

Ring dips (RX)

Time: 10:20-not RX. See below for my thoughts and decisions on scaling back on some of the training weights.

Oly lifting

5×1 3 position snatch (floor, hang, and power) @ 65#

4 rounds

3 OHS @ 80#

5 weighted pull ups @ 5#

To Go RX or not? Thoughts on following the “prescription”

I’ve been kind of in a funk regarding my met cons and my training. When I saw Elizabeth for tomorrows WOD, I immediately made the mental choice that if they were full cleans, I would scale.  I had it in my head, and stuck with my choice. I got a lot of flack for it, and even second guessed my choice to scale a workout that I would, presumably, do RX’d and probably get a fairly good time (probably around the 12 minute mark, better than some of the guys), but after careful consideration, I stick by my choice.  

a)My form on a squat clean isn’t nearly as good as i’d like it to be. I wanted to avoid the whole “power clean to a front squat” that I see a lot, and wanted to full squat clean the weight. Plus, I need to get my legs stronger. with a full clean of 125#, I feel like a 95# squat clean would have looked really ugly and i’m really really trying to avoid that right now.  When the weight feels heavy, my mind scrambles and I tend to forget to make sure I’m set up well at the bottom, and stop caring that the squat portion of my lift looks like shit. With 85#, I was able to do GOOD touch and go reps-no rounded back, catching it at the bottom and coming up cleanly. 

b)I wasn’t sure what my intensity would be.  We never squat clean nor ring dip, so I wasn’t sure about my ring dips would look like. Again, I’m trying to stick to good form/technique-trying to avoid the “crunch” ring dip, where your basically just leaning forward so your shoulders touch the tops of the ring. I did the first 11 strict, unbroken, and  felt my hips lowering, so I was better on the dips than I thought I would be. I was worried that i would be taking 15-20 minutes to do the WOD, or even worse, I would panic about taking so long and throw form out the window.

c)I have Oly lifting afterwards, and really that’s where my focus in. I need to get better at the olympic lifts, and I need to get stronger. Metcon weights and going “RX’d” can weight while I focus on foundations first.

Basically-I’m sticking by my original stance that I made awhile ago-just because you CAN go RX doesn’t always mean you should. One of the girls in the class after me, chose to go RX.  However, it took her almost 20 minutes. Why? She had to do the ring dips 1, by 1, by 1. Too me, she should have gotten a band, done them that way, and worked on ring dips outside of class so she can string together 5-8 before trying this WOD without a band.  She lost intensity, and really just did ring dip practice with some squat cleans thrown in (not only that but she did the EXACT thing I was trying to avoid-she was power cleaning, then squatting, and therefore wasn’t hitting full ROM.).  i’m not dogging her-her mindset is different than mine and she feels that if you CAN RX, you should. Personally, i’m going to wait until I feel like I can get around the same time I got this time before trying for RX.

That being said, I do think I’m going to redo this WOD within the next couple months, maybe after the open. once I feel more comfortable in my squat clean, I’d like to redo. I am super happy about the dips-they felt good and I felt like I was moving through them at a decent speed (round one was 11/5/5, round two was 8/4/3 and round three was 6/2/1). Mostly strict, with a tiny kip at the end reps of each set

Training 1.15.14


Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes

Deadlift, 5 reps, pick load (175#)

rest :30

10 HSPU (RX, kipping)

I could have gone maybe 185#, but there was a high amount of KBS in the WOD so I decided to save my back. These felt pretty good though.  


40 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood) (RX)

20 Burpees (RX)

Run 800 M (RX)

30 KBS

15 Burpees

Run 600 M

20 KBS

10 Burpees

Run 400 m

Time: 14:54, RX. I don’t really like these WODS, mainly because I’d rather be working on something that I need to work on, than just doing cardio basically. Plus, this is just a matter of grinding though-I did all reps unbroken, and tried to do KBS as fast as possible(doing as much of the “double snatch” method as possible).  I ran the first 400 m of the first 2 rounds at a moderate pace then picked it up for the last 400/200 m. 

Oly lifting

5×1 Hang cleans(below the knee) +1 Jerk (95#) 

3 Rounds

1a) 5 Jerk balances (65#) (demo and explanation here from Breaking muscle)

1b) 5 Jerk dips (135#) (Demo video here)

Hang cleans below the knee are so awkward.  Got one that felt really smooth,but still awkward. Dips suck but they are good-I got a couple that I could tell I landed the form/was tight because I got it to my nose with the dip drive only.  I love the balances; they really help with foot placement.

Tomorrow is more Bar Muscle up practice-depending on workout at the gym I might just do some squats at home and the muscle up practice and not go in-an “Active recovery” day, so to speak. 






Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes

1 strict press (75#)

3 push press (75#)

rest :30

10 TTB ( RX; kipped/strung 6-7 the first few rounds; slowly getting better)




12 Hang Power Cleans (135/95#) (85#, not RX)

12 Shoulder to over head (” “) (85#, not RX)

30 Double unders (RX)

time: 8:51, not prescribed. I went into this WOD shooting for a sub 10; most couplets/triplets with these reps usually call for 10 minutes or under. Thats why I chose to do less than 95#; sometimes I play around with my “philosophy”. Sometimes I’ll do the heavier weight, but take the decrease in time if that means my intenisty/ form won’t be compromised. Sometimes i’ll decrease the weight but know that my form and intensity won’t suffer. In this case, with the shoulder to over heads, I worried at 95# that my back would arch in the later reps and I would have to resort to “ugly, Crossfit ” split jerks, which I don’t want to get in the habit of doing while I attempt to clean up my heavy Oly split jerks.  I did end up having to split jerk a few, but only about 6 all together. I really need to practice push jerking so I can DO 95# in a WOD. I mostly push pressed the weight.  

Bar muscle up training program

5×3 strict pull ups, as high as possible (RX’d, did at home. tried to get shoulder to touch top of “arms” that come out of my pull up bar. Did a couple with false grip, but really need to buy gloves for that because that will DEFINITELY shred my hands)

3×10 Rack pull ups didn’t do

2×5 strict bar dips (not RX’d- did ring dips instead. strict as possible, making sure I got my hips very low and wasn’t just doing the “crunch” to get my shoulders to touch. hung them from my pull up bar)

3×8 strict press didn’t do because of press work in WOD

3×10 dumbbell rows (not RX’d-did it with barbell at 85# instead)


upper body is SMOKED!