Daily Archives: November 21, 2014

Quick update

Hi guys,
Life has been crazy. Between work, enjoying time with my fast growing little girl (not so little-20 months and almost 28 pounds!) and trying to kill it at the gym….I barely have time to log on! But I have been following everyone and loving all the progress I’ve been seeing! Here are my current numbers and stats

Height-5’2. Weight -120-123 ( all weight is in lbs)

Back squat-205 (trying to get better about hitting depth at heavier weights. 185 is usually very solid)

Front squat-175 ( stuck at this number. I hurt my back rowing one day and then we tested the following week and it wasn’t going to happen. Thinking about running burgeners squat program for my squat program)

Strict press-90 (with a semi bum shoulder)

Bench press-120 (weak lift for me)

Deadlift-240×2 (haven’t actually tested in awhile but we are doing a deadlift cycle and I’ve based all the percentages off of a 265-275 deadlift)

Push press-135 (haven’t retested in awhile-this felt solid)

Push jerk-145 (shoulder is wonky so I’ve just been working jerk balances and tall jerks to get better at getting under the bar)

Clean-160 (this number won’t change until my squat goes up)

Snatch-105 (I pulled 110 to my chest but it was after a WOD so I wasn’t dropping under it)

Strict handstand push ups-max set is 5. Not much I can do until my shoulder calms for

Max kipping pull ups-30

Max butterfly-20 (again, shoulder is making it hard)

Muscle ups-bar ones are fine (usually can get 3-4 in a set in a WOd unless my shoulder hurts) but haven’t nails another ring. Part is my shoulder, part is that I’m just not getting my hip up

500 m Row time-1:45

400m run time-1:09

I think that’s it? A lot of my upper body has stalled due to swollen shoulder and tight back. I am getting it worked on today’s then if that doesn’t help, taking a couple weeks off of heavy overhead and muscle ups/HSpu and reassessing

So that’s where I am at!