Monthly Archives: August 2014

Where have I been

so…life has been so crazy. I’ve been working again, raising pretty much the most amazing little girl that ever existed and hitting the gym hard. Since the gym is basically all I ever talk are a couple things I’ve been up too


  • Back squat-200#!! finally…the rep was kind of janky and barely past parallel but i’ll take it
  • Front squat-175#. I tried for 185# and failed
  • Clean-145#x2 during a E2MOM…excited to test this again next week and hoping for 150-155!
  • Power clean-145…and able to do multiple reps at 135#, which means workouts that were previously too hard to RX I can now do
  • Strict handstand pushups-yes. sets of 3-5 but doable
  • Bar muscle ups-aww yeah. When I’m fresh and loose I can link them; when I’m tight or tired I’m usually hit or miss haha
  • Ring muscle ups-GOT MY FIRST 2 TODAY!!! 
  • Max height box jump-36.5″ and may have been able to get 38″
  • Competitions-So i’ve done two comps since may. The first was an intermediate division, and my partner and i placed first-it was fairly easy, and fun. The second was today and sosos difficult. It was the WOD Gear competition….with teams featuring SAM BRIGGS, Rebecca Voight, Katie Hogan, Ryan Fischer, multiple regional teams, etc.  It was …awful. humbling. exhilarating. PR worthy.  The first workout was swimming…i don’t swim. well, i didn’t. i will now, at least 1x a week. I’m going to go back through a program my coach is following and start swimming on saturdays and doing intervals until I’m better.  Anyways..the swim was humbling. but i made it through then it was onto a log run where my conditioning and mental game made it fairly easy.  we finished the first workout….the second was a disaster for a teammate and hopefully humbling for her…and the third was where i landed my first 2 ring muscle ups!!  So……gambit of emotions and very very good for me to see what exactly that level of competition is. hopefully next year I’m where i need to be and can actually look to be competitive in it!!

so thats that! ive made leaps and bounds with this new programming and I love it.  hoping to keep momentum….i have one more comp this year then going to work on skills and strength until next season! a comp def in jan, maybe one in may/june, this one and maybe an individual comp!