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From success to failure

…and, here I come from the heels of a happy, joyful PR filled post, to  much sadder one.  Guys, today I couldn’t do something. not only could I not do it, but it is something I SHOULD be able to do, no questions asked.


Well, I can’t.


The Bar muscle up. But not just the Bar Muscle up, a BANDED bar muscle up. I can’t do it! Despite being able to do 10 strict pull ups, link 8-10 chest to bar, link over 20 regular kipping pull ups-O couldn’t even do the bar muscle up WITH A BAND.  And I tried. I tried at the gym, then went to the park and tried again. I have bruises on my sternum, on my stomach, and arms. Still, no go.  I feel a little defeated, disappointed in myself, worried other people will think less of me…all things that Crossfit is NOT.


I will get it. There is no doubt in my mind I will get the Bar muscle up. I’m not sure if that is false confidence, cockiness, or just determination that I won’t let i defeat me but I WILL get that BMU.  

Just, how do I approach? I’m thinking of doing Carl Paoli’s progressions. Starting with just pulling as high as I can, until I can consistently get hip to bar pull ups. Then work on pulling over-I notice with the bands its harder for me to get that pull because my feet stay in front of me.  I also need tow kr on my false grip and holding on TIGHTER with the bar. the few times I got really close, my hands would slip.  But, I’m thinking that. I’ve never kipped well with bands, and they change the angle so much for me that I end up losing it. The most i’d ever kipped for pull ups on a band was 3-4, then when I got off the band I did 5 easily.    

Anyways. Also frustrating today because I over scaled a workout. it called for 95#, and instead of doing 85# or RX, I did 75#, finished to fast and knew I easily could have gone up 10# and sacrificed a minute, or even gone RX. there was Shoulder to over head with the weight, and afterwards one of the guys said “did you enjoy basically pressing that weight 20 reps? why did you go so light?”

I don’t know. I think the BMU got in my head, I think I’m tired and sore and PMSing…but thats life. Thats part of Crossfit. I think a rest coming up will be good for me.

tomorrow i’m doing the all women’s class since my hubby is out of town  and they have baby sitting, and i might come back on Friday to redo the WOD yesterday (it was a rowing interval workout, but we didn’t do it right so my score is off so i want to re do since it’s test week) and work on some BMU. 

Oh! and the gymnastics place next to us is offering adult classes on wednesday night-i think I am going to check it out! Hopefully it helps with the muscle ups, the kip in general, and hannndd stannddss 🙂

Have a good one everyone!

WordPress hates me

Just so you all know..I’ve written 5 different posts, and each time, WordPress shut down on me.  So, i gave up for a couple weeks but now i’m here to try again!

In the past month I have

  • Gotten a 130# Clean and jerk PR
  • Gotten 135# for a Power clean 1RM
  • Got 160# for my Front squat
  • Got 180# for my Back Squat
  • Did Barbara in 22 min 8 seconds

So..PR city here! 

We are doing a test week based off of the crossfit invictus blog…so I will update you guys on Friday with my stats! Also..Stagecoach this weekend…woo!

Week in review

Hello Blogsphere

I had another pain in my shoulder, which gives me the sads at Crossfit. So, I get grumpy and not want talk about it. I just..pout. Pout pout.  Plus, I was at the office 3 days last week, and the other two were spent making it up to one sad little girl who misses her mommy.  I know she’s fine and I know it’s not a big deal, but I definitely feel guilty that I’ve been putting in an inordinate time at work lately. I have to go in this weekend too, and 3 more days this week (Wed-Friday), and maybe a couple more days the following week to wrap up a big project.  I think part of my guilt is I actually enjoy being at the office and getting work done, and feeling like I’m contributing to something.  Then I start to wonder if I SHOULD take the next job they offer me (they’ve made it pretty clear I’m free to grab whatever job comes available. I already turned down a pretty good paying one they offered me, but they are growing and jobs are opening up constantly), but I go home and my daughter is so happy to see me….I just can’t do it.

Anyways. Onto Crossfit!



Push press, 5×5

I got up to 100# for the push press. Ran out of time, but I definitely think I could have gotten 105# for 5 reps-only 5# less than my 1RM



Cleans @ 95#

Chest to Bar pull ups

Time: 8:27, RX. Best Chest to bar pull ups yet! Got sets of 7-5 each round to start.  I’m getting gloves soon so I can practice after class and not worry about ripping my hands so much…I think the trick to the bar work for me is how my hands feel. But i need to get on that bar more!

Squat Cycle

10×3 @ 130#

These felt pretty good


Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

5 strict press


10 push ups

Started with 70#, then dropped to 65#. Shoulder was hurting like hell from 14.5, then 13.4 the next day, then clean and jerks saturday, then Push press the day before.  

FGB Style- 3 rounds, 1 minute each station







score: 187. Toes to bar were AWFUL today, could not kip to save my life.   

Post WOD

snatch pull, 5×3 @ 100%

Just to do something. I had snatches planned but just need to rest the shoulder for the week on extra stuff…fucking again.


3 mile run

Back squat, 6×1 @ 165#

3 second pause Back squat, 5×2 @ 140#

3 rounds, NFT

50 double unders

10 overhead squats with kettlebell

20 weighted sit ups

Did all this at home, didn’t go to the gym since it was snatches that day


Prowler push, 3×50 m

did 95-115-115#. could have done more

4×400 m sprints

1:23, 1:28, 1:30, 1:31

Felt slow as molasses

Hang snatch, 5×1 Below the knee

snatch pull, 3×5 @ 85#

went light on the hang snatch, I really hate that drill below the knee


4 RFT 

20 cal row

10 thrusters @ 95#

rest 3:00 between rounds

I don’t remember my time, but I just did 5 Thrusters @ 95#.  I had the strength to do all 10 but again..shoulder going over head. however every time these come up i’ve had to modify, so the coach and I agreed that I really need to DO the heavier weight. It’s not weight that bothers it so much as high repetition so going less reps/heavier weight worked

3 position power clean until failure

got to 115#

from that weight, 2 position  power clean (hang/floor) until failure

got to 125#

Ran out of time, was going to go to singles.  Tried 135# really quick but just didn’t have it in me.


2 rounds

30 second L sit

45 hollow rocks

15 strict knees to elbows

15 (per side) KB windmills

we call those “stagecoach abs”

3 position power clean

75# x 2

80 x 2

Power clean + 2 cleans

80# x 2

85# x 2

clean pulls


front squat




Modified from the Oly program i’m starting monday, with all overhead stuff removed.

3 mile run

Gottat jet-I hear a cute little girl upstairs!