Daily Archives: March 31, 2014

PR city

Well, not really. Maybe more like PR pit stop.  I’ve been able to hit Open Gym for some Oly work the past two Saturdays, and I can REALLY tell the difference when I hit the weights fresh instead of hitting them right after a WOD.  So, it means some PR’s. One thing I remember reading in one of the many Olympic lifting/Crossfit publications I read, was that sometimes it’s important to hit a PR often in training. But not just your 1RM on a certain lift. You can PR your 1RM Clean, your hang Clean, your Power Clean, your 2RM high hang power Clean, etc.  You get my drift! Anyways, that’s kind of what happened Saturday. I was feeling good doing the complex/practice, so I figured I might as well go for a PR.



Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

5 Chest to bar pull ups

rest :30 seconds

5 burpees

Was supposed to be regular pull ups but the other option was Bar Muscle ups-so I chose the middle ground


13.4 (I think?)

AMRAP 7 minutes, ascending 3 reps after each round is complete

3 Clean and Jerks @ 95#

3 toes to bar

My score: Really don’t remember. some where in the round of 12. Took this nice and easy, at 70%, so maybe could have gotten into the round of 15 if I pushed harder. Worked on cycling the clean and jerks (did mostly push press and some push jerks) in sets of 3; all toes to bar were unbroken and actually felt really strong.

Saturday Weightlifting

7×1 3 pause clean (from the high hang) + 2 split jerks.

I got up to 115#. I decided to try and hit a new PR on a hang clean (and jerk). So now, my new 1RM for my hang clean and jerk is 125#-5# higher than my REGULAR clean and jerk. hows that for some progress! ;). Over body weight now…and the 125# hang clean felt pretty good (my jerk was ugly as sin but that’s another issue…)

6×2 Front squats @ 145#

Hit these with a 3:00 rest because this was my 1RM 11 weeks ago…so less than 3 months and i’m hitting my old 1RM for multiple doubles. I wore a belt, but thats ok.

3 Rounds 

10 barbell step ups @ 65#

5 good mornings @ 65#

light weight for good mornings; step ups are always hard with barbell


3 mile recovery run



Push press, 5×5, ascending in weight

80-85-90-95-100#. I should have tried to go to 105#. well, maybe not. Shoulder is bugging again



Cleans @ 95#

Chest to bar pull ups

Time: 8:29, RX. Chest to bar felt pretty good-got sets of 6-8 each round, with a few singles in the 12 and 9.  Cleans were 5/5/5, 4/4/3/1 (quick drop then picked back up, then 3/3/3.  Worked on dropping quickly under the bar, which is why i think i was so fast; I didn’t power clean then squat.


Front squat, 10×3 @ 130#

I was tired and hungry and shoulder is bugging. blah. but got them done!

So my week schedule looks

Monday: WOD/Squat

Tuesday: WOD/Snatch work

Wednesday: WOD/Clean and Jerk work

Thursday: WOD/Squat

Friday: WOD/Oly work


I also need to figure out when to do some gymnastics work (need to do some more C2B and some Ring dip work, along with some work on the strict muscle ups, just a couple more times this week).


So thats my week!   I have some work in the office a couple times this week,  but it falls on days i’ll just be working out longer in the mornings so I won’t be skipping a squat session.  I actually enjoy going into work-its nice for me to be able to completely focus on my work for a long stretch of time instead of “just when she naps”.  

What was your latest PR??