Daily Archives: March 27, 2014


Sorry for the 2 day delay; my work actually needed me AT work to do some stuff so I’ve been there while my husbands been here (at home). Top that with standard TOM tiredness and headaches, and staring at a computer more just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Tuesday WOD


5x 1 snatch balance +3 OHS AHAP

I got up to 75#. 80-85# Might have been doable



Power snatch (95/135)

Box jump (24/30)

200 m run

I only did 70# but I could have definitely bumped it up to 75# and maybe finished a little slower. I think i finished in 9? its more about regripping heavier snatches and cleans than anything for me

post WOD strength

Burgerner back squats 10×3 @ 140#

these felt pretty solid. 

Wednesdays WOD


Every 3 minutes for 5 minutes

5 Good mornings 

rest :30

10 DB single arm row

I did 85# for the good mornings and 35# pound dumbbells but definitely could have gone up to 45# for at least the last 2 rounds


1000 M Row buy in


3 rounds

30 DU

20 KBS (1/1.5 pood)


Don’t remember time- i was the first one done by quite some time.  i should have done mens RX and grabbed the 1.5 pood since besides the row, those are all in my wheel house.  30 DU unbroken, KBS un broken, and HSPU in 2 sets (6/4, 6/4 and 5/5). arms felt fried!

no Oly work. it was raining out side and i usually have to take all my equipment out there. This week is weird between working and then my MIL coming in today. So the rest of the week will be

Thursday-Open WOD/Gymnastics work afterwards (EMOM 10 3 bear gymnastics complex, 3×5 strict MU from ground using legs, 5 ring dips with pause and 5 each arm ring push ups with arm extension at bottom) 

Friday-WOD/Snatch Oly work

Saturday-Burgerner Front squat and Clean and Jerk Oly Work

Sunday-3 mile recovery run

hitting my old 1RM for front squats for a 6×2 this weekend…woo! getting heavyyy 🙂