Saturday Squats

Ah, so every other day seems to be doable thus far for me. Life gets a little busy, but mostly I keep forgetting about my commitment to blog on the reg.  So I am!



60 calorie row (finished at 3:43 I believe)

50 Toes to bar (took me until 8:15-I suck at these)

40 wall balls (I broke it up too much considering I didn’t get a muscle up nor planned on it)

30 cleans (finished this as fast singles at 13:58)

Score: 180, RX’d. I could do it again and MAYBE gain a :30-:45 seconds by being smarter about my TTB break up (doing sets of 5-3) and not breaking up my wall balls nearly as much as I did..the cleans were incredibly easy for me thanks to ALL the extra Oly work I did…fast singles because I really jump under that bar and don’t exert myself too much. 

Fridays WOD

AMRAP 2 min, x5 rounds with 4:00 rest

250 m row

10 push ups

20 squats

30 pull ups

Score:…I don’t know. I didn’t count my pull ups LOL. I was put in the heat with the guys so I was just focused on not letting them be TOO far ahead of me.  I made it to at least 5 pull ups per round

Saturday Oly and Lifting

5×2 Hi Hang snatch

55-60-65-70-75-80 (1)-80(1)-85 (1 PS)

My PR snatch max is 80, so doing it at a high hang is good. I suffer more from mobility-I hit a high hang power snatch at 85 pretty easily, so once i get my shoulders better in that receiving position I’m looking at getting close to my goal of a snatch in the 3 digits.

5×3 Overhead squat

55-65-70-75-80-90-95 (2)

went a little farther to try and hit 95# to see how it felt. felt fine, just again need to work on stability. My old 1RM was 80# so definitely looking at a better one. Might have been able to hit 95# for a triple

5×1 Snatch deadlift+hang snatch pull +high hang shrug


Love complexes

10×2 Front squats @155#

Completed these at home a few hours later. Didn’t use belt until 6th set-probabley didn’t really need it until 8th.


My little girl is crying out for me,so no food today….I will get pictures to show you next week! Have a great weekend!

Any PRS lately?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Squats

  1. Corrie Anne

    I thought I pr’ed my back squat this week… but I did the plate math wrong. woops. lol. do you have a specific lifting program you’re following? i want to start devoting more time to that type of thing one of these days! after the open!!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I’ve followed multiple squat programs! If you’re looking to devote more time to just strength, i’d look into Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 program-the volume shouldn’t be too much to supplement with Crossfit met cons, and you can work up to 3-4 lifts a week on it (squat, bench press and over head press).

      If you’re looking for squat programs, i’ve tried 3! I would start with the Hatch Cycle ( . just plug in your front squat 1 rep max and your back squat 1 rep max and it will give you the percentages to use-you front and back squat twice a week. You might need to back off a little on cardio/metcons but not too much for the volume-just make sure you are getting enough rest/recovery between sessions (so don’t try a squat session after you deadlifted or did a leg heavy WOD) and are eating to build muscle 🙂


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