Daily Archives: March 22, 2014

Saturday Squats

Ah, so every other day seems to be doable thus far for me. Life gets a little busy, but mostly I keep forgetting about my commitment to blog on the reg.  So anyways..here I am!



60 calorie row (finished at 3:43 I believe)

50 Toes to bar (took me until 8:15-I suck at these)

40 wall balls (I broke it up too much considering I didn’t get a muscle up nor planned on it)

30 cleans (finished this as fast singles at 13:58)

Score: 180, RX’d. I could do it again and MAYBE gain a :30-:45 seconds by being smarter about my TTB break up (doing sets of 5-3) and not breaking up my wall balls nearly as much as I did..the cleans were incredibly easy for me thanks to ALL the extra Oly work I did…fast singles because I really jump under that bar and don’t exert myself too much. 

Fridays WOD

AMRAP 2 min, x5 rounds with 4:00 rest

250 m row

10 push ups

20 squats

30 pull ups

Score:…I don’t know. I didn’t count my pull ups LOL. I was put in the heat with the guys so I was just focused on not letting them be TOO far ahead of me.  I made it to at least 5 pull ups per round

Saturday Oly and Lifting

5×2 Hi Hang snatch

55-60-65-70-75-80 (1)-80(1)-85 (1 PS)

My PR snatch max is 80, so doing it at a high hang is good. I suffer more from mobility-I hit a high hang power snatch at 85 pretty easily, so once i get my shoulders better in that receiving position I’m looking at getting close to my goal of a snatch in the 3 digits.

5×3 Overhead squat

55-65-70-75-80-90-95 (2)

went a little farther to try and hit 95# to see how it felt. felt fine, just again need to work on stability. My old 1RM was 80# so definitely looking at a better one. Might have been able to hit 95# for a triple

5×1 Snatch deadlift+hang snatch pull +high hang shrug


Love complexes

10×2 Front squats @155#

Completed these at home a few hours later. Didn’t use belt until 6th set-probabley didn’t really need it until 8th.


My little girl is crying out for me,so no food today….I will get pictures to show you next week! Have a great weekend!

Any PRS lately?