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Shoulders, shoulders and more shoulders

Shoulder domination seems to be the name of the game in my recent workouts. Which, you know, coming off an over use injury means I get have to play it safe.

Tuesday WOD


Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes

Strict press, 3 reps (pick load)

rest :30

15 pull ups (try to do as many strict pull ups as possible; only switch to kipping when you fail)

I did 70#  for the strict press, which was a good cal because it became a struggle in the last 2 rounds. The pull ups were

Round one-all strict. 10/3/2 (PR for max set strict pull ups)

Round two-7/3 strict, then straight into 5 kipping

Round 3-6/2 then straight into 7 kipping

Round 4-6, straight into 9 kipping

I really wanted to do C2B for this when they first posted it, but it was too mch to go from strict press/strict pull ups into C2B for my shoulder right now.



15 thrusters 65/95

30 Double unders

Score: 4+ 10, modified. I switched to front squats after the second round- just couldn’t handle it on my shoulder. well i could, but i knew it would mean possibly being out on shoulder stuff for the rest of the week. Just not ready for that volume (on top of the OTHER volume work I do)

Post WOD

Front squat 10×3 @ 125#

Deload on Burgerner before heavy back squats later this week. Completed at home, with 2:00 rest between sets.

Wednesday WOD


Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes

5 Overhead squats

rest :30

10 Front rack lunges

I did 75#.  Felt incredibly stable overhead (for ONCE).  Could have gone up 5-10#.  All movements unbroken


3 rounds for time:

20 box jumps (20″/24″)


400 m run

my time: 14:41 RX, 4 rounds instead of 3. Because I thought it was 4.  All movements unbroken. 

Post WOD Oly

5×2 Hand Clean +1 Jerk, ascending weight. I did 85-95-100-105-110. 110# jerk was ugly, so I stopped there. doing it out side fucks with my head because it slopes, so I have to do it on the small concrete strip running the warehouse buildings and I think i don’t have enough room to fully split, even though I did.

3 rounds NFT

5 3 Push press @ 95# (reducing volume slightly for shoulder)

5 good mornings @ 85#

5 Pendlay rows @ 95#

That was that. 


Whole lotta the same. I took a couple pictures to get an idea of what I eat…



2 eggs/3 egg whites, 1 small sweet potato+butter+cinnamon+coconut sugar. at least 1x a day. It hits all the macros…..


Wayy tastier than it looks. Cinnamon Beef stew over cauliflower mash w/butter and almond milk

Last nights dinner was chicken I brined and seasoned, with sweet potato “chips” and a million sauces. I love to make/eat/dip/bath in sauces. So there as a Moroccan “dipping” sauce drizzled over the chicken, and a mix of djon mustard/home made mustard to dip the sweet potato chips  (and eat with a spoon. what?)

Other things included chocolate chip “Paleo Pancakes” and protein shakes and a turkey salad with home made dressing and spinach. Tonights dinner is bacon wrapped chicken with brussel sprouts with bacon mixed in.


Tomrorw is the 4th open WOD-exciting! I might go in in the morning to hit my squats but..I might now. we’ll see 😉