So, for those of you who actually give a damn about what I write…I apologize for the random disappearance. I was nursing an overuse injury in my shoulder, and I tend to get kind of pouty when I’m hurt, so I just wasn’t “feeling” it.  However, some Chiro, rest, aggressive lacrosse ball rolling and a massage and my shoulder feels much better so I figured I’d take up blogging again.  Hopefully keep it up daily!




Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes (4 rounds)

5 Power Cleans (pick load)-I did 105# first 3 rounds than 110#, which was what I should have done the entire time. Landed under the weight in quarter squat and it felt wonderful.

rest :30

10 ring dips<–did these strict. 10-8/2-7/2/1-6 then singles


3×3 min AMRAP, with 3:00 rest between efforts

5 Hang Cleans (165/125#)

1 S2O

I did 85# the first round to test the shoulder, then 95#, and did 3+1, 3+1 and 3 for the rounds. I probably could have done 105# and jerked the S2O instead of Push pressing it but I want to ease on in.

Post-WOD work

5×2 Hang snatches @ 65#

4×3 Snatch pulls @ 105#

4×3 Snatch balance w/3 second pause at bottom @ 55# (for shoulder stability)

Tight in the shoulders, hard to get stable.  Could hang power snatch this weight all day, but getting to the bottom is hard.

5×5 kneel to bottom of squat jumps (not really sure how to explain this…I just kneel on the ground then explode my hips up to land on feet)

15 minutes free standing handstand work

Thats it for my workouts……Did some heavy squats and running yesterday so keeping it easy on the activity today.




FINALLY on the big plates for my front squat working sets. This was 6×2 @ 140#.  And hard. I had to do the belt, but only because I can’t drop those plates…if i was at the gym I would have tried for unbelted as long as possible


Food Log

7 AM

2 eggs/3 egg whites

1 small sweet potato

1TBSP butter

1 tsp coconut sugar + cinnamon

Coffee with creamer

11 AM

Protein Shake

Lara Bar

2 PM

4 oz turkey

2 TBSP homemade vinaigrette


1 small sweet potato 

1 TBSP butter 

1tsp Coconut sugar + cinnamon

5/6 PM (dinner)

Cinnamon Beef stew (from Well Fed)

Cauliflower mash

 Before bed:

1 serving dark chocolate

protein shake


There might be other snacks in there too, like an egg yolk/egg white salad with siracha mayo (homemade) but thats about it! 


Today is pretty basic day here….getting laundry finished, grocery shopping done, Gymboree, some deep kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, and getting my computer set up with the new system  at work so I can actually…do work.  If they need me. It’s been pretty slow and i haven’t gotten work in a few weeks so I’m not sure where I stand there.

I hope you all have a great St. Patricks day! Apparently at my gym, you get drawn on to celebrate





Anyone recommend good shoulder stretches for tight shoulders?

How has your Open Experience been so far?  This is my first one so I’m “one and done” on all the WODS. I thought about re doing 14.2 because I should have gotten higher but then i decided to just work on those two skills and let me shoulder heal…


2 thoughts on “Restart

  1. xine23

    I blew out my heel in 14.1 so I totally understand the whole being hurt and whiny thing. Good to see you back at it! I think getting injured allows us to appreciate our body when it’s working well. I am hoping to heal soon and not abuse it anymore.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I hope your heel is feeling better! Yes i changed focus during that time and focused a lot on technique and breaking down the movements to work on basics


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