14.3 WOD

Score : 108 ( 18 reps into the set of 175/185#)

Jump the first one (or two!) sets of box jumps if 135#/185# is very light for you. Your legs are still fresh and it will keep you moving, after the deadlifts feel heavy start stepping up and down.

Go as fast and efficiently as possible on the deadlifts and once you break? Start doing fast singles

Wear a belt if you have one and remember…safety first!

I’m slightly disappointed in my score but I shouldn’t be. I would have liked to finish the round of 185 but my form was starting to go, between the weight and fatigue that I was taking a long time between reps. I did mostly singles that round with a few sets of 2-3 but just too much rest because I feared for my lower back. I know I did the right thing by slowing way down…I just wish I had gotten 110-120! Oh well. This was a good one and soo happy it left my poor shoulder alone!

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