Daily Archives: March 8, 2014


AKA two my least favorite movements. I’m not strong on power snatches, but I can do them. My OHS are a huge weakness as are my Chest to Bar.  BUT, that’s one of the fun things about Crossfit, right?? You get to expose your goats, then write a game plan to attack them. One of my coaches is helping me with a muscle up progression plan, and he said he’s writing a lot of C2B volume in there to help me out.


So..my score. 77,  which was my goal going in there.  i wanted to at least get into the second set of pull ups in the round of 12, which I got (one!).   I split the C2B in sets of 5-5, then 5-3-2, then 5-3-2-1-1, then 1.  OHS were 10-10-8-4 (rested on neck) then 6-3-3.  Obviously need to work on shoulder stability more, and C2B but there it is!    Part of my issue was i wasn’t nearly warmed up enough (we weren’t “organized” so by the time I started the workout i was already cooled down) and that, again, these are two weak movements for me that I really haven’t given the attention too.


I will say this. Putting your time and attention to movements you perceive as weaknesses do work.  Prior to 14.1 I put ALOT of time and effort into my Oly lifts-alot. I think this paid off in my score (which wasn’t stellar, but was far better than I thought I’d get) because my confidence in my snatches and quickness under the bar meant that even thug hI broke them up, the sets I would do were fast and quick.  I never do chest to bar or spend time in that over head position for squatting, and that showed today.

So, my new goal is to do chest to bar when pull ups show up in our workouts, and then 2-3x a week doing sets of 5×5 of C2B, until this movement is comfortable.  I’m also going to be doing some OHS work during my Oly lifts, and just get comfortable in that position!


Post your scores in the comments!