Monthly Archives: February 2014

Open WOD 14.1

First time doing the Crossfit open! I joined in May of 2012, so too late for that season and last year I was too busy having a baby and recovering from a csection…so I’m super excited to join this year!

We did a viewing party of the WOD last night then some of us tested it out. We actually did this WOD 9 months ago, and I got 3 rounds +30 double unders +5 power snatches in July of 2013.

Yesterday I got 5 rounds +30 double unders + 15 snatches…so I would say I’ve improved. I don’t plan on repeating the workout but you never know. I watched the standards video and it seemed to say that it wasn’t really a power snatch but more of a ground to over head. So i might re do and when i break on snatches I can just start doing to C&J instead. Idk. I probably won’t though…I’m not really doing this to place, more for fun and friendly competition at my gym.

Post your scores in the comment box below! And good luck!