1.28-1.30 – Training


Every 3 minutes for 15

2 power cleans (115#)

rest :30


RX’d.  115 felt good, probably could have done 120#.

Death by Power clean for 17 minutes; after yo cannot complete a minute of power cleans, do burpees

Score: 14 rounds +!0 reps @ 60% of 1 RM (75#)+33 burpees , RX’d. Need to retest 1RM- most people didn’t make it past 10-12 round, so I probably should have done 85#.

Strength Post WOD (For gym challenge)

5 RM for strict press (70#)


85% of 5RM, 3×5 (60#)


5 rounds

20 band pull aparts

10 bench press (65#)


100 hollow rocks for time (3:11)

No spot, could have gone higher for bench. Last 2 reps of strict press was UGLY as sin


Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes

5 snatches (55#)


15 pull ups 

snatches, should have gone higher. these were touch and go and felt beautiful.  pull ups were un broken first 3 rounds, then 10/5


Overhead squats (65#-RX)

double unders

time 5:57-RX. So slow. Should have been closer to low 5’s. Stupid OHS. I need to learn to really lock out.

At home

3x Thacker Warmup

Triple under practice-i got a couple!!



Burgner front squats

10×3 @115#. These feel so much better pre WOD. Think there were 2 that I went forward on-the rest felt beautiful




Ab mat sit ups

Time-3:57, RX’d. This was stupid.  i would have rather done 4×400 m sprints, or 3×3 mini AMRAP, 400 M sprints, Max rep push ups afterwards

Oly lift

Thacker Warmup

Hang sntach-1×3 @ 45#, 1×3@55#, 3×3@60#, 3×2 @ 70#. 

Need to not land so forward (Sometimes I jump forward). Coach said my speed looks good, the only thing is that shifting of weight towards toe.

3 Rounds for time

1a)3 snatch balance-55#, 65#, 70#

1b) 8 Behind the neck snatch push press-same weight

Should have gone higher. Was taking off the rack, I was tired, and got lazy.


Going to Vegas tonight-I MIGHT get up and run tomorrow at the hotel. If not, then sunday i’ll run and do a leg circuit our coach gave us as extra credit.

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