1.27.14 Training and Food plan


Burgner Back squat, day 1 week 2

10×3 @ 130#

rest :60 sec between sets

Had to do these fast. messed up last week-was only supposed to do 125#. Did 130# again today. Felt better .Focused on form.


5 Front Squats @ 65% of 1 RM (not RX)

10 burpees

15 abmat sit ups

Score-6 rd+ 28 reps, not RX.  95# would have been RX but I did 85#. My legs were SHOT from Burgner (everyone else worked up to a 1RM of their front squat) plus I had Oly afterwards so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too shot for it.


5×1 clean deadlift+ 1 clean (2″ from floor) +1 hang clean +1 jerk @95#.

Did the first set at 85#.  These felt ok. Lost the hang clean on the last round so had to re do. Focused on keeping bar in closer when I did the clean from the floor.

3 rounds

1a)5 clean pulls-pause 2″ from floor @  145#

1b) 5 push press @ 95#

Only got 2 rounds in. Had to leave

Food plan for the day

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks/Supplements
2 Egg whites 4 oz chicken 1.5 serving bacon 1 serving Progenex Recovery (post workout)
2 egg 1 cup lettuce 6 oz turkey 1/2 Serving Vitargo (pre workout)
1 serving Bacon 1 small sweet potato (75 grams) 1 cup brussel sprouts 1 Piece (100 cal) Dark Chocolate
1 Cup coffee 1 TBSP dressing 1/2 TBSP Butter Lara bar OR 1 banana and almond butter
1 serving dairy creamer 1/4 cup mushrooms 2 tbsp coconut milk 1 serving fish oil
  1 TSP butter   1 serving carrots
  cinnamon   1/2 TBSP dressing
  1/2 Cucumber   5 Hardboiled Egg Whites



1/2 TBSP oil based dressing


More reflections

Thank you guys for commenting on yesterdays post with encouragement- I definitely needed it :). i’m still feeling negatively about it (I think it’s “that time” coming up, so I’m feeling negative anyways) and really down on myself.  I’m really struggling right now with motivation, and feeling like I’m just not progressing at all.  My oly lifts never feel like they are getting any easier-I guess at the end of the 8 weeks (I think I have another 5 to go) i’ll assess with the coach if i should even bother with these extra oly practices. I WANT to get better but i just feel like I’m not.

i’m also struggling with some sensitivity issues. I’m incredibly sensitive-my feelings get hurt really easy and I’m not the best at “talking shit”.  There’s a coach at my gym (the one who gave me the Oly programming) who is really “rough” and tends to tease or talk shit to the point where I just don’t know how to deal. I always get the sense he doesn’t really like me, and that i bug him (I have a REALLY soft voice; it’s really hard to hear me. I know this, and I try to speak up but i had a speech issue growing up that makes it hard for me to enunciate. Add on top of that my ADHD that makes me speak incredibly fast, and I’m often so busy trying to speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY that I also forget to speak UP. this really bothers him and he’s always yelling at me to speak up).

Anyways there was an instance today where I was trying to ask him something and he just gets so irritated when he doesn’t understand what i’m asking that he makes me feel stupid for asking him.  And it makes me never want to ask him a question, but then when he sees me do something wrong, he gets irritated with me.  We’re supposed to do a one and one session with our mentor for the challenge (that’s him) and i don’t’ even want to schedule it. I’m actually trying to avoid contact with him because I’m afraid i’m just going to cry (this how sensitive i am. i literally go home and cry sometimes after this stuff because I feel so stupid)/. i’m not saying he’s doing anything wrong, or that he’s a bad guy (i mean he gave me extra programming that i KNOW he worked on), i just feel like i’m too sensitive to really know how to deal with that personality well. So it’s a struggle for me.

Sorry to word vomit-that’s just something I’ve been struggling with all last week and this week and I’ve kind of hit a point where i’m just going to let him correct me and not even converse with him unless he needs to tell me something. Because I obviously can’t handle it, and I get tired of feeling so stupid about all of these things.


2 thoughts on “1.27.14 Training and Food plan

  1. Crazy. Sweaty. Mommy

    Ugh…we had a trainer that I called “Mr. Personality” –very arrogant –and I would not sign up if he was the trainer…but karma took over and he got fired 🙂
    Not that I’m wishing your guy to get fired, but some people just don’t have the “people skills” needed to work with others

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I think I remember you writing about him-glad you don’t have to deal with him anymore!

      This guy is fine, I’m just overly sensitive and it doesn’t bold we’ll for me to be around “trash talkers” and hardasses…my feelings get hurt too easily!


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