Training 1.22.14 and 1.23.14 (Food post tomorrow)

Really no training to record. Went in to foam roll today, and do the Thacker Warmup, with this complex

5×1 Snatch Deadlift +1 low snatch (2″ from ground) + 1 hang snatch @ 85% (which is 68#. I did 2 rounds at 65# and 3 rounds at 70#)

I’ve basically skipped the accessory work the past two days just to be on the safe side. 

I was going to do a dry run of the final workout released for the comp but my shoulder is super sore, and it feels like my neck is stiff, so I decided to lay off  (the workout has 3 parts and the first part has shoulder to overheads). I went and saw the Chiropracter, who with some heavy pushing, got my shoulder back in and it feels better, but I’m super tight up in my neck/traps. Whatever he did started pulling on some muscles, and I’ve been sitting with a heat pack all day. Makes ya real confident for a comp, huh??

Tomorrow I’ll do some yoga and mobility and walk to get my blood moving-and of course, carb up and drink a crap ton of water! i’m getting my hair done tomorrow, which should feel wonderful.

Thoughts going in pre competition

for those of you who are new, or just skimming, this Saturday i’m doing my first Crossfit competition. It’s put on be a company called Legendary Competitor. It is a 4 person team competition with 2 scheduled workouts and a “floater”; there are 2 divisions (RX’d and Scaled-I am in the Scaled division). I watched it last year and thought it looked like SO MUCH FUN. Even now, a day away, i am not nervous.  One reason might be there is no pressure-our team, while good, is not competitive with other teams (there are plenty of people competiting in the scaled division who are more than capable of completing the RX’d version of the competition).  So, we’re really just going out there to have fun and do the best job we can.  Another reason is that i’m with a team-it is a team effort, and that makes it a lot less intimidating.  I didn’t even practice the final workout when it was released-what is the point? We are going to do it the best way we can. i get there are certain tactics and techniques you can employ but at the end of the day you are going to do as well as you can.  I’m not nervous about my abilities to do this; I’m excited about being a part of something bigger than my gym and spending the day with my fellow athletes and friends.





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