Training and food log 1.22.14


15 Min Gymnastic work-your choice

I worked on

Chest to bar (got sets of 5 un assisted, as smooth as i’m able to right now, despite the coach picking on me. i’m getting there! and they weren’t the “back breaking” C2B I’ve been trying to avoid)

Banded bar muscle ups (once i figure out the transition I’ve got it with a band. I’m beyond high enough (the bar is in my solar plexus) i’m just not doing the “crunch” to get my shoulders over

Ring pull ups/swings/first pull of muscle up



20 min AMRAP


10 Pistols, alternating (RX)

15 Pull ups (RX)

My score: 8 rounds + 1 HSPU. Woo! I think had my hands not felt like tearing and my shoulder wasn’t on fire, I might have had another round in me. Three cheers for FINALLY getting Pistols (in Oly shoes, but still)



3×3 power snatch + 3 OHS @ 65#

These felt OK.  I had a pair of eyes on me, to cue me for my set up position. When I nailed that, the lift felt cleaner.

3×1 Power clean + 1 Front squat + 2 Push Jerk @ 90#

Should have gone to105# since i dropped the push jerks. just didn’t feel like pushing the shoulder more than i already was-it really didn’t feel good

10×3 Burgner Front squats @ 110#

These felt really good. maybe 1-2 reps where i didn’t stay tight and came forward a lot but on the whole, I felt like my form was decent, especially for being so tired.


Food Log

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks/Supplements  
2 Egg whites 1 Chicken Flame boiler bowl with white rice and veggies (from 2nd bowl of all veggies and chicken) 6 oz shrimp 2 Post WOD Recovery shake  
2 eggs 2TBSP oil based dressing 1 cup pasta sauce 1 Lara Bar  
1/2 banana   2 cup zucchini 1 piece dark chocolate  
1 serving almond butter   1 TBSP coconut oil Cinnamon  
1 Cup Coffee     1 scoop protein pre workout  
1 Serving dairy creamer     1 banana  
1 Serving bacon     1 serving carrots  
1/2 tbsp Oil based dressing        

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