Training 1.18.14 + 1.19.14


We practiced one of the workouts that was released for the competition, called “Burpee, etc”

For Time

11 min Time cap-only one partner may work at a time-reps may be divided up as necessary-every person must do at least one rep of each movement-only one athlete touching the bar at a time

“Burpee, Etc”-scaled division

90 burpee pull ups (chest to bar for men)

60 burpee box jump overs (24″/20″

90 burpee deadlifts (185/135)

120 wall balls (20/14 lbs; same target height of 10′”)

90 burpee pull ups


Our score: 90 burpee pull ups+60 box jump overs +41 burpee deadlifts. NOT GOOD.  I think our weakness lies in each members need to feel like they contribute equally-which is great, but there are 3 workouts. One floater ,2 assigned workouts. Which means, EVERYONE will excel at SOMETHING. For a workout with burpees and body weight, thats what I’m going to excel at. So, I think next time,we need to divide based on strength. i think, ideal, it would look like this

Burpee pull ups- female:male ration is 5:7, unless the pull up bar is shorter than i think we’ll speed through this at a 7(females do 7 reps):10 (males do 10 reps) pace.

burpee box jumps-me/other male:female/male ratio is 10:5 (the other male and I are SUPER fast at this)

Burpee deadlifts-me/other male: female/male ration is 10:12 (they are a lot stronger)

wall balls-the men and I can do 30 a piece in one shot, even super tired, so I think we would all do as many as possible, maybe have my female counterpart start and finish with 10-15 (this is a weakness of hers)

burpee pull ups-as much as we can, we’ll be wasted tired by then.

The floater is a skills challenge, with 4 separate skills. i’ll be doing the push up portion(1 min ME deficit push ups), while my female counterpart will do the 1RM Clean and Jerk (she’s far far stronger than I am) and we’re still undecided on who will do the 1 min ME on the Assault bike. All 4 of us have to do the shuttle drill (5yd-10yd-15 yd shuttle run) as a relay.  Hopefully we get at least to wall balls by the day of the

Other for the day

5 40 yard dashes with husband

3 mile walk

5 million handstand attempts (i think my best hold was like 10 seconds)

Sunday, 1.19.14

5 mile hike

Burgner back squats, day 1.

10×3 reps @ 75% (128, round up to 130#)

These were fine. Focused a lot on engaging core, chest up, knees out. Can feel with Oly shoes when I go on my toes, so working on that. These felt fine, even tired later in the day. I can tell when I don’t really get tight, the huge difference it makes.


And that’s, that!


3 thoughts on “Training 1.18.14 + 1.19.14

  1. zimzimmie1

    Booya! You have a good strategy! What worked best for me and my partner was to not even try to split reps. We just went as hard as fast as we could until we needed a break. The person who was stronger at the exercise started and finished the reps for the movement while the weaker person was filler for their rest. Worked awesome because we got to only go hard on our strengths in which we are complete opposites. Your burpee wod is different though so pairing people strong in each different burpee movement will be best! Sounds like you’ve got it all covered and will kick some booty!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I think that’s a good strategy too-I think people forget not everyone has the se recovery or threshold so what seems like a lot of reps for one person is not necessarily a lot for another :). Thank you!


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