1.17.14 training-thoughts on going “prescribed”

(yesterday was an active rest day. I ran a couple miles, and my daughter and I played in the park where i practiced chest to bar pull ups on a pull up bar they have set up, and hand stand holds. )




Clean (full clean) (95/135) (85-not RX’d)

Ring dips (RX)

Time: 10:20-not RX. See below for my thoughts and decisions on scaling back on some of the training weights.

Oly lifting

5×1 3 position snatch (floor, hang, and power) @ 65#

4 rounds

3 OHS @ 80#

5 weighted pull ups @ 5#

To Go RX or not? Thoughts on following the “prescription”

I’ve been kind of in a funk regarding my met cons and my training. When I saw Elizabeth for tomorrows WOD, I immediately made the mental choice that if they were full cleans, I would scale.  I had it in my head, and stuck with my choice. I got a lot of flack for it, and even second guessed my choice to scale a workout that I would, presumably, do RX’d and probably get a fairly good time (probably around the 12 minute mark, better than some of the guys), but after careful consideration, I stick by my choice.  

a)My form on a squat clean isn’t nearly as good as i’d like it to be. I wanted to avoid the whole “power clean to a front squat” that I see a lot, and wanted to full squat clean the weight. Plus, I need to get my legs stronger. with a full clean of 125#, I feel like a 95# squat clean would have looked really ugly and i’m really really trying to avoid that right now.  When the weight feels heavy, my mind scrambles and I tend to forget to make sure I’m set up well at the bottom, and stop caring that the squat portion of my lift looks like shit. With 85#, I was able to do GOOD touch and go reps-no rounded back, catching it at the bottom and coming up cleanly. 

b)I wasn’t sure what my intensity would be.  We never squat clean nor ring dip, so I wasn’t sure about my ring dips would look like. Again, I’m trying to stick to good form/technique-trying to avoid the “crunch” ring dip, where your basically just leaning forward so your shoulders touch the tops of the ring. I did the first 11 strict, unbroken, and  felt my hips lowering, so I was better on the dips than I thought I would be. I was worried that i would be taking 15-20 minutes to do the WOD, or even worse, I would panic about taking so long and throw form out the window.

c)I have Oly lifting afterwards, and really that’s where my focus in. I need to get better at the olympic lifts, and I need to get stronger. Metcon weights and going “RX’d” can weight while I focus on foundations first.

Basically-I’m sticking by my original stance that I made awhile ago-just because you CAN go RX doesn’t always mean you should. One of the girls in the class after me, chose to go RX.  However, it took her almost 20 minutes. Why? She had to do the ring dips 1, by 1, by 1. Too me, she should have gotten a band, done them that way, and worked on ring dips outside of class so she can string together 5-8 before trying this WOD without a band.  She lost intensity, and really just did ring dip practice with some squat cleans thrown in (not only that but she did the EXACT thing I was trying to avoid-she was power cleaning, then squatting, and therefore wasn’t hitting full ROM.).  i’m not dogging her-her mindset is different than mine and she feels that if you CAN RX, you should. Personally, i’m going to wait until I feel like I can get around the same time I got this time before trying for RX.

That being said, I do think I’m going to redo this WOD within the next couple months, maybe after the open. once I feel more comfortable in my squat clean, I’d like to redo. I am super happy about the dips-they felt good and I felt like I was moving through them at a decent speed (round one was 11/5/5, round two was 8/4/3 and round three was 6/2/1). Mostly strict, with a tiny kip at the end reps of each set


10 thoughts on “1.17.14 training-thoughts on going “prescribed”

  1. zimzimmie1

    My opinion – You know YOU best and no matter what other people think or if they think a push will make you better, it’s your choice and I’m proud you stuck to your guns! I’ve been thinking a lot about the mentality of Rx and Crossfit since Ogar’s accident and how sometimes people in the community tend to forget that scaling is not a bad thing. Nor are rest days or saying “no” to something. Just gotta do you! You go girl! 😛

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Thanks! actually, right after I wrote this post, the girl I mentioned posted on Facebook about her decision to go RX vs scaling the ring dips to fit her level. She acknowledged that she completely missed out on the whole idea of this being a metabolic conditioning, and it was her letting her ego that she needs to be “RX’d”that caused her to refuse to scale. I think sometimes, in our box mates effort to be encouraging, they can unintentionally get it in our heads that we HAVE to RX or HAVE to do a certain workout (our gym has regular workouts than “performance”, or RX+ workouts) because they view us as “beasts”. They make us believe that since we CAN RX the workout(but in the process forsake intensity and possibly form/technique) , we should. and that isn’t always the case. I think I may talk to the coaches next week about scaling, and ask if they can help me with making that choice when it comes up, because I’m not always the best judge (i.e I scale, but then I have the best time of the day, which means I could have given up a few minutes to RX but be “middle of the road”).

      1. zimzimmie1

        I totally agree! I think that’s a great idea too! I see some of the elite athletes in my box modifying by changing the movement completely. Maybe you can consider that!

      2. Lil Mama Post author

        ha! I just discussed this with one of the girls from my gym. I said that since we NEVER squat clean, always power clean, I was considering doing squat cleans during some of the WODs, even if it’s light weight so I can get more comfortable in the movement.We’ll see….it’s just so hard…the more I get into it, the more specific I want my training to be LOL

  2. CrossFitContessa

    If going prescribed means you are no longer doing a metcon workout, then you must scale! If using prescribed weights results in questionable form, then I agree that you must scale too!

    Of course, people can get into a rut and actually over-scale by going way too light on movements and that too can result in a wasted workout. I think there has to be a happy medium where you scale when you need to, but also be able to push yourself to use that Rx weight when you can. In my experience with squat cleans, I didn’t get excellent form until that weight felt heavy…when the weight is heavy I couldn’t just muscle the weight up, I had to use my hips and drop under in that squat. Then again, in the middle of a fast paced workout is also not the place to try out squat cleaning heavy weight either. I think you did the right thing.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I agree about the rut. I’ve noticed I tend to get in cycles of scaling, then getting my confidence back and going prescribed on weights.

      That’s a good point about the squat cleans. I noticed a lot of people catching it in a power clean then squatting, because we power clean that weight often. Mine was really a confidence and technique issue-I can essentially muscle that weight into a power position(like you said) but that doesn’t do me a whole lot of good!

      Luckily the Oly program I’m doing calls for mostly squat cleans, so I’ll be getting a lot of practice getting under the bar(my big weakness in all aspects of Olympic lifting)

  3. fionaboger

    I think you made the right choice! I am working on my squat clean too (and have the same power clean as you) and i usually try to stick to below 90 if I want to squat clean in a work out. I figure it’s more important to get the right for than a little bit more weight.


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