Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes

1 strict press (75#)

3 push press (75#)

rest :30

10 TTB ( RX; kipped/strung 6-7 the first few rounds; slowly getting better)




12 Hang Power Cleans (135/95#) (85#, not RX)

12 Shoulder to over head (” “) (85#, not RX)

30 Double unders (RX)

time: 8:51, not prescribed. I went into this WOD shooting for a sub 10; most couplets/triplets with these reps usually call for 10 minutes or under. Thats why I chose to do less than 95#; sometimes I play around with my “philosophy”. Sometimes I’ll do the heavier weight, but take the decrease in time if that means my intenisty/ form won’t be compromised. Sometimes i’ll decrease the weight but know that my form and intensity won’t suffer. In this case, with the shoulder to over heads, I worried at 95# that my back would arch in the later reps and I would have to resort to “ugly, Crossfit ” split jerks, which I don’t want to get in the habit of doing while I attempt to clean up my heavy Oly split jerks.  I did end up having to split jerk a few, but only about 6 all together. I really need to practice push jerking so I can DO 95# in a WOD. I mostly push pressed the weight.  

Bar muscle up training program

5×3 strict pull ups, as high as possible (RX’d, did at home. tried to get shoulder to touch top of “arms” that come out of my pull up bar. Did a couple with false grip, but really need to buy gloves for that because that will DEFINITELY shred my hands)

3×10 Rack pull ups didn’t do

2×5 strict bar dips (not RX’d- did ring dips instead. strict as possible, making sure I got my hips very low and wasn’t just doing the “crunch” to get my shoulders to touch. hung them from my pull up bar)

3×8 strict press didn’t do because of press work in WOD

3×10 dumbbell rows (not RX’d-did it with barbell at 85# instead)


upper body is SMOKED!


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