Training 1.13.14


Every  2minute for 12 minutes

3 Power cleans (pick load) (105#-could have gone heavier. Wanted to focus on landing under bar instead of just pulling super high, and all reps felt clean.  A few were touch and go, most I reset at the bottom to get used to having a good setup for EACH rep)

rest :20

10 box jumps (RX)


Row 1000km (4:02, RX)

50 KBS (53/35) (RX-38/12)

Time 6:45. Didn’t chalk up enough in transition to lost KB at swing 38. Sucks! So close to finishing unbroken.  That cost me 15-20 seconds. Fastest row time so far…not bad for someone “my size”


Oly lift

Thacker Warm up

5×1 Hang snatch (below the knee) @ 65#

only 1 rep was iffy (2nd). All the rest were pretty solid-still need to focus on riding it down instead of catching in power.

3 Rounds 

1a)3 Heaving snatch balances @ 55-65#

1b) 5 Snatch pulls @ 105#

Could have gone higher on snatch pulls. Balances were great-could have done 65# entire time. During the first part of the Thacker Warm up, got told I was looking pretty flexible at the bottom of my OHS hold-something must be working! Need to work on big jump under bar though when starting at power position instead of rowing it up.


That’s all for today. Tomorrow is WOD and some muscle up practice.



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