Team Training 1.11.14

Completed team training with myself, one of the male members of my team, and our “sub” for the other female (who till today wasn’t sure she’d be able to compete due to a weakness in her knee).  I created our team WOD, using movements off the provided list here. (side note-for anyone who has ever competed, is it weird that less than 2 weeks out from the competition, the organization hasn’t provided movement standards? Especially for movements like burpee deadlifts-do we do a full burpee into a push ups or do we simply kick our legs out to complete the movement- or burpee box jump overs-is it acceptable to jump ON the box before completing the full jump over? do we need full extension at the top or can we just jump over?. I feel like these more complex/compound movements, we need a little warning as to what will/will not be acceptable. anywaySs).  

No time for the warm up I originally had plan (partner wheelbarrows and 1 arm farmers walk, which I will need to work on on my own since anything with grip is a weakness.)

Team WOD

150 wall ball  (20/14) (RX)

75 Front squats (135/95) (RX)

75 Burpee box jump overs (24″/20″*jumping on box OK, we didn’t check for full hip ext at top) (RX)

75 Hang power cleans (135/95) (RX)

75 Deficit push ups (on paralletes/same depth for male and females but I expect it will actually be on 45# plates for me and 25# plates for women) (RX)

150 burpee pull ups (RX)

We took 36:18 to complete. Wall ball I split into a set of 30/20, as did my partners. Front squats were 15 and 10, with some breaths and re tightening at 5 reps -definitely need to work on form at high reps of this.  Burpee box jump overs were 10/10/5 -I tried by jumping clear over the box, and then found it was faster to just jump on then off, but need to be careful for full extension incase that is part of standards. Hang power cleans were insanely hard-i think i only did like 18 or 20-the other girl did more. I did sets of 5-7, she did sets of 10+ and he did sets of 5. My right shoulder and elbow have been killing me and my form wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been trying to compensate for it. Plus thats a heavy weight for me! Deficit pushups I did 15/10-fairly easy. Burpee pull ups were 15/10/15/10/10-the other girl wasn’t always getting her chin over the bar so after 2 attempts i’d tell her to take a break than take over.

I’m confident we will do OK during the competition. The hang power cleans were heavy at 95# but I’m pretty sure they’ll be 75#. Everything else was doable and more about technique/tactic than anything.


Have a good weekend!



4 thoughts on “Team Training 1.11.14

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      There are SO MANY BURPEES in this comp! Burpee pull ups, burpee box jump overs, burpee deadlifts…ahhhhhhh plus 2 surprise skills (which, SURPRISE may be more burpees LOL)


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