Workouts for week 1.4-1.10

Here is a recap of my weekly workouts since last Saturday


Saturday  (WOD from Invictus competition track. See link here)

Warm up


Rope clime 2-3 ascents  (2 ascents, RX)

Handstand walk, 10-15 m (free standing handstand hold attempts, modified)

toes to bar, 10-12 reps (10 reps, RX)

WOD #1


5 Power cleans (255/145) (120# initially, dropped to 110# after first round, modified)

10 chest to bars (not all repetitions done RX at the end, need to focus on big pull)

rest :60 between rounds

-5 minute rest, then straight to-

WOD #2


Row 250 M (RX, :55-:57 pace)

Power snatches (135/95) (75# initially, dropped to 65# after first round. should have stayed with 75#, since once my shoulder warmed 65# was easy)

:60 sec rest between rounds

-5 minute rest then straight into-



5 front squats (135/95) (RX)

10 pull ups (RX)

20 double unders (RX)

Score: I don’t remember. I just did it with one of the coaches so he wouldn’t have to do it alone (he plans on following the Invictus competition track for a year) but it was awful. Far beyond my skill level. I did it with him on New Years Day too and it wasn’t as bad, i could do all movements/weights RX and actually got decent times in comparison (a lot of the athletes following the track post their times/loads onto the linked blog page) to some of the other female athletes who did it. This was heavier/more advanced than I am able to do though. I might do it again next Saturday with him but idk. 


6 mile hike with the family



Find 1RM Front Squat (145, PR.  I failed at 150 once, and if I tried again with more rest/better form/with actual weight lifting shoes on I might have had it. I’m going to do Burgner based off this weight)


12 min AMRAP

5 Front squats @ 65% of 1RM (95#, RX)

10 Burpees (RX)

15 abmat sit ups (RX)

Score-6 rounds +17 reps RX.

Oly work

Thacker Warm up (see link here)

5×3 Hang Snatches @ 85% (65lbs)

3 rounds, rest :60 sec between each set

4 snatch pulls @115#

3 snatch balances @ 65#



“Fight Gone Bad” style-5 rounds: :90 seconds at each station with a :30 second rest between each rotation

Row (calories) (RX-21-21-20-20-21)

Kettlebell swings (53/35) (RX, 39-30-32-30-30)

Double unders (RX, 82-100-100-105-103)

Ring Push ups (RX, 24-20-19-18-16)


Score: 846 reps. 

Gymnastics (At home)


5 banded strict chest to bar pull ups

10 supine ring rows, 1121

15 weighted sit ups


Oly lifting

5×2+1 Hang Clean+ Jerk @ 80% (100# Jerk felt better than ever, but not sure how it looked. Need someone to film me)

3 rounds, rest :60 sec between exercise

5 good mornings (95#)

5 push presses (95#)

5 bent over rows (95#)


AMRAP 6 min

5 strict pull ups (RX)

10 Burpees (RX)

Score: 5+2 , RX. Pull ups werne’t so bad, unbroken rounds 1-2, then 2 sets in rounds 3-4, then 2/2/1 in round 5.



Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (105, 120, 125, 130, 135)

ended at a little over 80% of 1RM.  Need to focus on keeping torso straight-I might start doing some squats with a tight band over my knees to really strength that area.



Pull ups (RX)

Sit ups (RX)

*Start each round with 100 ft walking lunge

Time: 13:25, RX. Super tired today, went slow on lunges and sit ups (still have a *cherry* from monday that hurt like a bitch). Surprisingly, pull ups weren’t bad. broken up as: 21, 14/4, 11/4, 11/1, 9, 6. Coach came up before i started the set of 15 and gave me some pointers .felt pretty solid, I just start trying to control too much when I’m fatigued.    Think I’m going to skip the met con tomorrow


Oly lifting

Thacker warmup

3×3 hi hang snatches @ 70% (55#)

3×3 hi hang power cleans +1 push jerk @ 70% of power clean (90#)

Shoulder is sore, so push jerk felt bad. Hi hang power cleans felt ok, could definitely  tell when I got full extension on the lift.

Tomorrow i might do team training with a few people…we have to come up with our own WOD..i’m thinking


Buy in (amounts for 2/3/4 people)

100/150/200 wallballs


50/75/100 front squats (95/135)*

50/75/100 burpee box jumps

50/75/100 hang power cleans

50/75/100 deficit push ups


100/150/200 burpee pull ups


*POSSIBLY a “do not drop the bar” penalty if there are 4 people who workout tomorrow OR 2 guys and me. if its me, another girl and one of the guys we can drop the bar and if there is just two then obviously we can’t have that.   if you drop the bar, 5 burpees 


What do you guys think of that team WOD? those are all movements listed in the movement list released by the company running the competition in a couple weeks, and I’m always of the mindset  to train for heavier than your expecting (last year i think the weights were 75/115 for the majority of the lifts).




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