Goals and new training plan

EDITED: I added links to both the Muscle uP program and the Burgner Squat program. 


So I’ve finally written down my training plan for the next 3 months. I’ve been kind of just pitter pattering with the Oly lifting, and a little lost on strength training since i’ve been holding out on my squat program. Also, I run into an issue of being “scared”-scared to train something different, and scared that i’ll be viewed as thinking i’m “too good” for what everyone else is doing. However, this isn’t the way to goals and I simply need to get over it. Also, our gym has a new “lifestyle” challenge, and instead of JUST being Paleo, there are other goals you can shoot for during the challenge. Naturally..mine is performance ;). So that helps my case as well.

So, without further ado, here is my “plan” for the next 3 months


Oly lifting program from Coach

Back squat Bergner (starting week after this) see plan here

Since it starts fairly light, the first couple weeks I’ll do it after class. After I start getting heavier, i’m going to talk to the coach of this time (not going to lie-he freaks me out a little. He gets grumpy a lot and I don’t want him to think that I think i’m ” too advanced” for the class) and as if it’s ok if I start with my backs squats (warm up, stretch on my own) and then join for the met con, and do Oly after. Once the Oly gets heavier, I might just do the the squats and oly, and if theres time, the met con. If not, well I’ll just live without doing the met con for the day ;). Strength and technique are definitely things I need to work on, much more then conditioning. He knows i’m starting the squat program, and I don’t *think* he’ll have an issue but you never know…


Muscle up training program: see program here

i found a program online that helps you train for muscle ups. It definitely looks HARD, and its from someone who seems fairly disdainful of Crossfit-however, it’s very “strength based” and works strict pull ups and dip, which can never hurt ;).  It’s 12 weeks long, 3 cylces-the first builds strength, the second builds explosiveness, then the third ties it together.  The first day example is

5×3 strict pull ups (false grip on bar, as high as possible)

2×7 rack pull up (basically an assisted pull up, while getting as high as possible)

3×8 strict press (not sure if i’ll do dumbbell or not.)

2xME ring or bar dip 

3×10 bent over row

thats the same workout for 4 weeks, with increase in pull up repetition . I can do this at home or at the park near my house that has bars and a pull up rig so thats nice)


Oly program

usually this is Clean and Jerk day, so i’ll keep this after class (snatch days are super long because I do the Thacker Warm Up. Google that shit, it’s long but so so good)


Bergner Front Squats

Muscle up progression training 

The coach here is nicer, so i’ll most likely just do this training and skip the met con for the day unless it’s a short AMRAP or something


Oly programming

i’ll skip this met con if I didn’t skip Thursdays.


every other week i’ll go to the gym either to make up a workout OR train with one of the coaches OR do OLY. I promised my husband after the competition (in 2 weeks!) I would stop going every weekend so he would have some saturday mornings to do what HE wants to do.  So, I’ll only go in 2x a month on Saturdays.  The past couple weeks have either been competition training or Invictus training with a coach (it sucks)

As the Bergner Squats and Oly lifting increases, I’m going to have to decrease the amount of my Metcons and begin to shift the other work to during class.  I really don’t like to be “different” or train differently (I don’t like the attention) but i have goals. I want a 200# back squat. I want the strength for muscle ups. I want to increase my oly lifting. Metcons aren’t things I need to work on.   5 am is the only time I can workout, plus we don’t really have “open gym” for me to just come train on my own. Luckily, T and Thursdays training I can do (except the squats) differently.  I can’t squat at home because a)I need someone to watch my form. I intend on doing Bergner as raw as possible, and really focusing on form so I don’t want to be fatigued and I need an eye out to help me. I tend to lean forward (like a low bar back squat) even though the bar is high. and b)I want to go heavy, and I might fail. I can’t fail at home-thats why my form goes to shit and i’d rather fail with perfect form than succeed with crappy form.

So, there it is. I have to stop being so scared of being “different” and go after my goals. I’m going to have to modify the strength/skill work during class, possible slow down on the met cons, but it’ll be worth it.  I WILL get the muscle up, and i will get closer to my goal of a 200# back squat…


6 thoughts on “Goals and new training plan

  1. The Sky Runner

    your coach should support you in your goals and personal training plan, so don’t feel nervous or “selfish.” and can you share the source for the muscle up training? i’m really interested. thanks!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I edited my post and added the link-obviously i’m not a very “good” blogger LOL I should have done that anyway. It’s a personal trainer who wrote it and it’s geared more towards the bar muscle up, but there’s SUCH an emphasis on strength that i plan on doing it and incorporated some of the technique work in there (like transition on low rings, working the false grip, dips on rings instead of bars, etc). Hopefully i keep up with blogging my progress so i’ll write any modifications I end up doing.

  2. xine23

    I love ALL your goals!!! Let me know how the muscle up program goes, I am thinking I might do that in June, once my beginning of the year goals have been met 🙂

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I will! I’m hoping I keep on top of updating my blog with the training and how things are going. The program is mostly geared towards the bar muscle up BUT it builds a lot of upper body strength, and I plan on working a lot of the dips and muscle up negatives on the rings anyways-so as long as I work the transitions in the program I’m hoping the general idea and strength will translate

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I just asked my coach! I asked if he could help me come up with an Oly lift program that focused more on technique, so he modified Outlaw programming for me-there’s some accessory work to work on my strength in increments but the actual lifts are fairly light.

      What helps me is to just identify 2-3 goals and then ask the coaches to help me figure out training for those goals. Right now, I’m focusing on Oly lifts at a technique level, getting my squat stronger, and that darn MU!


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