Alright. First workout of the year…starting fresh with this whole blogging. Well, really just using it to write about my workouts. 


25 wall balls (20/30#)

400 m run

20 wall balls 

400 m run

15 wall balls

4:00 rest


12 pull ups

12 kettlebell swings (2/1.5 pood)

I got 19:?? RX’d.  I know the first section took me 7:13,  which means the second part took me more around 8ush minutes..make sense. The wall balls at 20 pounds weren’t actually that bad..I think for workouts that call for only 10-15 wall balls at a time I will use that weight.  The swings and pull ups are always a forearm burning combo. My pull ups weren’t great…i got unbroken the first round then sets of 2-3 the rest. Most of it is me being a wuss and thinking I won’t get up there. what evs. 



set 1-10×50% (115#)

set 2-10×60% (135#)

set 3-10×65% (145#)

set 4-8×70% (155#)

set 5-6×80% (180#)

I really need to retest my 1RM. The last set was hard but my grip fails before my legs-I probably could have done 185-190# for that last set. 

3rounds NOT for time

Banded good mornings x8 tempo 3011

:45 sec rest

Supinated ring rows x 8 tempo 2111

:45 sec rest

Weighted GHD hip extension tempo 2112 

I only got 1 round in before leaving because i was gone a lot longer than I told my husband I would be. I’ll have to do my Olympic lifting tomorrow after class, and then Saturday. Oh well. I don’t have the Thacker warmup since it’s Clean and Jerks so It shouldn’t take me 5 million years


6 thoughts on “1-1-2014

      1. zimzimmie1

        I used to do that too – waiting to switch – but I learned it didn’t help me all that much. No shame in mix gripping the whole time. Then you don’t create more distractions as it gets heavier. Sort of like switching from power to squat cleaning – messes me up so I just make a decision to do one or the other. Just my opinion though and what works for me 🙂

      2. Lil Mama Post author

        That makes a lot of sense. I do tend to switch faster with one coach vs the other…the other coach makes me do farmers carries with awkward objects if I switch grips to fast in his opinion (he’s always on me about my grip strength LOL). To be fair, my hands are so small that most people over the age of 10 have bigger hands, so there’s really not much I can do about strength. i can barely hold onto my hook grip when we’re doing WODS-and if it’s heavy weight, I need to readjust almost every rep! sucks 😦

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