12.21.2013 Training

Since today is recovery day (I might run 3 miles and do some yoga to loosen up) I’ll share what I did yesterday


Partner WOD-barbell is set at 75/55. Partition reps as needed-each partner must complete at least one rep of movement.  Barbell may not touch the ground after row and before run.


1k row buy in


100 Thrusters

100 double unders

100 Overhead squats

100 double unders

100 power snatches

100 double unders

-cash out-

400 m run with plate

35:05 RX

So I worked with the woman who is on our 4 person team in Janurary-she’s one of the coaches and a BEAST. However, we both had slight injuries-I’m nursing my left shoulder that tends to hurt when I over use it, and she’s been doing a lot of Oly lifting (She has special programming for her-they are hoping to get her to Regionals next year for masters) so her thumb has been bugging her.  However, we pushed through!

Row-we each did 500 meters before switching. Her split was 1:52, and i was 1:55-1:56.  She puts the damper higher than i normally do, but I found i preferred it(she had it on the highest, i usually put it at a 8 out of 10). We both tend to do the really big pull and then “ride” it back, at about 26-28 spm. I’d like to get it closer to 1:50-1:52 (around where she is) but for a 5’2, 120lb female, it’s harder. For reference, the girl rowing next to me is about my size, maybe a few pounds heavier, and she could barely keep it at 2:00.

Thrusters- I took a little more than she did on this. She was having problems with it in the overhead on her wrist. I think the split probably was around 60/40 or 65/35.

Double unders-60/40 again for the split, I took the lead. I did my 60 un broken, i think her 40 were in like 5 sets?

Over head squats-she did probably 65 to my 35. My shoulder was KILLING me. she did 30 between her first two sets, I did 20. Then it evened up a bit more to 10-10-10. Maybe she did more? Not sure.

Double unders-70/30.  My split was 54/16.

Power snatches-I think it probably ended up being 60/40 again, with me taking the lead.  Her grip was killing her. I felt bad , I kept racking the bar on my back but it was killing my shoulder to put it in the hang over and over again. 

Double unders-42/58. She took the first set, did 24/18 and i did my 58 un broken

Run-we switched the plate at 200


Over all we did well. I think had my shoulder not been awful and had she being able to grip the barbell we could have been closer to 32ish minutes.  I felt bad about having to only do sets of 8-10 on the squats (I think i did like a couple sets of 11-12 in there) but at the same time I did do a lot of the other stuff so it’s fairly even. We were the only girls not to strip our bars during the over head squats and power snatches and finish it RX.   I really need to get better at communicating-i can tell she was getting frustrated because I’m not very loud/vocal and she had to constantly ask where I was/what number she was on.  And In red to get better about being vocal about encouragement..she’s very good about it and I kind of just sit and watch. Next time!


So thats it. I’ll be training m+t, and maybe some light stuff on Christmas since we’re staying home, then Th-Sat, and sunday is recovery day. Once this year is out i think my schedule will be

M-WOD and Oly

T-WOD and Front squats

W-WOD and Oly

Th-Back Squats (when it gets heaver ill just go to the gym and do these in the morning)

Fr- WOD and Oly

Sat-Team training (then when thats done, just Oly lifting)




2 thoughts on “12.21.2013 Training

  1. Jennifer

    Holy crap, that’s a lot of thrusters, overhead squats, and snatches! I might have died. And, what’s an Oly? Something I should probably already know, I imagine. 🙂

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      lol I just mean Oly lifting-I do some modified/light Outlaw training 3 days a week (like super modified lol!) so I’m doing that in addition to the WODS. and yes it was ALOT!


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