Workout Log for the 4 days




10 push ups

10 Boxx jumps (20/24″)

200 m run

8:38… I did the mens height of 24″ instead of 20″. Lost 30-40 seconds tying my shoes for a couple rounds. 24″ felt good!


Strict prESS


Ended at 80#, failed at 85#. I need to start strict pressing again! Everyone else did Box squats but I wanted to test Thursday

Banded Deadlifts

6×2 @ 155#, :45 sec rest between sets

Red band on bar, not sure how much resistance that adds?




20 pull ups

run 400 m

10 Push press (75/115)

15:50 RX… first set of 20 unbroken! Gettning there with my pull ups..i chalked the shit out of my hands and the bar before starting LOL. Then it was 10/7/3, 10/5/5 and the last was all over the place.  Failed more on there because of grip.  Unbroken push press but I need  to focus on NOT going on toes

Olympic lifting

5×1 Hang clean (below knee) +1 Jerk @ 80% of 1 RM-

Did first three @ 95#, then last two @ 100#. Shoulders were fatigued, so it was good on focusing on getting UNDER the jerk. These are awkward cleans, focused on keeping bar in close when coming up.

3 Rounds, super setting 1a) and 1b), :60 second rest between sets

1a) Jerk balances @ 60#

1b) Jerk dips @ 140#

loved the balances for focusing on foot placement and driving that front foot forward…definitely awkward with the dips but exactly what i need. I had 130# on there but i was getting it high so coach had me add.  Dips were great because i come up on my toes and these really helped with being aware of my placement during the first section of the dip.



Back squat-test day

see previous post for my epic failure. 


Partner WOD-AMRAP in 12 min (alternating rounds-one person does a round, the next person does a round)

6 Hang cleans @ 95#

12 box jumps

i completed 7 rounds RX’d, she 6 and some change.  Hang cleans felt good, again focusing on that landing on my heels.  I need to rebound on those box jumps! I can but….


12 days of ACF Christmas”-bars set at 65/95# This is done like the song..so 100 M run, then 2 HSPU and 100 M run, then 3 Power snatches, 2 HSPU, and 100 M run…etc.

100 M run


3 Power snatches 

4 box jumps (24/30)

5 toes to bar

6 Thrusters

7 burpees

8 Kettlebell swings (1.5/2 pood)

9 Chest to bar pull ups

10 power cleans

11 2 -in-1 wall balls

12 pistols

45:54…NOT rx’d :(. The only reason I’m bummed was it was my own fault. I did ALL the movements and weights ..first workout with Pistols! and getting full range of motion on those stupid chest to bars which i had to re do a bunch and first time doing those dumb wall balls(you squat, throw the ball, do a quick squat while its in the air, catch, back into a squat, etc) and doing all the snatches..but I didn’t realize or think about the fact that I had a styrofoam squat and also a square of blue mat for the HSPU. I normally just have the styrofoam for HSPU, since i do them kipping. but, I put the square there, not really thinking about it, and not knowing that adding that square turned it from prescribed to not (I don’t think it changes the ROM since when you kip, you usually rest at the bottom and the square is like a centimeter thick). So i’m bummed. I guess the coach thought I knew that-i think he felt bad he didn’t tell me before hand. He DID tell me while the WOD my HSPU weren’t prescribed- but I thought he was screwing with me since he HATES kipping HSPU and thats what I was doing. But he meant they weren’t because of the blue square. SUCKS! I don’t even know why I had it there, i never use it..i really just wasn’t thinking at all and it never occurred that it changed the movement standards. So other than that BLUE SQUARE I did it prescribed LOL

So thats it! Tomorrow is comp training and then i have some Oly lifting and accessory work to do after. (3 position snatches, weighted pull ups good mornings and something else..)


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