Hi! I’m here,  ready to update you all with my wonderful workouts.



Oly lifting

3×3 Hi hang snatch

60-65-70#. Some pointers from the coach and that 70# felt amazingly smooth. I have a tendency to catch in the power position then go down into a squat, instead of riding it down. Hence why my snatch weights are always super light. 

4×3 Over head squats temper 22×1


So tempo was 2 second descent, 2 second pause, explode up. 75# felt very stable overhead (it never does, so this was great) so I wish i had that the entire time

Super set

1a)3×3 explosive good mornings

1b)3×2 Snatch 3 pause dead lifts


Should have gone higher on both. whatevs

3×3  Hi hang Power clean + 1 push jerk @ 70-80%

85# power cleans felt great, push jerk needs work .Didn’t feel heavy at all-stuck to my 70%  but probably could have gone up. 


Back squat, 4X5@ 95, 105, 115, 125

Front squat, 4×5 @ 95,95,100, 100

These were fine.  Nothing special



Front squat 5×3

95-115-120-140 (1)

So, i’m an idiot. i meant to try and hit my old 1RM for a triple, and ended up jumping up 20# instead of 10# because I grabbed the 10# metal plates instead of 5#. It was HEAVY, but I think had I not made that jump so rapidly I could have hit it for at least a double. I hit it once, and i was like HOLY SHIT THIS IS WAY HEAVIER THAN I EVER WANT THIS TO BE (thinking it was 130#) and when I went back down I was so focused on how HEAVY it felt, that I wasn’t concentrating on my torso and folded at the otto and bailed. I felt so shitty (thinking that after all that hard work I could only hit 130# once, not even my 1RM, when I should be able to at least hit it twice) but when I was taking my plates off i realized my mistake. So I think it was a combo of a)it being a lot heavier than i expected and b)me jumping way to fast that close (or beyond) my 1RM. Anyways, 140# is now technically my 1RM.  I don’t know when I’ll test this again, I’m going to test my back squat Thursday morning.




20 T2B

9:41...I really need to be consistent on my linking of T2B. All this oly lifting and squat practice has my bar gymnastics seriously lacking so I need to be more consistent about getting up on that bar and practicing a few minutes every day one some sort of bar movement-t2b, kipping pull ups, chest to bar ,whatever. Just 5-10 minutes a day of practice. Wall balls were fine-unbroken first round,t hen in two sets for the other two rounds.

Oly lifting

5×1 hang snatch (bottom of the knee)

55#  i was supposed to do 65# but i did these are home, and I get it stuck in my head about getting under the bar and not being able to bail so I just did 55#.

Super set

1a)3×5 snatch pulls

1b)3×3 heaving snatch balances

55#/100#. Could have gone higher on snatch pulls, i started pulling it to the power position once i focused on bar path and really getting that extension. Not sure if I did heaving balances right or now. I know your supposed to start and end in OHS stance but I wasn’t sure if you still come up off your feet…ugh. So much to learn


So, that’s it.  Pulls are starting to feel better and cleaner, and at least i’m seeing A LITTLE progress on my squat. I’m thinking after the new year I’ll do some Burgner squats-I just think it’s good for my to always squat heavy 2-3 a week. I feel more confident in my clean receiving position at weights I wasn’t feeling confident at and I feel more confident to go heavier on squats (before the hatch program, during a 3×5 I would have maybe gone to 115# . Now i have less fear of failing and more confidence in my squat form)



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