Semi Monthly post

sorry sorry!  Work has FINALLY slowed down, so I’m going to be posting more often. Right now I think i’m just going to post to keep track of my new Oly lifting program (!!!!) since i love to track things and this can be another place I’m tracking 😉


So what’s new..

  • My little girl took her first steps holding on to her “walker”!  She’s also been standing on her own for longer periods of time and is a chatter bug.  So excited for Christmas-I was wrapping the other day and she came up and “unwrapped” one of the presents for me and just loved it.  
  • Did a team wod with 2/3 of my teamates-it was good! When it comes to strength i’m definitely the weak link….
  • 95 unbroken double unders yesterday! holla! i threw my rope down in anger when I broke since it was a 100 DU buy in
  • 30 HSPU  yesterday at all.  Yesterday was definitely a harder workout now that I’m typing these…
  • I test out next week on my front and back squat and I’m SUPER nervous. I hit 103% for two singles the other day, and the second I stalled out a little out of the i’m worried i’ve only got 170# in my, instead of the 175# I’m hoping for :(. I might jump straight to 175#  after I hit 165# when I test, just to do it.  either way i’ve PR’d. I might do Bergner if i don’t get a good max jump, since i’ve heard that works better for women


So here are my workouts for the past couple days, including my new Oly lifting



EMOM for 20

3 Hang power snatches

3 burpees

my shoulder has been bugging me so I did the regular workout instead of the performance (1 snatch +5 burpees EMOM). I ended up doing the 5 burpees, but only 55# for my HPS.

olY Program

5 rounds :60 sec rest after each exercise, alternating between a and b

a)snatch pulls @ 100#

b)snatch balances @ 55#

I probably could have gone a little higher on the weights for the snatch balances after a couple rounds, they felt a lot better after I made sure I landed in my OHS stance


Back squat : 4 x5 @ 95, 105, 115, 125

Front squat-4×5@ 75, 85, 95, 105

A little higher than what was programmed. 



Gymnastic Goat.


Kipping Ring dips

Chest to Bar pull ups

I got full range for the C2B this time, which I didn’t on the pull up complex last week. Just need to focus on pushing the bar DOWN and pulling in slightly .When I slow down on the ring dips I can definitely time the kip better, which is 239048x easier than the stupid strict ones I do.



100 du

50 pull ups

200 m run

50 air squats

40 Hand release pushups

200 m run

40 kettle bell swings (35#)


SO HARD. I was the only girl all day to finish one full round. The pull ups and HSPU were definitely the hardest-I think I ended up doing like 10 sets for the pull ups (first was 15, then it went to shit) and HSPU was like 7-8 sets. But my double unders were on fire, and I didn’t break on the squats or swings, and my HR pushups I didn’t break long on.  I finished with 1 round+100 DU+ 2 pull-ups 



3 rounds:

10 OHS

50 double unders

Again, just the WOD and no the performance. Performance RX’d was 95#, and I did 65#.  Took me..5:09 I think? All double unders unbroken, un broken first round of OHS, then broke 6/4 and 5/5 (rest on back)

Oly Programming

5×2 Hang Clean +Jerk @ 80% of 1 RM :90 second rest between sets

I rounded down and did 95# to work on jerk form (I think it was 79.2% or something)

3 Rounds , :60 second rest after each set, super setting a b and c

a)5 good mornings @ 85#

b)5 push press @ 90#

c)8 bent over rows @ 90#

I hate good mornings


Back squat-4X5-100, 110, 125, 135

Front squat-4×5-75, 85, 90, 90

I’m going up a little on the weight for the back squats as well. 


So that’s the past few days of training! I have another Oly session on Friday, and then Team training on Saturday…tomorrow may be a rest day 😉


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