So, work is kicking my butt. all free time that isn’t designating to stalking blogs, face book and our Beyond the Whiteboard is dedicated to work.  Hopefully around the new year I will be able to update

So, a quick recap of the past few weeks


  • I got a 7:23 Diane time the other week. The 155# deadlifts were easy, and i only dropped the bar twice-not even really a rest, just didn’t go tough and go for a couple reps. Handstand push ups were fine, i’m pretty fast because I’m short so I have less to travel .Glorious.
  • Got a 150# box squat (being conservative-did it 2x) and a 110# push press. Ran out of time, failed at 115# due to form, not strength. Next time!
  • Not doing well on other 1RM aspects. We’ve had 2 opportunities to hit our 1RM, and each time i’ve gotten 5#, which SUCKS. The day of Diane I only hit 120#, which is 5 pounds under my 1RM for a full clean, and yesterday I tried for my 1RM power clean and only got 125#. To be fair ,I didn’t try for 130#, but failed when i tried 125# again. Idk. I need to get better about 1RM days and not let one failed attempt get me. I’m probably stronger on the power clean that I was, but I definitely need to work one a)meeting the bar where it comes up, and landing in that quarter squat to meet it and b)keeping it close to my legs.
  • Did my first 2 official WODS with ring dips-first one was 5 rounds of 10-GROSS. Took me FOREVER to get the last ones. Second one as today, AMRAP with 6 ring dips per round and I did about 36 of them. Need to figure the kipping rhythm out
  • Did Butterfly kipping pull ups in the WOD today! Not for all pull ups, but every set of 9 I started out doing the and usually got a good string of 6-7 for the first 4 rounds, then only 2-3 before going back to just kipping
  • Riley is starting to walk on her knees?? Not quite cruising but i caught her pushing and knee walking. So who knows
  • Signed up for a Crossfit competition in Jan!  With 3 other people- the box owner (And a coach), one of the “boys” from the all boy 6 am class, and one of the female coaches. She balances me out well-she’s super strong with squats and oly lifts, but DU, burpees, wall balls and gymnastics are harder for her.  Should be a good team!
  • So excited for all the food in Thanksgiving! After thanksgiving one of the coaches is giving me the Eat to Perform book to check out, so i can get better about fueling my body. I’ve hit some PR’s in the past month but I really need to hit more.
  • One of the coaches is going to either help me find, or write me an Olympic lifting program that focuses on technique. High rep volume at 60-70%, with some pulling work. I’m pretty sure he’s waiting until I finish Hatch, which is mid december.  So excited!! I did oly class last Saturday and got under the bar semi-well for Snatch but I definitely have technique work I need for both lifts. Just based on where I can pull the bar for both the Snatch and Clean in the second pull,the coach thinks I should have 95# for a Power Snatch and 145# for a Power clean- just about cleaning up the pulls and my positioning at the start and finish. 

Let’s do a December goal list…

  • Hit 175# on my back squat (testing Christmas Week after Hatch program is done)
  • Hit 150# on my front squat 
  • Get 15 unbroken butterfly pull ups in a WOD
  • 1 Strict HSPU

I think i can do it. I did 6 Butterfly pull ups in the WOD today. I’ve been working on strict HSPU at home-i can do 5 with an abmat, with wide arms. i’m hoping to add 15# to my squats after the program, but we’ll see. I guess i’ll be happy with 10-I think front squat should be ok, I did 3×120# the other day with a 2 second pause at the bottom.  Back squats are my nemesis!! 



PLEASE SHARE YOUR GOALS AND PRS!! I love reading about them!


2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. fionaboger

    You are so strong! It’s inspiring! Hopefully I’ll get there soon! I am so excited for your crossfit comp, I just went to watch a big one this weekend and it was so inspiring. You can definitely do it! My Goals For December are: 130# Front Squat, 120# Clean,5 Kipping Pull-ups, 10 unbroken double unders. We shall see!

  2. j!b

    So inspiring!! I really need to challenge myself to get stronger. You are going to have so much fun at the competition. I got a chance to watch some members from my box compete, and although it looks so hard, it also looks like an amazing experience, esp with the support of all the competitors. I’ve recently started olympic lifting, so still working on technique and haven’t tried adding any real weight. Can’t wait to start setting goals and hitting PRs though.


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