Work load

So…where was I?


oh yeah, not posting for 5 days straight. Right. Sorry about that.  I ended up taking one some work from my old job to do at home (feeling incredibly lucky) and they ended up moving a deadline by 2 weeks. So, instead of only working 10-15 hours a week, I worked 30.  And guess where that time came from? My sleep time, nap time, chore time, gym time….all but my daughter-me time.  A little frustrating but hopefully this was a one time exception.


So here are a couple highlights from the week…

  • my husband and I found an awesome hike near us!  We’ve been talking about hiking, and but it got to hot in the afternoon plus I’m a “nap nazi” with my daughter. I finally just threw in the towel and figured…she can nap in the ergo a little, then take a good afternoon nap. Really excited to find a decent workout hike (we hit some pretty good elevation, especially with a 20 lb blob attached me) for some active recovery
  • I met my old 1RM for my back squat during my Hatch Cycle!  It came up faster than last time, and I definitely had at least a little more in me, but I have to be careful not to fail. In a couple weeks i’ll be doing 103%  of my 1RM so I’m hoping my husband will spot me
  • I finally managed to do some kipping T2B in a workout! So stoked…my best was a string of 7, with at least a string of 5 for each  round.  Now to just get up to 10…
  • I’m pretty sure ALL the teeth have come through for my daughter that she was cutting. That brings us to a grand total of 8 teeth just one week shy of her being 8 months. Geesh!!  I think that was holding her back from babbling more because all of a sudden she is a chatter box….
  • She’s definitely gotten more adventurous with standing. She pulls up on EVERYTHING and is starting to let go to balance. She always falls on her butt but still!  
  • I made some amazing bacon wrapped chicken thighs the other day and I’d like to have more in my belly RIGHT NOW. So good and simple. I love bacon. With every part of my being


That’s about it! 

what are some highlights from your week?


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