The Female-lead war on the feminine body shape

I’ve got a bone to pick with all of you, ladies.  

Well, not just you, blog readers.

ALL Ladies, in fact.

Please, raise your hand if you’ve seen a picture like this one



How about this one?



Or this one?


which is like this one..


this was is sick to me ….but we’ve seen PLENTY of them..





Have I caught your attention? Have you seen any of these? Because i’ve seen these, or memes LIKE these, ALL over the internet.  And ladies-it’s not men posting these. It’s us.  We are the main culprits behind this body shaming phenomenon that has swept the nation for…well, awhile now. 

Now, there are a million things we need to avoid. We need to do squats to avoid “pancake ass”.  We need to maintain a certain muscularity in order to not “look like sticks” but to avoid so much hypertrophy that we “look like a man” or “unfeminine”.   If we just do cardio then we look “too soft”.  If we Crossfit we start look “too bulky”.  There is a view that “fat people don’t belong at the gym” (i’ve heard this fear compounded in people who are bigger and join a gym/box/anything), or are “lazy”.  

Do you catch my drift? 



I do not have the muscular, strong legs of a Crossfitter. My legs are thin, and my ass isn’t as round and “Squatter” like as i’d like.  It would be so hurtful if I saw this picture show up on some sort of internet picture with a snarky comment about “Squatting” and “lifting weights” versus being “unhealthy and skinny”.  (however, i completely accept all responsibility for the scary hair.  It’s basically dreadlocked)

Listen, I get it. Women who lift heavy weights and work out, we’re proud of our bodies. Our bodies can accomplish amazing things, and its due to our (mostly) hardwork. But, just as we would never shame women for lifting less weights I forgot .We do that too.  We make fun of women who don’t want to lift weights, who have a misconception of bulkiness. I’m guilty of this too. I thought those women were ignorant and misinformed.

But I swear, I’m trying to change. Yes, it’s a misconception IN MOST CASES. In some cases, it’s not-you WILL put on muscle and get bigger-I DID. 




I am “much” bigger now-that dress no longer zips around my thicker midsection.  I’m ok with it but some women aren’t. AND THAT’S OK. They don’t need to look the way I do, nor do I need to continue to be that skinny.

All I’m saying is…we need to stop contributing to the wave of body shaming.  We don’t need to mock a woman because she’s skinny-by choice, by genetics, by whatever. a female body builder isn’t something to be disgusted with, but admired for her hardwork. If we have someone we care about that is unhealthy, we should encourage healthy habits for the sake of healthfulness not because they should look a certain way.

End long soap box rant


8 thoughts on “The Female-lead war on the feminine body shape

  1. fionaboger

    I agree 100%. All those memes are just shaming people who have the stick figure bodies by nature (or are larger), which is equally as hurtful and bad as people mocking “fit” bodies. Why can’t we all just be nice to each other and do whatever level of physical activity we enjoy, without focusing on how it shapes our bodies?

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Exactly! It just sucks when I see people from my gym posting stuff about “squat butts” and mocking skinnier women-I know some kick ass girls at my gym who are VERY naturally thin, but work their butts off to get strong!

  2. warriorgirllifting

    Preach it! So many people have such poor self-perception as it is (I’ll be the first to raise my hand) and these don’t help. Clients bring these pictures to me “I want those legs” or whatever…let’s first talk genetics then how you want to feel/quality of life. It makes me want to cry and scream at the same time.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Yes 😦 thats why I think something like Crossfit, when you take out some of the snobbery, or power lifting/olympic lifting is great because it focuses on performance so much more than aesthetics

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      ha! hey that’s the point of this post-love your body for what it is. I sure love a squat booty too but some people may say I’m less than feminine because my boobs ran off sometime in August 😉


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