Top of the world

Didn’t go to 5 AM class due to Mother in law having a 7 am flight.   So I worked all day,  did a 3 mileish jog and some OHS at home on the off chance i decided not to go to the evening class

Ya. Right

Went to 6:30 pm class.  the Strength was 

5-5-5-5 Push Press AHAP


3-3-3-3 Clean Pull

I ended up with 85#  for the final 3 sets for the PP, and 135# for the Clean pull, working on my hook grip. I definitely felt comfortable on this pull with that grip, so I just need to practice it more for the last pull of the movement.  I could have done 95# for the press but my shoulder is still sore/acting up.


5 rounds

30 sec Row for calories

30 sec rest

30 sec burpee

2 min rest btw rounds.

i ended up doing 10 calories per round, and 13-13-14-14-13 burpees, for a total of 116

guess what?

I HAD THE HIGHEST SCORE FOR ALL FEMALES FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. THE ENTIRE DAY..EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ROWING AND I SUCK AT ROWING. Like, 10 calories in 30 seconds is really good for me.  I have short legs, and I have to pull incredibly hard, but I did it and kept it up for 5 rounds.  The burpees were about as good as anyone got in that class at least-one other girl got 14 burpees the rest got 9-10 per round.

Of course, tomorrow will be a different story. Ugh, 20 front squats @ 125…not happening. I might try to do 115…its 4 rounds of 5 reps, so it SHOULD be fine.  We shall see. But today was MY DAY!

So, on Saturday I was Facebook chatting with one of the members of the 5 am class.  He said I seem to really have hit my stride in the past month, putting up some of the best female WOD numbers/times in the gym and PRing things from my Fran time, to my Clean.  And I agree-something seems to click and I seem to be “kicking ass” again.

I think it’s a combination of working my weaknesses such as pull ups, ring dips and squats, doing extra strength training between Hatch, Powerlifting, Oly lifting, and random OHS/Press days at home, and eating rice, oatmeal, and corn again. Paleo does NOT agree with me. Also..listening to my body. Taking those days where I only go 60-70 if I feel like it, not going to class if my body hurts. Healing if I need it.   


But really, it’s probably the carbs. Carbs4lyfe. Now i just need to learn how to put on some muscle mass…


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