Weekly Recap

Let’s see what fun things happened this week…

  • I took my daughter to the zoo for the first time.    Now, she’s still *kinda* young to really enjoy the animals, but any change of scenery is good and I think she actually enjoyed going on the mini train ride with me.  I really need to get in the habit of taking her places as she gets older, it’s just I don’t really like driving places. I’d rather walk…maybe today we’ll go to the park for a little.



with her Grandma (my stepmom) who loves the crap out of her. Love that hoodie too

  • I had the top girl scores for 2 workouts this week.  To be fair, I’m pretty sure one of the “top” girls didn’t GO on those days but still. The first workout was the double under workout I posted yesterday.  And then yesterday we did The Chief.

“The Chief”

5×3 min AMRAP, 1 min rest in between

3 Power cleans (95#)

6 pushups 

9 air squats

        For this workout, I got 5 , 4+6, 4, 4+3 and 4+2,  which comes out to 21+11 which was about 2+ rounds more than the next girl.  I know, i know Crossfit shouldn’t be THIS competitive, and I really shouldn’t care what other girls are doing…..but it really is a mark of progress for me.  You have to understand, when I joined my gym, even without a lot of training,  I was one of the fastest girls with anything body weight.  I blew through wall balls, box jumps, running, pushups, etc…..and even with strength  I still managed to usually RX the weight. Of course, since the gym was fairly new our weights weren’t high…as we’ve gotten stronger, the weights have gotten heavier. and since I had to put a damper on my weightlifting, I wasn’t able to get stronger with everyone else, so now it feels like i’m forever playing catch up.  PLus, we JUST did the Chief in July and I got like 3 more rounds this time than last time. Progress

  • I PR’d my clean and Jerk but not my clean & Jerk.  So, Saturday we did 5×1 Split jerks and I got 125 (which is technically over body weight, but rounding up from 123…).  I was very nervous though about Wednesdays 1RM Clean and Jerk Strength portion since my shoulder was bugging me. I did clean 125#, but choked on the jerk.  I have the strength, but when I fail a lift I start to spaz and my form  goes to CRAP. I had the height with the dip and driving the bar off my shoulders but since I didn’t go low and pull through, I failed.  whatever. I know now that I have the strength for a bodyweight, it’s just….putting it together. I’m trying to be positive and just know that working on my jerk form and my front squat strength will bring me to over my body weight for a C&J
  • I kept up with doing 1 day at 70%.  This week it was Friday, and I definitely made sure not to push it. i feel pretty good, but with my shoulder hurting I’m not sure i’ll go to Oly lifting on Saturday since it’ll be snatch heavy. We’ll see how I feel that morning
  • Riley cut two teeth! Thank GOD I think this teething is almost over. She’s been teething for AGES and finally cut 2 of the 4 that are coming out. 2 more to go and then it’s on to the next thing!  Sometimes I wish time would slow down and she would just be my sweet little baby but then she goes through things like this and I can’t help but think PLEASE JUST LET THOSE TEETH COME THROUGH!



What are some highlights from your week?




2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. patriciahysell

    I love seeing progress. I have to settle for occasionally not being the slowest time on the board, but progress is progress. WTG.

    Teething sucks. And the drool that goes with it is not all that attractive. Glad she is almost done.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      She’s been teething most of her tiny life. Hopefully we’ll be done soon, but she could throw a curveball and not get her molars until like 18 months.


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