A day in the life

I thought it might be fun to document “A day in the life”. I thought I might do this maybe once a month?  It’ll be fun to go back and watch how much my life changes/evolves as not only my daughter grows but as time goes by as well. Plus, I kind of love seeing what everyone else’s life looks like day to day!

Without further ado…

4:30 AM- Alarm goes off. Ugh. So tired. way to early to get up.  Force myself to get out of the bed and down the stairs….just to sit on the couch. it’s at least a little closer to the door. So glad I wore my workout clothes.  Should I drink water? I should drink some water.  Has Facebook updated? What’s the WOD again? Crap, it’s 4:45…I need to leave. Have i put deodorant on? Where’s my keys?




my mind is running in circles while my body does this

5 AM-  Crossfit time…we are all silent. No one is happy to be here at 5 am. Especially people like me, who did powerlifting the night before. Luckily, the WOD is 0 strength based. We do a quick 600 m run and some jump rope practice (singles, backwards, alternating legs, fancy legs then double unders). I smirk inside at my amazing jump rope prowess, then immediately remember that everyone here could out lift me, and that matters the most 90% of the time.  I wish I was stronger

Workout is

4×4 min AMRAP w/4 min rest in between

Run 400 M

-then with the rest of the time-

AMRAP double unders

Score is double unders per round. I got 150-180 (!!)-165-148 ( For you mamas who had babies-why is it that no matter how much I pee before hand THERE’S ALWAYS A LITTLE BIT LEFT).  I’m pretty happy seeing as my 400 m times were 1:23/1:25/1:30/1:32 and i stayed relaxed and managed to get a set up 50+ for the last 3 (first one i BROKE at 15. stupid) Coach gives me grief about the last round, i told him I peed myself a little. He is disgusted and gives me no more grief. Win



for all the naysayers-people pee themselves during races all the time.  So peeing during double unders is OK. Plus it was a man who said it. Who obviously never birthday a child

6:30 AM-  Home, jump in the shower. I have a meeting at my old work about doing some side project stuff, during the day/night/weekends so I need to actually get out of workout clothes. Do I even know how to dress myself? I think so. Maybe not.  Husband says I look pretty, so I must have done ok.  I think I lost my brush though….

7:15 AM- I hear a little girl is up! Run to her room and give her the biggest hug. I miss her when she’s asleep.  She’s all smiles and happy.  Diaper change, quick hug for daddy then time for “breakfast” (bottle for her, coffee for mommy). She’s a bit confused as to why she had to be put in regular clothes and not pajamas and I explain that while it’s ok at home, people may start to question me if I bring her to my work place like that. She eats her bear because she is 7.5 months old and has no idea what i’m saying.

8:00 AM- Meeting at my work, while co workers play with baby. They haven’t seen her since I had her (except for a couple people I’ve met with lunch) so they are excited. She is confused as to why she’s not crawling, and being held.   I meet with my boss, who ups my hourly (!!!) and tells me since I’m just going to be working based on deadlines/projects,  that my schedule is up to me.  She subtly hints there is a position there for me if I want it, but I subtly hint that there is no one I trust to watch my baby for longer than a couple hours every month.  My subtlety succeeds.

9:15 aM-   She starts loosing it mentally, so i pack up and leave.  I put her down, which causes some resistance. I check her mouth-oh look, a nice bloody sore on your top gum.  Yay for MORE teeth.  Put some oragel on her gums ands pat her back to sleep (if I try to hold her, she fights me. Punk).

9:30 AM-I am tired and weak. Why? Oh…I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.  I kick myself in the butt (mentally)….no wonder I can’t gain strength. I need to eat more/earlier than I do. I make breakfast tacos with egg whites, bacon and corn tortillas while I log into work and begin to refamiliarize my self with our system. Listen to the construction right outside my daughters window, realize i’m in for a long day

10:15 AM– someone is up and ready to party. I let her hang out there for 15 minutes to see if she falls back asleep, but she’s not having it. Walk in, and realize she’s up for a reason.  Loud honking, yelling outside her window, along with a pleasant surprise for me to change. oh well. We can’t all win



Pretty sure this is a sign of how much we love our children

10:45- Jog down to the store to grab dinner things.  Lady at the sample station gives her some bread, which she is stoked about.  It’s gluten free, so I let her have some.  Not sure about dinner, and just begin grabbing random things, hoping inspiration will hit.   Shrimp sounds good…..maybe. Riley is a happy camper, which makes me happy



this picture is too small, but she’s showing off her fangs. The tooth on top and on the bottom are currently piercing through her gums, which makes me and her sad

11:20- Get home. The store is about 1 mile each way, and I ran there and back, with about 15 minutes there. I don’t really LIKE jogging with the stroller but it’s good mentally for me to deal with it.  We play a little on the floor, and have lunch.  I reheat some corn pasta and some chicken and give her some pieces. She digs herself some chicken.  She noms on that pretty good, but is fairly fussy so we play some more right away.

1:15- after the third big yawn I decide that she’s had it.  She starts crying whenever I put her down, and I look in her mouth again. COOL AN0THER BLOODY HOLE…TWO TEETH AT ONCE.  She’s pretty devastated when I lay her down, so I give her some Motrin and rock/pat/stroke her hair until the motrin seems to kick in. She lets me lay her down, fusses, realizes her mouth doesn’t hurt, and grabs sleepy monkey and rolls over.

1:35- do my Squat cycle, light days. Todays weights were

Back squat-1×6 @100, 1×6@ 120, 2×6@125

I focused on not going SO low on the heavier sets, which seemed to help. I get super super low and while it’s good, I’d rather sacrifice some depth (still hitting below parallel) in order to maintain upright torso and take pressure off my back

Front squat-1×5@75, 1×5@80, 2×5@ 85

These felt good. My squat cleans have felt fairly solid, so I think my 1RM is DEFINITELY up here.

Afterwards (this takes me ~30 min with warm up and rest) I log onto my computer and do some work. I forgot how mind numbingly boring data entry is, but with holidays coming up it’s always good. Plus I need to stop rechecking Facebook 20x a hour.


seriously. I need a hobby

3:05- some fussing, and she lays her head back down and tries to sleep. Sadly, the construction that took a brief hiatus from the time she got up from her last nap to the time she went down for this one decided to resume. Of course. She’s up, so we hang out in our room while I write some emails and do some light work while keeping an eye on her.

4:05 husband is home early! No, wait, he’s going on a bike ride. Still! Better than 5:30 pm. He comes in to check on us, give us hugs, update us on his day, then he’s out.  I log off since Riley’s getting a little antsy and we go downstairs. I clean up the kitchen while she hangs out in her walker for like 15 minutes before she wants out.

4:45 Husband is home from his bike ride. Weak sauce. He plays/watches her while I make dinner.  I decide on shrimp tacos with jalapeño tarter sauce and green beans.   I cook the shrimp in some enchilada sauce and garlic, and steam the green beans and add some butter and almonds in another pan-so easy. Argentina red shrimp is awesome!  Once that’s ready, we put Riley in her high chair and I heat up some left over chicken and pasta. Riley has a couple green beans and her dinner, which she loves to pieces

5:45- family walk. I put her in the Ergo since she’s a fuss pants, and we walk for 45 minutes.  The husband has some super exciting things happening at his work, so we talk about his future there.  I really am trying to do better about listening to his day, and giving him a lot of support since in the evenings I really need HIS support with Riley while I get things done.

6:30- Husband does bath AND bottle (this hasn’t happened in 3 months) while I finish up a project for work.  I’m a little sad that I don’t get to put her down, but it’s important that I make a good impression my first day “back” on payroll.   He is very supportive and understands that this something he will have to do once in awhile now that I’m working from home

8:45- finish project and email off (small data entry project that was time sensitive).  I check the WOD, which is 1RM Clean and Jerk and The Chief. I’m nervous about the C&J, because I really think I have 125# in me but with my shoulder bugging me, I don’t know if I can jerk it.   But I’m going to try at least for it. I visualize the lift, then get butterflies and have to stop. I try and “turn off” so I can fall asleep around 9:30 and be ready for it tomorrow.

So that’s my day..it starts and ends VERY early and I really try to make exercise and sleep a priority.  We are lucky that Riley sleeps 11-12 hours a night and we can sleep any time we want, and I really have no problem going to bed that early. I’ll do one next month to see if anything has changed-it should be interesting!


if you have a blog, I challenge you to write a “Day in the Life” post!

any time management tips from Work at home moms when it comes to house cleaning/working/watching the kiddo/errands?


3 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. fionaboger

    I think my day in the life would be way less active than yours and no one would want to read it, haha. Props to you for managing working from home and being a mama! Good luck on the #125! You can do it!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      😦 I didn’t get it. I got the clean (which didn’t feel that hard at all) but my shoulder was acting up and I freaked out mentally and my jerk form was crap. I’ve got the strength though, which is great because it just means I need to work on form!

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