Lifting my weight and a new date with Fran

I’m kind of going to change the way I do my blog entries. I need to face it-i’m not a “blog every day” kinda girl. Really because my life isn’t interesting enough to blog my every day things about, but really….i’m lazy.  No, really it’s because I have nothing usually interesting to say everyday. BUT…After a few days I have quite the handful of anecdotes to share with you, my blog friends!


So let’s get on with the updates from the end of last week to this week

  • I REPPED more than my old 1RM back squat for multiple sets.  Anyone who lifts and is trying to get stronger, knows how amazing this feels.  Pre pregnancy, my 1RM back squat was 135#.   I don’t know why squats are such an incredibly hard lift for me- really, the only thing I can think is that I have disproportionate legs.  My femurs are the length of a 5’4″-5’5″  persons, which makes it hard for me to go below parallel and maintain a rigid back because my torso is the correct length for me 5’2″ frame. If I go Low bar, i really don’t run into the same issues, but since so many of the lifts in Crossfit are Olympic style, doing the High bar in most of my squat programs makes sense.  So, when I did 1×4 of 135# and 1×4 of 140# I was ecstatic. It’s taken me  months to get there (I did have to go low bar for the 140#, but once i did that the load became incredibly light) and while I will probably never be someone who reps 200#, it makes me feel good that I’m still making progress.



  • I split jerked my body weight on Saturday AND did 115# for a 3 position clean.  GUYS! I’m pretty sure i could Clean and Jerk my body weight now. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I’VE WANTED THIS??  YES, I’m aware this isn’t heavy weight, but at 123#,  i’m pretty happy if I can get a 125#  clean and jerk.  For the record, a 3 position clean is usually means around mid hang, underneath the knees and form the ground, but for this one we did high hang, hang, and from the ground.  115# was my old max from the ground and I hit it at the high hang-that is huge! And I split jerked my body weight (from the rack)…even if my form was “heinous”, it means once I get used to pushing my body through I’m probably more around the 130-135# area.    Of course, once I hit my goal of 125, we all know I’ll be gunning for that 150#….;)
  • I had In and Out on Saturday, after 1 hour of Olympic lifting and then a endurance based Tough Mudder training (5 miles of running with some sort of obstacle/exercise every mile like sled drags, sandbag runs, rope climbs, etc). It was glorious and everything I dreamed of. I know, healthy living, paleo, etc but I was dreaming about this combo while on my miserably hot, dehydrated runs…



yes, in my mouth, please. Always

  • I took my daughter to the pumpkin path for the firs time and it was magical. because she is the cutest thing that has ever existed, in my completely non biased opinion



seriously? I die with cuteness



I Crossfit so I can squat low with my daughter. Also, i need a hair cut like whoa.

and the best announcement of all…

I DID FRAN IN 5:04!!!!



wrong Fran, perverts



GUYS I’M 5 SECONDS AWAY FROM A SUB 5 FRAN, RX’D!!!  In fact, I think I had a sub 5 fran in my today, I just stupidly dropped the bar on the second set and wasted time cleaning it backup.  Plus, my pull ups went to crap after the first round per usual.  

So, given my incredibly successful run with Fran this time (i’m still grinning ear to ear), I thought I might give you some pointers on how to improve YOUR Fran time…..feel free to ignore. or don’t, and bask in the glory that is a short miserable Fran time.

  • Hold onto that bar like it was your sanity.  My real goal going into this was to not drop the bar, or drop it a minimal amount of time. I only dropped it ONCE; after the 10th rep on the second set.  Really, I should have toughed it out and hung on BUT…still.  I think keeping this strategy in mind helped me push through the truly miserable part of this work out.  (I looked this up the night before we did this here. Yes, i 100% had a game plan. )
  • The second round is mentally the hardest. This is true by the fact that this is when I dropped the bar.  Just know that once you get through that set of 15, you just have 9 and you can do anything for those last 9 reps. 
  • Go in there with a goal.   with any workout, really, but especially a benchmark. I’ve always approached them with one sort of goal. Goals like “I’d like to get a sub 10 minute Karen”, “Don’t drop the bar during the Thrusters” “I want to do 15 pull ups before I drop of the bar” “I want to do all the push ups as prescribed, so no snaking”  Breaking up the workouts into smaller manageable goals always works for me, and helps me focus on certain areas that I want to improve on. Now, I’m not going to lie, my competitive edge sometimes says “I want to be the fastest in the class for this workout” but unless it’s a workout that is completely in my wheelhouse (i.e.: things like double unders, running, or power cleans) than that’s not usually a healthy attitude and i’ve tried to drop it. Ironically, since dropping that attitude, I often times DO have the fastest time in the class, since i’m attacking the things in the workout that I either need to focus on or I know I can hit a goal.
  • This is a sprint.  As a former endurance runner, I often struggle with the pacing of sprint type workouts since I’ll consistently try to pace myself.  I’ve gotten better about letting myself hit that red line but I will take too long of breaks during a Sprint type workout (I did do that during Fran. I took too long of breaks at the pull up bar than i should have) and I had my coach there at the bar reminding me THIS IS A SPRINT, YOU DON’T NEED TO PACE. Remember that.  There are only 45 reps of two exercises, and then you’re done.

So those are my Fran pointers. I am not an expert, nor a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer.  Listen to your bodies, your coaches, and do what feels right!



For you strong folk, any tips on how to get stronger for this little lady?  seriously i’ll do anything. except roids, but mainly because i don’t want roid rage.




17 thoughts on “Lifting my weight and a new date with Fran

  1. fionaboger

    Nice job on the PRs!!! I hope to one day clean and jerk my body weight! I have ridiculously long femurs too and at 5’10” that means they are quite long. My coach says I need to stretch out my hamstring more to make them looser so they can get below parallel easier. The struggle is real for us long femured people!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      that’s an awesome tip..thank you!! I’ll focus on some hamstring mobilization during my next squat day…..I actually find a lot of my issue lies in keeping my torso up right during HBBS

      1. fionaboger

        I have the same problem. I thought it was my hips at first, but they are very flexible. I was once again told to work my hamstrings and also my tight chest muscles that are keeping me from getting upright with the bar on my back. So maybe try chest stretches too?

      2. Lil Mama Post author

        that’s a good idea. I’m trying to work on “pining” my lats down but i think since my torso is so disproportionate to my legs I kind of HAVE to lean over a little to get the bar over my feet

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      7:19 is a really good first time. I did Fran about a year ago at 9:12 so……4 minute improvement! I bet the next time you do it you’ll be in the 4:30-5 range, if not faster

      1. Lil Mama Post author

        you will be. I struggle with ANYTHING thats essentially a squat so thrusters are the devil to me…like, if 65# Thrusters come up in a workout and if they’re in a long chipper I immediately fall apart after 5. So Thrusters and I are enemies but for Fran I can do them mostly unbroken now…so you’ll get there

      2. Crossfit Or Die

        An unbroken Fran (for thrusters at least) would be epic. I do pullups pretty fast so we’d be talking low 4 minutes. Hey, it’s a good goal to put down on the books.

  2. burbunny

    Your Fran time is awesome! ALSO. SUPER JEALOUS of the In N Out. Miss it ever since I moved to New England from SoCal!


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