My pregnancy story


Since today was somewhat of a rest day, i thought it would be good timing to tell “my story” about my pregnancy and cross fitting.  Not terribly exciting, but definitely something that I feel like needs to be shared.

So, I started Crossfitting in May 2012.  I started going to Crossfit because I was disillusioned with the Muay Thai training I was receiving. There was too much ego, plus I was training 2 1/2-3 hours a day, leaving my husband with nothing to do since we recently relocated to where he didn’t know anyone but my family.  I did want to fight, but I was disheartened after leaving my old training gym and coach, and didn’t really feel like starting over again. I made the decision to give it up, and try another fitness endeavor. Luckily, there was a box approximately 2 miles away.  With a cracked rib from sparring, I decided to give it a shot for a month or so.


tall skinny girl is me. I probably asked a stupid question here and my coach is lecturing me

Well, I wouldn’t say I “loved” Crossfit right away. I liked it, it was fun, but no where near the intensity cardio wise as fight training was. HOWEVER-I was enjoying the time spent with my husband, I liked only working out hard for a hour, i like that I could bike to the gym and there were enough “goals” (e.g. kipping pull ups, heavier deadlift, etc) for me to try and reach that I wasn’t too upset about leaving Muay Thai ( I still missed it though.)


clinch training. No muscle definition but I was more wiry and learned some pretty neat skills, included this maneuver. 

well….fast forward to July 2012.  I’ve gotten a little stronger, I’m super close to kipping pull ups, and I’m probably the fastest girl at the gym


pretty sure this was taken around the time I became pregnant..if you know what I mean. Like, that weekend. if my DD was correct.

…..then I took it. The TEST. And another. And another. And what would you know…

 Pregnant.  Not particularly planned but definitely not unwelcome…..but still a surprise.

Giving up fitness was never an option.  Giving up any sort of working out wasn’t an option. But I wasn’t sure how to approach it. Do I continue to push a little? Do I just stop all progress? I feel alright. Let’s do some research……ok. No overheating. No Heartrate over -3498 BPM (i don’t know). No out of breath. No weights above 10#??


That doesn’t make sense.

Not going to happen here. Let’s see other women who’ve Crossfitted their pregnancies…ah. OK. Heartate is irrelevant. Weights can be heavy..some women have even PR’d! Hey, I like this!  Ok overheating is a big deal. Got it. Oxygen flow=super importent. Belly getting bigger means less mobility .That makes sense. But I can still SOMEWHAT push..


20 weeks pregnant. I just looked chunky for the longest time….this was probably almost exactly a year ago. 

I made the choice to continue Crossfitting, even with my inexperience.  And I still made progress, albeit a little slower than what I naturally would have.  I learned to kip pull ups, I still did cleans and power cleans, and i even PR’d a lot of my lifts.  I pushed to somewhat fatigue but never failure and kept myself from overheating.  I box jumped, held hand stands and did all the stuff I was supposed to “stop”.  My pregnancy was outstanding-I had no complications, stayed active and didn’t put on excess weight.  I did girl WODs, hero WODs and managed to get on the leader board!


33 weeks I think. I did Hero WOD Bradley that day, RX’d but SLOW.

I ended up being over due by 10 days, and did my last Crossfit workout 4 days past my due date (burpees and deadlifts).


Taken the day of my last preggo workout, 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I didn’t realize how much Crossfit and exercising was helping with swelling, until I got super swollen the following 5 days leading up to my labor

 I was in labor for 26 hours (with an epidural that stopped working 10 hours in), and knew that Crossfit and my fitness gave me the stamina needed.  However, my little girls head was stuck in my pelvis (she was faced the wrong way) and i got an emergency c section. Due to poor circulation as well as having such a long labor with the epidural, the block for the c section didn’t work the entire way.  So..that was fun. But thanks to Crossfit toughness, I pushed through.   Afterwards, I was up doing laps in the hospital the next day. The nurses were amazed at how fast I was walking and how..normal I seemed.

1 week later, I walked 30 minutes.  By 2 weeks post partum I could walk 4-5 miles, and even though I would get sore, I was recovering.  People were amazed at my recovery, and I was able to do all the activities of daily living that a csection usually stops you from doing..I changed diapers, carried my baby, drove with her, did grocery shopping…all of it. And I know Crossfit is to thank. Making my fitness and health a priority


judging an inhouse competition ON my due date, 3/1/13

YES. Crossfit can be dangerous if your pregnant. So can driving a car. so can walking. So can waking up every day in a world where a crazy person could decide that he wants to end your life.

Pregnancy isn’t a disability. It is a temporary condition that may set back your training acceleration, but it doesn’t have to mean you are sedentary. Far from it.  Your body is doing something AMAZING and it should be embraced and rewarded. Why should I punish my body by letting it fall by the wayside?  Why should I punish myself by letting my body become inactive, and feeding it pressed and unhealthy foods during pregnancy?

It never crossed my mind to be inactive during my pregnancy. That was never an option….I just needed to know how hard I could push and what I could do to embrace my body but keep my child safe.  So, for any of you who are Crossfitters and want to have a child, or are pregnant- don’t let media, or negativity scare you.  Your body will change, and things will be hard but there is no reason (provided you have an uncomplicated pregnancy) to give up the things you love.  Embrace this as a chance to learn technique, as an opportunity to allow your body to go through the movements while nourishing the life inside you.  Just educate yourself, as I did on what safety means, and (preaching this over and over) LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Most women need to stop box jumps after a certain time-but I was able to continue doing them well past my 8 months of pregnancy.  I could go upside down still for short periods of time, and do jump rope. When running hurt my stomach, I STOPPED DOING IT. When I couldn’t make it over the bar for pull ups, I stopped those too. When my belly got big enough, i stopped doing pushups on the ground and did them on parallete bars-and my pushups became technically better, that way.   But I never stopped because someone told me I had to, I stopped when I knew it was time. In this way, I became stronger while pregnant, and kept my baby safe.

So that’s my story. Every person is different and every pregnancy has it’s own challenges, so my story may not apply.  But I am proof that Crossfit, even at a moderate intensity, while pregnant is way more beneficial than dangerous for both mother and child (in a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy)


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    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I’ll be here to help! haha. I feel like since my pregnancy i’ve worked extra hard to keep my “bad ass” rep at my box since not much tops cross fitting pregnancy LOL


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