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So, my internet sucks. It occasionally goes out, and then I always forget i have to reset the box AND PRESS THE POWER BUTTON AGAIN in order to “acquire” our 3G network. Shoot me. I’m not going to go through like a weeks work of workouts because 

  • A-that’s too much work
  • B- I don’t remember
  • And finally..



So, Anyways. Here I am again, bloggy blog world. I apparently post 2x a week, leave for long periods of time, and don’t give you the goods. I could promise to change, but that seems out of my control. So, this is all that I am. As a blogger, anyway. 


let’s review Monday and Tuesdays


Pre-WOD (Strength)

Back squat


I’m pretty sure I only did #115 since I did heavy squats Sunday at home

One armed DB row


wIth a 35#  dumbbell. Felt pretty good on these


4x 3 min AMRAP with :90 sec rest after each round


10 pistols

15 pull ups

Essentially, the WOD Mary.  but as 4 AMRAPS. I did 4 rds+61 reps. with a red band for Pistols..BUT the very next day I got my first unassisted pistol squat!!  So excited because I really thought those were out of my reach. I can maybe do 1 or 2 on my left, but can definitely do 5+ on my right-I just need to be super warm (plus my brand new Inov-8’s sure help..)


20 burpees+ 15 pushups+ 36 lunges

We’re doing a “card deck” challenge. There are 10 deck of cards in a plastic jack o latern bucket, and the goal is for all members to randomly pick cards to from that bucket, do the movements then transfer them to another bucket. 

  • Suite determines movement (i.e hearts are pushups, diamonds are burpees, etc)
  • Card “face” determines number of movements (for a number card, double the number for reps. All face cards are 25 reps, all aces are 30 reps)
  • Jokers are 100 sit ups.

3 mile jog with stroller


Pre WOD (Skill/Strength)

Hang Snatch


I got up to 65# and stayed. Still didn’t have my new shoes and was having trouble landing under the bar..per usual.


10 min EMOM 

3 power snatch (95#)

6 T2B

9 Box jumps (20″)

I did 60# for this. T2B were crap, per usual when it’s in a WOD. I really need to get in my head to just do a knees to elbow and flick..anyways. I did 4 full rounds then only made it to box jumps every minute after that. All the classes after us ended up doing an EMOM, and then once they couldn’t complete a round it turned into an AMRAP


36 burpees+100 sit ups+18 pushups

1 RM bench press (power lifting)

10 RM bench press (power lifting)

Pistol practice

Didn’t hit my old 1RM for bench, but I think that was form more than strength. Got 75# for a 10RM, probably could have done 80 but we were running out of time. Got a pistol, so that was a success!


I actually have all of Monday’s meals in picture form! Yes, yes, i’ll wait for your applause…..



Protein Pancakes with oats, some chicken sausage/peppers/mushrooms and an egg


Chicken, gorgonzola and walnut salad with djon homemade dressing and some gross butternut squash soup. Does the picture count if I basically already ate it?


Spaghetti Squash with some turkey, tomato pasta, ricotta cheese, mushrooms and green peppers


life is pretty good here. Little miss has gone back to her sweet, smiley angelic self. I think we had a case of separation anxiety (she was getting really anxious when I was leaving her side for anything), a cold, some teething, and just general routine displacement. but she’s back to long naps, smiling 24/7,  and being content to have some independent play.  She has had a lot of dirty diapers lately (way late TMI warning here),  and i’m afraid eggs are the culprit. I’ve been giving her eggs in the morning when I eat for the past couple of days and we’ve had some pretty gross diapers. oh well.   I’m not giving her any more eggs this week and if the diapers clear up then I guess we’re done with them.

I’ve felt pretty good physically adding more carbs and grains back in. I’m thinking on Thursday of either taking the entire day off (except for some active recovery) OR doing the “functional” WOD at a 60% pace…basically an active recovery, but at the gym.  We’ll see what it is, if ti’s something I won’t be able to scale or have a hard time going slow,  I’ll stay home and do some walking/jogging with the little girl.  Hit my old clean and jerk PR in the hang position, which felt amazing. This weekend i’ve got tough mudder training and Oly lifting….fun!


Give me some good breakfast recipes!!! please!! grains welcome (except for gluten)





2 thoughts on “Internet -+1, Me- -23490834509

  1. playlifeoutloud

    Will get back to you on the breakfast ideas, but first let’s start with the “gross butternut soup”. Make your own dear, it’s super easy and wicked amazing:
    – good sized butternut, peeled and chopped (about 1″ cubes)
    – good sized sweet potato, peeled and chopped (about 1″ cubes)
    – large carrot, peeled and sliced
    – small yellow or white onion, chopped
    – 1 carton vegetable broth
    – 1 tsp curry powder (or more, to taste)
    *In large soup pot,add a splash of olive oil and onion. Cook until onion becomes translucent. *Add squash, sweet potato, carrot, veg. broth. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer un-covered until veggies are soft (about 45 minutes).
    *Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add in curry powder and stir. Adjust to taste.
    *If you have an immersion blender, GREAT! Stick it in the pot and blend until smooth. Otherwise, transfer in batches to a food processor or blender.


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