Rethinking Paleo


My WOD today and recent vacation have started my little brain a thinking.  I kicked butt on todays WOD. Like, seriously felt possessed by some sort of Crossfit Demon who was screaming in my ear “ONE MORE REP!” “DON’T PUT THAT BAR DOWN” “YOU HAVE MORE IN YOU!” and I finished that WOD minutes before everyone else. I literally have the fastest time STILL for our gym for that WOD. 4 classes later

The only thing I can think that is different is



is that the secret formula? Do I need to add a rest day, and combine it with some added Carbohydrates?  Obviously, a rest day will be hard. Mainly because it’s the only time I get out of my house, and have a hour to myself. and to socialize with people who can say words. and are over 2 feet.  So, my solution is-one day a week (probably Wed or Thursday), I will just do that WOD at 65-70%. I’ll go slow (you can call it “sandbagging”. that’s fine with me), focus on form and perfection, and scale the weight/reps if needed and not look at the time.   It’s hard to give up Saturdays because it’s my Oly class, and Sundays are my squat days. BUT….One day a week of not going intensely, and treating it like an “Active recovery”. We will see how that works…

But, i’m thinking of adding some more carbs back in. Rice (white rice), and corn tortillas and white potatoes. Not gluten because I think my body runs better gluten free, but I think I’m very low on carbs as a whole, and an increase might also increase my potential . I also need to eat more. I definitely don’t think I eat enough, and that’s usually just because I forget to eat or don’t want what I have in my house (I’m such a brat.)

So I guess i’ll experiment with both.  More carbs, and on Thursday probably (well, we’ll see. The coach on Wednesday might get irritate if I sandbag)  I will treat it like active rest and go light/easy.  Really, it’s just because I need to socialize a little. how sad for me



Hang Clean and full clean (1 rep each=1 complex)

build to a heavy complex

I got to 105# and ran out of time. I definitely had more in me. THANK YOU FRONT SQUAT PROGRAM!  The clean is the easy part for me, it’s always those squats and 105# was smoootthh as butta.



10 Curtis P’s (65#)

400 m run

I got 12:26, RX. BLAZING.  I WAS LITERALLY RECOUNTING IN MY DAMN HEAD AFTERWARDS TO MAKE SURE I COUNTED CORRECTLY.  You have to understand that everyone else, even the fast guys were finishing at 15-16 minutes.  So who knows. But I did the first 2 rounds un broken, then dropped the bar a couple times after 6 reps in the third round. The coach said I looked like I was hurting really bad that second round-but I got to 5 reps, thought “I could do another” then only had 4 left and went “DO NOT DROP THIS BAR, JUST STICK IT THE EFF OUT”)

If you’ve never done a Curtis P before, it is the same idea as a Bear Complex in that it’s a complex of movements that need to be completed before the bar touches the ground. 1 Hang Squat Clean + Lunge R leg + Lunge L leg + Push Press.

My only thought is that I really am super good at lunges, and they don’t hurt my like other people. I have short shins. Anyways, I almost threw up afterwards because I sprinted through that like I was on fire


5×3 rep strict shoulder press @ 75%

I used 65#

3 Rounds





my shoulders were so shot.


3 mile run with stroller

poor kiddo is still sick and doesn’t like to lay down, so I ran to help her nap a little.


I could have sworn I took pictures, but I must be outta my mind.  So breakfast was..dun dun dun….EGGS AND BACON! You know what? I think after today (since this is a post about yesterday and I’m finishing it up eating todays breakfast…) I’m going to make it A POINT to not only A-TAKE A PICTURE OF MY BREAKFAST  AND B-EAT SOMETHING OTHER THAN FREAKING EGGS AND BACON to not only add variety to YOUR life, but mine as well.  So, eggs and bacon only allowed 2x a week-the other 5 have to be SOMETHING else. Hold me accountable, peeps!

Lunch was a salad from trader joes that I added chicken to-it had cheese, walnuts, and my home made dressing. mmmm.

Dinner was chicken, white rice, and some sauce from Flame Broiler.  Yes, mission a little more carbs started today. It was good, but I was pretty spent from the day so Idk how much it helped or not

Snacks included protein shake, chocolate bar, clusters, and a power crunch protein bar.


So, i’m pretty sure my sweet little girl has an ear infection. It would explain why she’s been tugging her ear (you think that would be a red flag but she’s ALWAYS tugged when she was tired), crying when I lay her down (not just a whiney “but mooomm” but more of a “OMG HOW COUD YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THIS“) and just being a fuss budget in general. We have an appointment for tomorrow at 10:45. It also doesn’t help that those little bottom eye teeth are RIGHT there…i mean I’m pretty sure they will break through any second. I gave her some motrin after OKing it with the doc and she slept for 2.5 hours that afternoon, and all night.

Breaks my heart to see her that also re-enforces the idea that NO ONE can care for that child like me.  Everything I do, read, think of (besides cross fit, obviously) is to make that child’s life easier.  That’s my job.  Is to take care of her.  Help her grow to be a happy, healthy, thriving kid.  And I do what I can-from feeding her in dark rooms, to double swaddling her when she was a newborn so she could get rest, to wearing her 6-8 hours a day for 2 months straight as I recovered from a c-section. And I give her to someone else to care for for 4 days, and she comes back exhausted, fussy and with an ear infection.


What are your thoughts on Paleo/Non paleo? For those of you who eat this way (or go waayy low carb) do you notice an increase in your performance or not?



6 thoughts on “Rethinking Paleo

  1. playlifeoutloud

    When my carb intake is too low for too many days in a row, my strength suffers for sure. I’ve had success adding an extra chunk of sweet potato into my day somewhere though. Tastes AWESOME with those eggs and bacon too 😉

  2. Corrie Anne

    omg… I DIED last time we did curtis p’s. we did 8 rounds of 3 + ring dips. My coach made me do 95lbs for the first 2/3, and I just felt like the weight was CRUSHING ME. Hopefully it made me stronger. Haha. I thought Curtis P’s were fun before that! wrong. lol. I am also trying to figure out my rest day formula… I have no clue. I went too much last week, I know that. And now there’s open gym three days a week during my free time………. ahhhh!!! When I did the the paleo challenge, I felt so weak. But that was super strict. I feel a lot better when I eat “mostly paleo.” Haha. But I’m like you and do extra little things that add up — like a 5k a day with my dog and practicing skills at home.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      The extra stuff is killer. The running with my stroller is partially training for the tough mudder and soothing the teething princess…but I’m going to reduce the strictly strength stuff at home since we are programming more on my box and maybe focus on light Olympic skills

  3. warriorgirllifting

    I rarely get lecture-y but here we go: glad you recognized the carb influence (monstrous adventures require serious fuel) I think I would keel over without my steel cut oats! And you have to rest – I used to lift 4 days & crossfit 3 – even though I knew better – for a long time and suddenly stopped making gains. The body HAS to recover. Wound up taking a full week off and boom – #s went thru the roof. Since then I force myself to take a day. Oh, still take an hour away from the two foot tall angel but go for a walk or to the coffee shop, library, anything but the box.

    And making form a focus is NOT sandbagging. Form is more important than #s and times. Coach tells me this all the time, I tell my clients this all the time…and I imagine they roll their eyes at me just like I do at Coach but it is true.

    I’m not telling you anything you don’t know but I was compelled to say it!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Glad to get some vindication! It’s just hard because the Only time is 5 am I really have (husband leaves at like 700 for work and gets back at 530 and she’s down at 7)…but maybe I’ll move Sunday Squat day to Friday afternoons or something and rest on Sundays.

      Had wayy carbs and food in general today too!!


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