Vacation Hangover


not that I’m still hungover (ok..maybe a little. 3 days of drinking=3 days of hangovers after the last day, right?) but rather, I’m still adjusting back to normal life post vacation.

baby elephant

this is what came up when I googled “vacation hangover”. Is this because we feel fat, lazy and full of water?

You all know what I mean, right?  The days leading up to vacation, you kind of half-ass it. Maybe don’t make as many meals, skimp on the shopping, skimp some of the chores. YOUR GOING ON VACATION! come back. You have no food.  Your house wasn’t as clean as you thought when you left. Your alarm is going off 2 hours before you really are ready for it. Your body feels sluggish as though it is trapped in jello.

Of course, coming home to a cranky pants little girl (still the cutest thing on God’s green earth) doesn’t help. A little confused on how my beautiful, sweet happy girl turned into this little demon grouch, but oh well. I suppose that is what will happen when they get sick from the 309485 her grandparents had over to visit, as well as cutting 4 more teeth (her eye teeth. she is my baby vampire)


don’t look into her eyes. she will steal your soul and bite you with her new teeth



Back squat


Weighted Strict Pull ups


I only did 75# since I am still doing the Hack Squat program at home and wanted to save my legs. I got up to 10# strapped to me for the set of strict pull ups 3. Not sure if I could have done more, but I felt pretty bad ass.  Next time-kettlebell!


Partner WOD-15 min AMRAP

10 wallballs (14#)

10 pull ups

10 Hand release Push ups

I partnered with the only other girl in my 5 am class who can do unassisted kipping. We alternated every 5 exercises (for example-i started with 5 wall balls then she did 5) but we found out that our coach gave us the wrong instructions. We were supposed to alternate rounds. Sucks! So we got 12 rounds + 10 wall balls  and I didn’t count it as prescribed since technically we probably would have gotten less rounds


Hack Back squat cycle-week 3, day 2. 

Back squat-1×10 @ 90, 1×10 @ 100, 1×8 @ 105, 1×8@ 115

Front squat-1×5 @ 75, 1×5@ 80, 1×5@85, 1×5@ 85.

In week 5, I’ll actually get to hit my old 1RM for a set of 4-exciting!  I’m going to do my heavier days on the weekend since my husband is home to spot me incase I fail (can’t drop our weights here)


Breakfast  was good ole bacons, eggs and goat cheese.  For “Second breakfast” I had an OhMyBar, which I need to stop getting because they are more expensive than a happy meal. Lunch was a salad from Chik-fil-a with my own dressing, and dinner  was baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon, carne asada on top of a salad.  I also nibbled on almond clusters, carrots and cucumbers all day.

No pics.


So, slight mommy rant.  When I called on Sunday, after we got home, I let my dad know when we would be there. Usually, I put my daughter to bed between 8:30-9:00 am for her first nap. When I called at 8:30, I said we would be there at the tail end of her nap, so we would leave when she got up. My dad replied “Oh, we don’t put her down until 10 here”. 

Ok, I get it. You are with grandpa and grandma and oh boy rules don’t matter. Sure, I love my grandparents too. However, as the mother of a baby, I was almost offended in the nonchalant way my dad just threw out what I asked him to do. I am neurotic about my baby-she is happy, thriving, and rarely upset which leads me to believe I’m doing something right. However, the basic instructions I gave were approximate nap times, how much to feed her, night time, and what she can eat as far as solids.  It wasn’t really a lot. And they just disregarded it. When we got there at 9:30, my daughter looked exhausted.

I felt so bad for her. There were 6 different people there, and she was obviously tired and sick and miserable. one cared. They just wanted to get to see the cute baby.  We got home, and after a couple hours because she napped in the car, she slept for 3 hours. I mean, she never sleeps that long. And by Monday, her cold already didn’t sound as bad.  I think my baby was overtired, sick, and overwhelmed.

So, I guess that was a lesson I had to learn. No one can look after my child like I can. One day, sure. One day, or half a day, i’m sure she’ll be fine. But 4 days, I come home to a sick, tired and fussy baby.  Nothing like my smiley, well rested and healthy girl.

Super rant ova and out


Do you have vacation hangovers? How long does it take you to get back “in the swing of things”?


2 thoughts on “Vacation Hangover

  1. Val

    We have become the parents that don’t go out at night anymore because we are firm believers in sticking with the girls’ routine and we don’t have a lot of extra $ for babysitters, so that works for us. That may make us boring, but it sure beats having to deal with fussy girls on a daily basis! 😉

  2. zimzimmie1

    Oy I feel the same way about my dogs lol! If we don’t stick to a routine it messes them up and then I have to play catch up for a week to get everyone back on schedule. I’m thankful for help while I’m gone but I am a control freak and I have to try super hard to be ok with the fact that others have different styles. They survived, they were well taken care of, and now we can go back to normal. 🙂 don’t worry, I’m sure life will be better soon!


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