Thing’s Crossfit has stolen from me



Here are some things Crossfit has taken from me


This is why my husband doesn’t like to hold my hands

My future as a hand model- listen, I used to be convinced I should be that person who holds the tiny burger on TV to make it like 500x bigger. I have very small hands, and things look big when I hold them (you know what to say here). However, thanks to pull ups, K2E, T2B, deadlifts, etc….my hands are thrashed.  And hey, I kinda like to brag about my bad assness whenever it comes up (i.e never. who looks at other peoples hands?)


guess where my lady parts went?

My boobs goodbye, any sort of female endowments.. Pretty sure I should be wearing a training bra. The only reason I need to wear any sort of bra is because my lats and chest have broadened.   I think this is a common issue among female cross fitters…I don’t really have an issue with it but i do get sad when I see 13 years olds that are more developed than I am. I was surrounded by some well endowed females at power lifting last night and every single one of them admitted to having a boob job.  Actually, my only real issue with having no chest is that I have farther to go for pull ups and chest to bar. wah wah


pasta’s hippy cousin

pasta and carbs  this is what I eat now instead. or spaghetti squash. I went into it a little bit in my last post but I really do prefer eating this way now. I feel lighter, more energized and SOME of my digestive issues are gone (so gross, so for another post).


this is what happens when you take any sort of normal baking ingredient away from me

my baking ability- i used to make some damn tasty treats!  Brownies, “Snickers” cookies, fudge, key lime pie-you name it, I could make it. But insert Crossfit and it’s bitch sister, Paleo. Now you’ve taken my sugar and my flour, and what do you leave me? Applesauce, unsweetened coco and nut flour. This was my attempt to make some sort of cupcake/brownie with some paleo ingredients. it turned out dense, and literally flavorless.

HOWEVER, CROSSFIT ISN’T JUST A GREEDY BITCH. NO, FOR ALL HER TAKING, SHE DOES GIVE ONE THING BACK IF YOUR WILLING TO GIVE ENOUGH UP..*warning, very very shameless picture coming up. please don’t look at it if you wish to keep your high opinion of me*


SHAMELESS, I KNOW. Also, my room is a mess

abs and all other sorts of muscles- those abs weren’t there 3, 4 months ago. My stomach was flat, but there was NOTHING there. Crossfit has given me abs, along with all the other muscles I’ve been building with all this extra weight lifting and protein eating.




cannot remember to save my life. I think it was cleans.



15 Hang Power cleans (95# RX)

15 lateral bar burpees

I used 85#.  The coach said this was a sprint, and at 95#, it would have taken me too long..or so I thought.  I did the first 5 with 95#, but my time was good enough I probably could have gone up..I got 6:59. 


Hack Squat Cycle day 1, week 3-

Back Squats-1×8 @ 100, 1×8 @ 105, 1×6 @125, 1×6 @ 130.  

Front Squats- 1×5 @ 75, 1×5 @ 85, 1×5 @ 95, 1×5 @100

These are definitely helping. Anything under 125 now feels pretty light, but i still do 2-3 reps, another big breathe, 2-3 reps, etc instead of just fast reps.


Ship Workout

25 minute run during the sunrise

3-3-3-3 single arm strict shoulder press with dumbbell

15, 20, 25 and 35 lb dumbell

5-4-3-2-1 clean and jerk-dumbbell 1 arm

20, 25, 35, 45 and 50 lb dumbell . It’s all they had!!


Sorry for the long MIA Period. We left for our cruise on Wednesday at 1 pm, and didn’t get back until yesterday afternoon. I’m too cheap to pay for Wi Fi, so here we are.

The cruise was alright.   Really, i’m not a fan of just lounging around and drinking, and I burn easily.  And I don’t shop a lot so…it wasn’t really something I would LOVE to do again. I think my body is SO used to being healthy and fit, that even just having 4 days where I didn’t eat super healthy (for the record, I really ate what I felt like eating, but didn’t pig out for the sake of it. most breakfasts were omelets with veggies and meat and a side of bacon or sausage, most lunches were salads, and dinner was usually my indulgence or when I didn’t eat the best and usually had dessert),  drinking more than normal and not getting as much exercise as normal-by the final day, the “Fun day at Sea”, i was spent. I sat around, watched the Notre Dame game, read a book, and spent a lot of time in my room. I was tired, my stomach was hurting and I felt lethargic.

It’s just amazing that just 4 days of not being as healthy and aware as normal can have that effect on me. Just 2 days really of no activity, and 3 days of un healthy eating and that last day I felt awful.  In the future, any cruises we do will be destination cruises, where we’re up and excited for the day. On a cruise like this (we went to Catalina, Ensenada, then one day at sea) there really was no “point” to getting up early. We live fairly close to Catalina, Ensenada is a shopping/drinking then (if you don’t want to spend money on excursions) and there’s nothing to do “at sea”. So, we drank a little more at night than we’re apt too on the weekends, and stayed up later.  

Plus by that last day, I missed my little girl so much my heart was hurting.



How do you feel a few days out of your normal routine? Does it throw you off, or are you bigger party animals than me and can handle 3 days of drinking?


8 thoughts on “Thing’s Crossfit has stolen from me

  1. Val

    Hello little bag of awesomeness! I would kill for abs like yours! Also, how do you make those zucchini pasta? Do you just peel them with a potato peeler or do you use something else?

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      thank you! i’ve never had abs until i started doing weight lifting. so against the grain, but you know….haha. Yeah I just used a potato peeler. Zucchinis are soft enough that they peel easily, but i’m sure a mandolin or something would work too. Mine came out in weird sizes because I’m not accurate in the slightest

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      no! I always take them off. Years of boxing and muay thai have conditioned me to automatically take my rings off. I just happen to callous in the same spot hahaha

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      ha! my hands are so gross. one time i was holding the hand of a little boy to cross the street and he was like “ow, ow, ow, ouch, ” because of my callouses

  2. j! ayson

    Looking good!
    There was a time when I loved my hands and my parents/husband would always tease me because my hands “looked like they never did a day of work”… now.. yeah.. so rough 😦
    I was away on vacation for 4 days last week and missed an entire week of Crossfit, felt so odd. And I missed it!
    And me too.. no boobs.. but my chest/pecs are much more defined..

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Boobs are gone forever. Crossfit and having a baby scared them away. I felt odd too! BUT I’ve kicked ass on the past couple WODS…hmm……maybe i need more rest days..


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