I left Sally on the floor


So, I think eating 100% paleo, 80% of the time is starting to pay off. This weekend we had bread to make sandwiches for lunch, and the bread literally tasted like cardboard. This is the same bread we get every weekend for our sandwiches, and for some reason this weekend it tasted awful.  So I think my tastebuds are actually changing to the point that bread/pasta like products don’t TASTE good.  (note, NEVER GOOGLE BREAD IS GROSS. JUST DON’T. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE)

Of course I still like dairy products (cheese, mostly. not a huge yogurt or ice cream fan) but those are pretty limited.  I do have a high fat diet, which I’m trying to replace with more carb rich sources but what can i say…I like my bacon and butter and ghee.  Hippie2themax.  Our cruise will be interesting in my food choices. I don’t INTEND on eating “bad” but I don’t intend on trying to follow some guidelines for my eating. I’ll let feel dictate what I eat. I tend to run into this trap when I go into “vacation” mode that I immediately think I should eat food I normally wouldn’t. 

Not just a treat here or there, or ordering perhaps fries when normally i’d get a salad. I’m saying every meal is the opposite of my normal diet, and my gut and energy level suffer. I think to myself “well, you’re on vacation and who knows when you’ll have a pizza-burger-sundae again so just go ahead and eat it”.  and then I have a stomachache, or feeling tired, and usually don’t get a workout in. And then I can definitely feel a difference in my energy. I don’t want to fall into this mentality because i feel the healthiest AND happiest when my diet is clean, BUT I still am oK having some indulgences.  I suppose you could call this mindful eating.  I call it not being neurotic about food.



30×1 squat holds to “Bring Sally Up”

yeah, we did it. I did 55# (far cry from my initial assessment of 75#  but my senses came back and I realized who did I think I was??).  I did OK. I missed like 2-3 and accidentally came up early on one of the longer pauses. overall though I feel like this weight was appropriate. 


24 EMOM-on the top of every 8 minutes do

500 M row


15 Rocket jumps

20 T2B

My rounds came out too long 5:30/6:07/5:36.   My row quickly went from around 1:55-1:57 to 2:10 by the last one. BLAH!  HSPU were RX’d BUT UGLY. Not pretty. the coach said they weren’t as bad as I think but i know i still have a way.  I really need to work on shoulder stability and strength-my kip is just so good I can do them . Rocket jumps felt awful on the quads, and my T2B really need work. I can do 8-10 before falling off the bar but I’m not kipping them . I can kip 2-3 before loosing it.  I mentally know what I need to do (I can kip k2e) but for some reason that extra flick throws me off.

EDIT-After power lifting, I jumped up on the bar and began to do some K2E….one of the coaches saw me and said “JUST FLICK YOUR TOES UP”. I did, and kept my core very tight and some torque in my shoulders holding the bar….and hammered out like 10 T2B rapidly. so, i just need to come back from the cruise and try and remember how to do that…

Post WOD

2 Mile jog with stroller

just to test it out!


Power lifting class

1 RM Strict Press 

got to #85- new 1RM!  90 was close, so i think if I keep doing pressing work at home I can get it in the next month

10×3 bench with bands-#60 with band

3 sets regular grip, 3 sets slightly wider grip and 4 sets very wide

3 rds, ME



I got 12-15  reps per set.


This was breakfast. slightly different than normal in that its not scrambled.photo-30

I know, i know. keep a hold on your panties, I promise this is all the craziness you’ll see

there’s some cheese in there. NOM.  Lunch was TJ’s BBQ salad with extra chicken. 

Snacks were

  •  Power crunch bar
  • a protein drink (2 scoops Progenex, 1 cup berries)
  • grapes & cucumber
  •  some almond clusters. 
  • sweet potato chips
  • 100 calorie dark chocolate bar

Dinner was 1/2 sweet potato with butter and cinnamon, and a lettuce turkey burger.  .

I would love to say I’ll have more pictures but I probably won’t.  Let’s not lie to each other and pretend I’m any good and regularly taking pictures.  Maybe that will be an October goal? Take at least 2 food pictures of my 23094823095 meals/snacks I eat a day


I’m not sure I dig jogging with a stroller . It’s like a light sled push, but for long periods of time and with a child in it.  Not very fun..plus it’s an awkward position to run in.  But it gets me from A to B faster (running….well I guess I could take a car, but…you know. Gas and fumes and whatnot) and she seems to really dig it.  Plus, I like to run. and with the tough mudder coming up next month I really need to run as much as possible (goodbye muscles).

I’m trying to babble to get my mind off leaving Riley. I’m going to miss her so much. She’s seriously the most amazing little person, and my favorite thing in the world. She’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever encountered, and such personality for only being 7(ish) months old!  She is all giggles, and a tough nut-she banged her head 3x on the mirror and didn’t even phase her.  I know it is going to be harder on me than her, but I can’t help this irrational fear thatshe won’t recognize me as her mom when i come back.  Crazy, right? This is why i run and lift heavy weights. Because when I’m just sitting and thinking, I don’t always have the most rational thoughts.


How do you differentiate between “every day” eating and “vacation” eating? Is there a change or do you just eat as your normally do (i.e. I hate you for not being weird and neurotic)


One thought on “I left Sally on the floor

  1. Corrie Anne

    I like your take on not being neurotic about food. That works 🙂 Yes, our coaches always tell us to just flick the bar too… haha. Hasn’t QUITE worked for me yet. 🙂 Have a wonderful vacation!!!!


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