Is pregnancy a disability?


Recently, there was an article written by ABC news regarding the controversy surrounding a pregnant woman posting a picture of her lifting weights (Read full article here).  Many commenters stated she was being selfish and hurting her baby. Some went even so far as to say she could lose her baby by continuing to workout this way!  It seemed many people thought this woman was selfish and sacrificing the health of her baby to stay fit.

I’m going to share something with all of you-I cross fitted throughout my entire pregnancy with as minimal scaling as I could do.  And something else-I got pregnant a MONTH into Crossfit. I only Crossfitted for a month prior to even GETTING pregnant.  Granted, I was already used to high intensity exercise, but still.

I always listened to my body.   I took things slow, and never did weights that I couldn’t handle.  I watched for overheating, stayed hydrated, and took rest days as needed. But I continued to lift and do what I could as long as I could do it.  My last workout pregnant, at 40 weeks pregnant and 4 days, was a combination of 135# deadlifts and burpees, which I did on parallette bars.  I eventually went into labor 5 days later, and had my baby at 41 weeks and 2 days.  I never suffered from any complications during labor, my weight gain was all baby and muscle due to doing body weight stuff pregnant, I ate healthy and my recovery was phenomenal.  I had a 26 hour labor followed by an emergency c-section (my daughters head got stuck since she was facing the wrong way)-I had the worst of both worlds. But i healed and recovered incredibly fast.

by 4 days post partum i went up and down stairs. By 2 weeks I could walk 4-5 miles and weaned off the strong painkillers. By 3 weeks i was lifting her carseat, walking to the store, and completely off all pain medication. By 4 weeks I ran 2 miles and did some body weight workouts, and by 6 weeks I was back to the gym.

The article makes a great point about how it’s socially acceptable to eat crap, and feed your baby a ton of sugar, salt, and saturated fat (indirectly)- but show a woman lifting moderate weights, and people act like she’s hurting her baby.   She’s not only obviously strong enough, but does so under coaching and guidance, yet she’s under fire.   Other lifestyle choices such as poor diet, lack of hydration, and sedentary lifestyle  have a higher risk of the mother developing  gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and excessive weight gain for both mother and fetus.  I think there needs to be more literature and information for mothers on the benefits of staying active and healthy, and how to do so properly. There ARE guidelines, but they don’t result in bed rest.  

Anyways, off my soapbox.



5×2 Front squats with 3 second pause at bottom of squat

1RM 3 pos clean then a jerk

5×5 Pendlay row-heaviest set possible

For the front squats I got to about #120.   Which is good, seeing as my previously recorded 1RM is #125 (EDIT-we just retested today and after 2 days of squatting I still hit #135, but my legs were shot. so fresh, i’m probably at 140-145).  That pause takes a lot out of you!

The 3 position clean is really 3 cleans. The first position is the high hang (which starts above mid thigh), the second is right below the knee, and the last is the ground. These were full cleans, so we had to land in the bottom of our squat. After the 3rd position, we did a jerk.  I only got to #105 before I started to run out of time-probabley could have hit 110 or 115.  For the rows I did 85-90-95-95-100


Hatch Squat Cycle Day #2

Back Squat-1×10 1x 8 1×8 1×8

Front Squat 1×5 1×5 1×5 1×5

I think my back squat weights were 90, 100, 105, 115  and my Front squat weights were 75, 80, 85 85.  

also, look at my weights. Anyone who Crossfits knows how empowering it is that our 10 LB weights are the sizes of normal 35 lb plates.


Sad. Just sad.

3 mile run

not timed, just because it was pretty

Standard Activity

I probably logged 4 hours this weekend of walking with my husband and the little one.  It’s so nice now that it’s cooling down.


Well, I had this probably 3 times this weekend


Progenex Dutch Chocolate and Berries. I should probably spend less on protein and more on actually building muscle.  

And this sandwich at least twice (cheddar cheese, roast chicken, random Fiber bread from Trader Joes and mayo sandwich with root chips)


Paleo Fail-o.

Saturday night was burgers and chips (basically the above, with a burger instead of chicken)

Sunday night was bacon and sweet potato fritters  and garlic mustard drumsticks ( Recipe from Tina at Carrots n’ Cake)  The drumsticks are so so easy and TASTY.  The bacon and sweet potato fritters are basically just mashed sweet potatoes and bacon, mushed together and put on the extra bacon fat to fry. I put them in the oven for the last 10 minutes of the drumsticks, and that seemed to help them stay a little firmer.

There was also chocolate, coffee and random bars of some sort of easy delicious ess consumed.


Exciting things on the home front. it’s officially Fall, which means pumpkins and cooler weather.


Yes. Die with cuteness overload.

It also means time to bust out new baby wardrobe, which is great since her long sleeves have never seen the light of day. It also means hoodie weather and football!  Go Broncos

Oh, and this new thing has developed.


This is her basically saying “F-You” to the pediatrician who said most babies don’t crawl until 9 months.  Yeah, right. Thank for the false hope

We’re mobile and we mean business. Time to baby proof, 4realz. Except she doesn’t really seem interested in exploring her environment, just getting her toys.  and mommy. always mommy.


What are your thoughts on pregnant women and exercise? What do you think is “too much” ?


10 thoughts on “Is pregnancy a disability?

  1. CrossFitContessa

    I think more pregnant women should exercise! I read many comment on facebook in response to the article and picture that really were offensive to me. One person posted that the mother was trying to abort her baby by doing CrossFit while pregnant. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to exercise while pregnant in most cases.

    Good for you for continuing to workout while pregnant and listening to your body! You don’t see other mammals just immediately stop moving and eating crap foods when they are pregnant. I feel that a perfectly healthy woman can and should continue to exercise while pregnant. I am however I’m not a doctor, but I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express 🙂

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I agree completely. Some of the things people posted were awful and completely demoralizing to any woman wanting to keep her fitness level up during pregnancy. I think it’s safer for a woman to do Crossfit under the guidance of a coach or trainer than many other things.

      I like the point you made about other mammals-this is true. They don’t lay down and stop moving.

  2. Jennifer

    Can I borrow your soapbox? I’m with you – I think exercise during pregnancy is important. Especially if the woman who’s pregnant exercised BEFORE. I personally HATE when I’m injured and cannot do what I normally do – I can’t imagine forcing someone who exercises regularly to take 9 months off. Absolutely ridiculous! I would be blown away to learn that she not once ever discussed her fitness habits with her doctor and how she could continue to CrossFit. Of course, I’ve seen comments from her regarding all the hate she received and, amazingly enough, she DID have regular discussions with her OB. Hmm….people just want to hate. That’s the part I don’t understand – people giving uneducated opinions and spewing hate. If it’s not for you, don’t do it but don’t judge the others that do. Think she would have received the same hate if it wasn’t CrossFit? I mean, what if that was an ultra-marathon finish line photo? Maybe she would have still received some hate but CrossFit can really generate some strong negative opinions by those that don’t understand it. I mean, you know, we’re all super cult-ish and we forced her into doing it because that’s what we do. Right? Sheesh.

    I think she did exactly what was right for her and she listened to her body and her baby and both she and the baby are going to reap the health benefits of it all. Nothing wrong with healthy eating and exercise in my book! I think more people should do it, regardless of whether they’re pregnant or not.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      You bring up a good point-Crossfit seems to bring up some strong emotions in some people. Some of it is justifiable (getting injured, seeing family members get injured, etc) and some of it is ignorance. Crossfit really is about the person and how they train. Yes, you can get coaches who push more than others-but what are we, 13? if we know something is going to hurt us, but they keep telling us to do it, do we blame them when we continue? if they told us to jump off a bridge, would you??

      I discussed somewhat with my OB-He didn’t quite understand cross fit, but he told me that he could see i was keeping myself in good shape and obviously good health .Plus, a L&D nurse he knew well happened to be someone I workout with, so he had faith she would make sure I made good decisions. I think people do need to take better care of themselves as well. I think some people don’t look at the long term investments of making good decisions about your heath and well being, for themselves or their families

  3. fionaboger

    Love this! I’ve never been pregnant, which means I don’t really have the right to comment on what it’s like to be pregnant/recover, but I’ve always felt that exercising during pregnancy could only HELP the mother have an easier birth and recovery period. I always feel it’s important to listen to your body and if it’s telling you it hurts, scale down but if not then to keep on trucking!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      It does help! And i’m glad you did chime in-I’m sure half the people who chimed in on that woman’s decision to be active weren’t parents, either :). It is always important, and when you’re pregnant you are more aware than ever because there is another person who is currently reliant on your body. But, wouldn’t that make you want to take care of it more than ever??

  4. boxgrl81

    I love this! I worked out my whole pregnancy also! I didnt do crossfit only b/c I didn’t know what it was at that point. I even remember the first crossfit games I watched was while I was pregnant at the gym on their tv! I was like “whatttt is that? It looks crazy! lol” But working out the whole time was great for my body and my baby! He was perfect and still is and my body healed so fast!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      yes, the healing component of staying fit is HUGE. People were amazed when I was saying I had a csection-especially at the store, one week post partum!

      The studies they HAVE done with women staying active during pregnancy have always shown BENEFITS. Babies that have more lean mass, babies that are more likely to be active (not sure if this is just a genetic/environmental thing. obviously the parent is active, so it makes sense the baby is too, right?). It’s hard ESPECIALLY in the early stages of pregnancy when the changes of a miscarriage are so much higher, to pinpoint that on activity or simply nature.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      they make me feel sad. in a couple weeks some of my squats will go to 135# so i’ll get to use the big plates. that bar is really thick and with the small plates it makes it hard to practice Oly lifts at my house!


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