The Don Done Did me good


I had this whole entire post written out (marvelously, I might add) and of course, our main computer decides to freeze. Well, just the mouse part. But seeing as that’s the part that selects all the other parts…pretty integral that it not be frozen.

Anyways, since the majority of you who follow this blog are Crossfitters-I have some thoughts for you. On Friday, we did the WOD “The Don”, but we did it as a partner WOD.  My partner was someone who i’ve worked out with before, but not with such a gymnastic and endurance centered workout.  There were two bar movements-knees to elbows and pull ups. She wasn’t able to get her chin fully over the bar on all of her repetitions (note that I did most of these movements, so she wasn’t even doing half). She wanted to be able to RX- but it’s not doing it prescribed if you cannot do the full range of motion.  I tried to convince her to drop to a band when she couldn’t get 3 pull ups in a row with full range of motion-but she refused and seemed insulted.

Now, I personally am a scaler. I’ll scale a WOD if I don’t think I can do the workout with the weights, reps, or full ROM in the amount of time that seems normal for that workout. Even If I can do that weight RX, doesn’t mean I always should.  For example, we did “The Admiral” for the 4th of July, which is 3 rounds of box jumps, burpee pull ups and front squats (22 reps each).  The RX’d weight for the front squats was 105 lbs.  Even though I can front squat that for multiple reps, I couldn’t maintain that with intensity for 66 reps.  So, I scaled.

However,  I know many people who believe you should RX if you can do the weight.  even if it means compromising your intensity.   I guess it’s a matter of what you think is the best way to your goals.



weighted 1 mile run


The DON”-done as a partner WOD. Split reps as needed, with both partners doing at least one rep of each exercise

66 Deadlifts 105/85

66 Box jumps 24/20

66 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

66 Knees 2 Elbows

66 Sit ups

66 Pull ups

66 Thrusters 55/45

66 Wall Balls

66 Burpees

66 Double Unders

The reps were split pretty evenly between the two of us-I did more pull ups and knees to elbow (which she couldn’t quite do) and the rest we each did 33 reps of each, usually in 2 sets a piece.  Double unders I did 33 unbroken and sit ups 33 unbroken. This was a nice fun partner WOD-took about 27:26.  I probably would have been around 55-58 min if I did this solo

Post WOD

weighted 1 mile run


5×5 overhead squats


I hate OHS, I am so bad at them. Kill me. (which means I need to do them ALL THE TIMES. )

Standard Activity

90 minute walk to store and back

2 hour walk to get this kid to nap-I got lost


Breakfast was a Starbucks Chocolate protein smoothie with extra protein.   A little while later I had coffee, an OHMYBar and Riley had some homemade green bean puree


Yum Green Mush

photo-12XXX-Paleo Food Porn

For Lunch I had some bacon, eggs, and goat cheese.  Please look upon the most boring lunch ever


Shield your eyes from the blandness

I don’t have the rest of my food, but please rest assure it was delicious. Subway turkey sandwich, baked lays, cherry vodka and diet coke, and chocolate. Not paleo in any sort of way.  Here is a picture of my dog instead



I may or may not be that lady who dresses her child up in ridiculous things and takes pictures. This may have happened yesterday


This may have also happened on multiple occasions


I don’t think she’s amused

Also, I got some great headbands and some pre workout supplements that I heard will make me angry. which is good, because I’m way too happy when I lift.  Maybe anger will put more lbs on my bar.


In your opinion, is it better to do heavier weight (RX’d for your Crossfitters) or a more advanced movement even if it means you’ll be slower or may not get full ROM OR to drop the weight and make sure your maintaining good intensity and full range of motion? 


12 thoughts on “The Don Done Did me good

  1. valuliana

    I always make sure my form is a priority. I figure, once I get the movement down to a T, then I can start increasing the weights/reps. Otherwise, I’d be at risk for injuries. That’s just my take on things though…

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I agree with form and movement. I scale sometimes if I can’t complete the weight with good form (squats and Deadlifts usually). Injuries are the worst, plus it’ll make you stronger on the lifts in the long run!

      1. valuliana

        Exactly! Crossfit is all about evolution and performing better. I don’t care if I can lift heavier, but end up wrecking my back, it won’t do me any good in the end. I’ll get to the weight eventually and safely! 🙂

  2. carlygatta

    Completely agree with you when scaling your WOD. It’s also pretty cool when getting better and being able to add more weight when you didn’t think you could!
    And as for RX the movement or awesome form, I’d have to say form over weight!

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Yes, love seeing those WOD weights go up. I read an interesting article once that said most people don’t go all out during the strength portion of their workouts, choosing to “save it” for their MetCons. The article stated that was backwards-you should go all out on strength because it will allow you to improve your MetCons in time

  3. Corrie Anne

    I’m pretty sure my coaches would get me if I ever tried to do something without full range of motion. We are definitely scalers. I go very regularly to our relatively small box so our coaches know me really well and are pretty good about pushing me to go to a heavier weight too as needed.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      yeah, we have one coach who will definitely no rep during a WOD, or have them scale if they aren’t consistently meeting full ROM but he’s also really good about taking the band away if someone can get the pull ups, or pushing them to up the weight.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I’m actually borrowing it from a friend. It’s huge on me since he’s like 6’4 and 230 and I’m like 5’2 and 124 Lol. Rogue makes good ones though that are smaller for women

  4. CrossFitContessa

    I just realized that Saturday we did the Don at our box too, but without thrusters or knee to elbows…I’m wondering why those two were left off, but also glad because it was rough and I’m still hurting from it!

    I think it’s good to scale, but at the same time I see over-scaling a lot. There is definitely a delicate balance in deciding when to scale or not, however, if there is not a full range of motion then it’s time to scale for sure.

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      I agree, and therein lies some of the skill required to progress in Crossfit. Today i think I “over scaled”- the workout called for 1.5 pood kettle bell swings, but I chose the 1.25 pood since my shoulder and hip were slightly bugging me. HOWEVER it was a 21-15-9 type workout, which means it’s a sprint-I could have done the 1.5 pood just fine. But then I refused to max out on my front squat today (I had done front squats two days in a row, plus with a hip issue it didn’t seem smart) and i think that was a good scale for the day.


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