Dinosaurs are not only scary, but highly nutritious


 Just some random thoughts about WordPress. First….why do all the theme names sound like I’m shopping at Ikea?  I don’t understand why my duvet cover has a Swedish girl’s name, and I picked a theme that literally is called 2012.  Go figure.

Secondly, WP, why do you send me emails that have an option to “approve” a comment?  Because, when I click this magnificently efficient and time saving button, what happens?  You drain my battery and boot up safari on my phone, which then asks me IF I’M SURE I want to approve the comment. Because maybe I didn’t get a good look at it.  Maybe I’m temporarily insane for allowing the comment. Maybe you should mind your own business, WP and let me live my life.

That is it.




Sleep. We were already running in the WOD


4x 400 m sprints

My fastest time was 1:19, which I’m not super stoked on. I’d like to get 1:10-1:15, so I guess I need to run more sprints. My slowest was 1:36, boo.  My legs felt like jello. We also did abs, but barely.

Post WOD

Weighted 1 mile run

5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 UNBROKEN Double unders

3×30 sec handstand hold

Had to get home so a quick run and I left. The double unders and handstand hold were later, before the strength work to warm my shoulders up. I actually ended up doing the remainder to get to 200 afterwards because it seemed stupid not to. Yes.  For the record, for you none Crossfitters, a double under is a jump roping technique in which the rope passes under your feet TWICE before you land during your jump.


Strict Press-5-4-3-2-1

Push Press-6×6 of whatever weight 1RM was

My  1RM for the day was 80 (I did 55-65-70-75-80) but I only got to 4 sets of the push press because my daughter woke up. Plus I had laundry. No accessory work, but that’s ok.  Another day perhaps

Standard Activity

90 min walk to get envelopes with the stroller

30 min family walk when my husband got home

My car is broke, so walking it is! Thankfully it’s a lot more warm than it’s been lately


I have some non stimulating pictures for your viewing pleasure.

 Breakfast was Starbucks and an OHMYBar for me and pureed peas for her (not picture: Starbucsk banana chocolate smoothie with extra protein)



Later on I had some  eggs and bacon and we both snacked on some cucumbers (peeled for her) and grapes (none for her)



And, some random chocolate I munched on


Dinner was again from Practical Paleo.  Stuffed Peppers with Turkey  and Mashed Sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon. No pictures because the peppers were a FAIL.  I decided not to bake ahead of time and they were too thick. Next time, next time.


  I love that it’s cooling down. We live in a tinyish community and anything we could possibly need is literally within a mile of us.  Now that it’s not the same temperature as THE SUN,  I can now walk to and from places I need to go.   After her mini nap this morning, we headed off to get some envelopes and check out books.   I bought my daughter this amazing book


Which she promptly ate. Literally. She put it in her mouth, and after 10 minutes, had mashed it up enough she could get her two bottom teeth in there and ripped some off.  She fell asleep on the way back so I walked for an extra 20 minutes to let her finish the nap up and do some stuff on my phone. Digesting those carbs

The rest of the day was basic SAHM/SAHW stuff.  Laundry, kitchen cleaning, song singing, dog grooming…the essentials.


Do you like the end of summer, and not feeling like the sun is trying to melt you with laser beams?


4 thoughts on “Dinosaurs are not only scary, but highly nutritious

  1. Jennifer

    LOVE the title of today’s blog! I remember the days of the book munching little things. Thankfully, they’ve outgrown that! Now, if I could only remind the dogs that they, too, should have outgrown that. Of course, they only chew on the library books and the family keepsake bibles, etc. SMH!

    I love the end of summer when the days are warm but not, like you said, as hot as the sun and the evenings and early mornings are nice and cool(er). Aaahhh…..

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Yes, dogs have a special sense. Our dog tends to confuse his toys and the babies toys, but he may also think he is too a baby. I was just so surprised how fast she managed to eat part of the book! Pretty sure there was no swallowing but…

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      The recipe book said to either bake the peppers before hand or not, and I’m lazy enough to always pick the easier option. Not the best. I need to start getting library books with my daughter! our library is right by my box, which is like 2 miles away


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