Hello. Again x 24584


Hello Blog Wordlings (WordPress? BlogSpot? Not sure which site I’m on).  This is my zillionth attempt to make a blog. I keep starting one up, but shit gets in the way (getting a dog, getting married, having babies, having a life, etc) so this is yet another revival attempt.   With an almost 6.5 month old baby, I think I’ve finally got my stuff together enough to start DOCUMENTING my life on the internet for all to see. Which, you know, means no one. That’s ok.  It’s really just a place for me to go on and on and on about my workouts, my attempts at making dinner, and how batty 30 minute naps make me (yes, you, baby girl).

(That’s a lot of parenthesis, which I like)

Anyways, my name is Cassie. I’m 24, and live in Southern California with my husband, our dog and our baby girl.  I quit my job after being home with her for 2 months because it didn’t make financial sense for me to return to that job and put her in the incredibly expensive daycares surrounding our home.   So right now, I am SAHM, along with my husbands personal assistant (this is true, all SAHMs know what I’m talking about) and our housekeeper.  My spare time is spent working out, if you didn’t pick that up, cooking, and hanging out with my family.  Obviously riveting, ground breaking stuff.  I think that’s all I feel like typing, since if anyone ever reads this, you’ll eventually make your way back to here. Or not. Whatever. Let’s document yesterday, shall we?


Here is yesterday Workout

Pre WOD (yes, I Crossfit. deal or move on. or bitch in my comments. please leave me a comment)

1 mile weighted run

I used a 20# vest


5-4-3-2-1 Power Clean

5-4-3-2-1 Clean Shrug and pull

Power cleans are an Olympic style lift. It looks like the below, but with a real person.


(Source: Dr. Raymond Tucker)

The amount I was previously able to do before for one repetition of this movement was #110, which I did about….5 months ago? However yesterday I got #130, which I’m super stoked about because it’s above bodyweight. Once I start landing in that quarter squat position, I definitely can get #140-#145.  The clean pull was the first two positions seen in the picture above, so I went up to #155 for weight

Post WOD

5×5 ring dips and C2B pull ups

1 mile weighted run

I really need to work on my chest to bar pull ups. I warmed up with some strict ring dips and strict pull ups, as well as 3 sets of 30 kips on the bar. I did my first 2 sets of ring dips with no band and the last 3 with our least resistance, going as far as possible. I did the first set of chest to bar pull ups with no band but the last 4 with. I have the strength, it’s just something that doesn’t click well for me-I’ve done WODS with them before. oh well, keeping working until I get it.


Hatch Squat Cycle-day 1

Back Squat-1x 10 1x 8 1x 6 1x 4

I did 90#, 105#, 115# and 125#

Front Squat-1×5 1×5 1×5 1×5

I did 75# for the first sets and 85# for the last sets

I have weak squats, there fore I’m doing a program.  2 days of back and front squats on Wednesdays and Sundays.


Really, until dinner my food is SO boring. Breakfast was a protein shake right after the WOD, then 2 eggs, 3 egg whites and 1 piece of bacon while I fed my daughter her breakfast.  Lunch was the same thing, with a protein shake after my squats.  Dinner was the fun part!

I made Mashed Faux-tatoes (Recipe from Practical Paleo)  and Chicken Sausage with bacon, spinach and garlic.  So good!!

Other stuff

For you

What Paleo deliciousness do you recommend for me?

Why are you reading this blog?

  Please rate my level of awesomeness from 1-10



2 thoughts on “Hello. Again x 24584

    1. Lil Mama Post author

      Thanks…pretty sure you walked into Crossfit though and within like 2 weeks you deadliftee close to my max TWICE. And I was super jealous. So YOU are impressive…I’m really excited to see how you progress, especially as you get more of the skills down


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